Ermakova (Yarmakova) Tatyana

Chernovtsy, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address:      Chernovtsy, Ukraine



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The name  and the photos of Tatyana Ermakova are related to the famous Lubov Baranova's agency "LUBA" .


We received a report on Tatyana from a gentleman from Germany. 


In August 2000 he was contacted by Tanya, who found his personal ad on the web site of a respectable German catalog of single men. A few days later another girl from " Luba" agency contacted him, but their relationships didn't develop.


Tatyana claims to be 23 and a student-bacteriologist. 


The style of Tatyana's letters were very generic and consisted mainly from memories of her childhood, dreams about her future marriage, discussions of her favorite writers, and every day life events. No money was ever asked for any reason and the girl appeared genuine. You can view examples of Tatyana's letters here.


The gentleman inquired of Mrs. Baranova about visiting Tatyana, and received a detailed letter about his visit to Ukraine.


In her letter Mrs. Baranova specified, that if the gentleman would decide to marry or to engage Tanya, he would need to pay Mrs. Baranova $1000 at the day of engagement. Other fees like driver and interpreter payments were also listed.


Despite the gentleman's letter to both Tatyana and Mrs. Baranova about his lost interest in Baranova's services and in corresponding with Tatyana,  and his deliberate silence toward Tatyana, he would still receive letters from Tatyana on a regular basis. The style of the letters didn't change. 


Finally the gentleman had to ask Tatyana directly to stop their correspondence.

We assume that this was an "engagement fees" scam, and it is unknown to us whether or not Tatyana was indeed a real person.  


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Mrs. Baranova's Letter About Visiting Tatyana

Von: luba []
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 23. August 2000 12:27

Dear XXXXX! Mrs. Baranova is writing to you.

In this letter I want to give you a piece of information about your visit. 

You will need an invitation to get the Ukrainian visa and visit our town I can arrange such an invitation for you. Its cost is $100 and the local police department within 4-5 working days will issue it. Then I'll send it to you through Express Mail and it will take about a week for such a parcel to reach you. After getting the invitation you will have to mail it along with your passport and some other papers to the Embassy of Ukraine. You can get any other details at the Embassy's web site ( You could also need the address and phones of the Embassy:

3350 M St., N.W.

Washington, D.C. 2007


Phone (202) 333-7507

Fax (202) 333-7510

Your Visa should be ready within 4-5 days after receiving all needful papers. The club's driver will come to meet you in the airport of Lvov or Kiev depending on which one you will arrive. Then you will drive back to Chernovtsy. You can wire money to cover expenses related to getting and mailing such an invitation through Western Union to your ladies’ or my name: 


58001 Chernovtsy, 

Western Union office; 

For Lubov Baranova.

You would have to ask mother of your favorite girl for her blessing (as it's required according to the local customs) if you and she would develop special feelings towards each other. Then you would have to put a fiancé's ring on her finger. Our girls prefer inexpensive but fine rings that may cost about $100-200. There will be some photos taken during the engagement ceremony and these pictures are used to be attached to the fiancé visa petition. 

I have founded my dating Club 10 years ago and there were about 100 marriages between Americans and girls of my Club. Please find
below some information related to various services available in my Club and their prices. 

Please don't hesitate if you have any questions and ask me - I'll be happy to answer any of them. My girls don’t require luxury presents but they feel awkward if their bridegroom can't pay for the club's service. Indeed, anyone should pay some efforts if he wants to find his real happiness.


My Club exists for ten years. Western Ukraine is special region with special people's attitude towards marriage and family. I invite to my Club only such ladies who have not bad habits, who are family-oriented, able to study English language and psychologically ready to move to another country to their future foreign husbands.

There were many weddings with foreign men in my Club, especially with men from America. Statistics proved that American men are
good loving husbands and caring fathers to their children. I take much care about my ladies corresponding with foreign men because all of our women move to their husbands and 1 have to stay here in Chernovtsy where their parents stay living. I want their parents to be grateful to me for the happiness of their daughters. My Club is official estate, I have to pay rather high taxes for my activities, and my work is controlled by Tax Inspection. Experienced co-workers - interpreters, drivers, cooks and doctors work for me.

I also help our foreign guests with Invitation Cards to Ukraine necessary for obtaining Visas and I help our ladies to put all necessary papers in order for preparing Fiancé Visas. Most of our ladies are young women, some of them are students of institutes, universities or high schools and so they have not enough money to pay for services of my Club. 

Wedding in church costs 200$, 
Engagement party - 500$ (for 10 guests)
Double - roomed flat renting - 80$ per day (upon your request an interpreter can stay with you in the flat over night for
additional security)
Daily interpreter's service – 40$ per day.
Daily driver's service inside town - 30$ per day.
Getting to Chernovtsy by Club's car from Kiev - 300$, from Lvov - 200$.
Photos about wedding/engagement ceremony and other events - $1 - per
Video film - $100

In the case of engagement or wedding with ladies from my Club, foreign men pay me 1000$ of USA fee right in the day of
engagement or wedding. 

I spend my own money for translation and sending girls letters by E - mail, for making their pictures, etc...

Mostly Plastic Visa Cards and Master Cards are valid in our City Banks. Sometimes it happens that some foreign Banks limit the sum of money to be paid in cash in Ukraine. So ifs better to consult with American Bank officers about it.

There are many beautiful places out of our town. One of the most favorite places is Yaremche - picturesque health resort in Carpathian Mountains. It's located 120 kilometers far from our town. Many tourists from different countries like to visit this place. Excursion they’re on our Club's car costs 150$. There are some ancient fortresses built in 12 - 14th centuries not far from our town. Excursion there costs

With deep respect, Mrs. Baranova. 

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Tatyana Ermakova's Letters

Letter #2

Von: luba []
Gesendet: Samstag, 5. August 2000 14:41

Dear XXXXX, here is a letter from Tanya Ermakova. This letter I'd like to devote to short story regarding my tastes and preferences.

I like summer most of all seasons. One can go hiking, swim, go down the river, take sun, play tennis, go biking or pick mushrooms and berries. I just love early summer morning. The sun isn't risen yet but the horizon becomes pink coloured and stars are fading. This time of combination of night and day is just wonderful. I do like morning because it is beginning of everything. 

I like lily of the valley most of all flowers. This is one of the earliest spring flower and I like it because of its modesty and a kind of vulnerability. This flower has a special scent - very fine and pleasant. 

I choose perfumes depending on my mood. I like orange colour of all tinges. Among fruits I prefer Oriental sweets - date-plum, fig, pineapple, watermelon, melon, nuts and apples.

Among vegetables I like sauer cucumbers. I also like fresh tomatoes, cauliflower and our 'second bread' - potato. I adore baked potato. 

Salvador Dahli is my favourite artist. I like his works because one can explore something new in his pictures every time he/she sees at them. I also like Kuindzhi and Levitan.

Among writers I prefer Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugoe and Mikhail Lermontov.

Splint is my favourite singer. I like his voice and the way he performers. I also like our eminent singer Alla Pugachova. She is just inimitable. 

I like cars, this is my favourite transport. My parents owned various cars - "Volga", "Zaporozhets", "Lada". We are used to drive car for fishing, camping or skiing. 

I like to make my home cosy and I adore Japanese art of ikebana. There is a lot of flowers in our home. My mother likes flowers as well. 

I like to cook exotic salads out or vegetables and fruits. I also like to have tasty dishes. 

I liked to read magazine "Natali" but I turned to prefer "Caravan" now. I have one very close friend of mine - Natasha Ogosalskaya and we are friend since we were pupils. She has graduated from the department of Foreign languages and left for the city of Donetsk. She is very kind and smart girl and I miss her very much. "For mother's heart" is my favourite toast. 

I like to go in trees or to the river side for rest. I also like mountains which stand not far from suburbs of our city of Chernovtsy. I like the month I was born because this is the time of beginning of summer. Summer is the best season even if it rains. Tell me about your likes and hobbies, please. I am looking forward to hear from you soon. 




Letter #3

Dear XXXX!

Here is a letter from Tanya Ermakova. I watched very nice concert on TV yesterday. Children resting in the summer camp "Artek" took part in it.

The camp administration is used to hold great performance every year just in the beginning of August. This tradition lasted since the time of Stalin's government.

Once I happened to have rest in "Artek". This summer camp is situated close to Yalta and only best pupils could get a pass to "Artek". It seems to me that I still remember every day I spent in "Artek" among great sub-tropical nature. I liked to climb on the Bear-Mountain that stands next to "Artek". Children liked to go there and have night staying in the camp-tents. We slept for 2-3 hours only devoting rest of time to the romantic campfire singing and dancing. Children like such kind of dance because it is very much alike traditional Slav dances. I can remember happy eyes of my friends with tears of happiness and campfire smoke. Many children have experienced first love feelings there. And parting with our new friends was very hard and exciting. I took many photos there and now as I look at them I feel that my memories bring me back to that time when I felt real
happiness. I was with my friend among wonderful Crimea nature.

Do you know anything about the peninsula of Crimea? This is one of the favorite summer resorts here.

May be one day we shall go there to have our rest together. I do wish this come true. 

Love, Tanya


Letter # 4

Dear XXXX, here is a letter from Tanya Yermakova. Thank you very much for your recent letter. I have read it for several times and I was pleased to find numerous compliments you paid on my appearance. Since my
childhood I have been trying to do everything in a proper way and I am happy to hear my parents' praises. May be I was a little vain but I have learned how to control my emotions and avoid anothers' criticism. I know
there are no perfect people and everyone has his/her negative features he/she knows about but sometime can't control. 

Happy spouses make each other better. Most of the happy couples are known to be very intelligent, kind, generous and merciful people without any bad habit. 

I couldn't comprehend physical beauty when I was a little girl and I distinguished only kind, attentive and gloomy, non-communicative people only. I thought that sincere smile, kind eyes and tender hands made people to be beautiful. And those who passed by me without any greeting or even smile, seemed to be ugly. 

Now I am 23 years old and I know that real beauty is under the skin, in reach and deep inside world.

Again I want to thank you for your kind compliments. I am pleased to feel your admiration. But I'd be even more happy if you'd realize that I can be in deep love with my right man, I'd be able to make faithful wife, good housewife and caring mother. I am sure I'll be able to share any difficulties we can face with and we shall also share all joyful events and successes. I'd like to meet my husband's reciprocity too. 
Children become grown soon and leave their parental home while the spouses remain together. 

My granny was a Creek and she was used to tell that her motherland, Greece, was a native land for all gods and goddesses. Olympic gods don't eat everything. Our family members like to have vegetables, olives, shrimps and fruits. We can cook many tasty dishes of this food. Such food contains a lot of water and mineral salts and no fats. That's why all my aunts and cousins are very slim. I want to follow their example and I do it so far. 

What is your vision of your future conjugal life? Do you believe that a husband should make a real 'half' for his wife or you think that this is just a myth?

I am impatiently looking forward to hear from you soon, love,



Letter # 5

Dear XXXX! 

Tanya is writing to you. Thank you for your letter and nice pictures. You look very nice. I am very happy if you come here in September. 

Last evening it was very warm and I sat in the garden looking at the starry night, I thought of you and wondered what you were doing at this time.

I hope our relationship is sincere and honest, I want this very much as I want you to know my feelings are strong for you.

With love, Tanya


Letter # 6

Dear XXXX, here is a letter from Tanya Yermakova. Thank you for your most recent letter. I had rather busy week. It's very hot over here now and many people try to go outdoors, in trees or to the lakes and rivers.
There are many good places for rest not far from our city. 

My organization keeps controlling water in those rivers and lakes. I don't have special car to go for my work duties and have to go with buses, it's quite tiring. 

It's a day off today and I went to the special liturgy with my mother. There is a religious feast today and it symbolizes beginning of the fruit harvesting. Since the very ancient times people like this day and it's used to be very warm and sunny. 

There are many apple orchards here and people are used to make various juices, wines and jams out of apples. Many Ukrainian businessmen are engaged in apple trading business and they deliver our apples to Russia, Siberia and so on. I like apples too.

I thought of you for this holiday and it's a pity you wasn't with me. 

When are you going to come to Ukraine?

Looking forward to hear from you soon, love,



Letter # 7

Dear XXXX! Tanya Yermakova writes to you. I’d like to express my understanding of a sea. I feel the exiting feeling of infinite space. It looks like living being. It breaths. It lives. Sometimes it is caressing, curving tenderly and rustling on coastal sand, sometimes it is displeased, embracing stones washing away everything on it’s way. I like to stay on the high cliff watching the sea attacking stones while splashes touch me. And then it seems to me that all sick and needless is coming out of my soul. 

I like to swim when there is full calm. I dream to share my dreams with my beloved man and to go out boating on yacht with him. 

Do you like sea? What do you feel when you are at the sea? 

Waiting for your reply, Tanya. 


Letter # 8

Dear XXXX!

Tanya writes to you. Thank you for your last letter. I want you to know me better. 

My favorite holiday is New Year, as for the most of my compatriots. When I was a child, my parents said ” If you would be obedient and kind, the Father Frost would give you the fur – tree and a gift”.

I was not interested in a gift, but I considered a fur –tree to be a live fairytale. I was used to see how my parents were decorating festival New Year fur – tree. I was sleeping and couldn’t see how the Father Frost brought me presents. But on the 31st of December I would like to embrace all the world after seeing the fur –tree in my room. It’s inexplicable state of mind! 

I was used to spend my spare time with my cousin at my granny’s house. When they asked me whether my parents have bought fur – tree, I wondered why Father Frost brought it to me and her parents bought it to her. 

Once I bought fur – tree at the market and felt myself so experienced that I have understood that my childhood have passed and fairytales have also passed away. But the admiration of the eve of New Year has remained. 

Did the Father Frost bring you fur – tree in your early childhood? Do you like New Year celebration? 

Waiting for your reply, with love, Tanya. 


Letter #9

This letter was written by Tatyana after the gentleman has asked her to stop the correspondence

Dear XXXX! Here is a letter from Tanya Yermakova. We have learned much about each other since the beginning of our correspondence but we shall have to know many other things. You have never told me about the things you are interested in, what magazines and book do you prefer to read? I still nothing about this side of your life. When it comes to me, I like to read works by the great French writer Gustav Flober when I feel sadness in my heart. He had great sense of humour and all Ukrainian pupils like to read his "mademoiselle Bovari". This novel tells about great love but it still consists numerous funny parts. I have recently
read another work by Flober. That novel he devoted to expression his own views on many things. I would like to share with you some interesting ideas I got after reading that novel. Tell me please if you liked any of
them? Well, Flober says that actresses are just pest for our sons. Women are too voluptuous and addicted to orgies. They are used to take millions but they often end up in poor hospitals. Only some of them can
make good and faithful families.

Flober says that America is quite an example of injustice. Columbus invited this land but it was named after Amerigo Vespucci. Flober says that a pleasant talking should not touch religion and politics. He says
that one can feel inspiration looking at beautiful woman or sea. Do you agree with this? 

Men like to talk about wines and many of them prefer to have Bordeax-like ones. Have you ever had a talking about wines with your friends? Many Americans prefer Californian wines, I heard, is it true?

Flober thinks that money is the main cause for all bad things. Do you agree with this? Career of diplomat is great but it's still quite hard and challenging. A diplomat should always be acute and attentive, I
greatly respect tactful and diplomatic men.

I heard that a hare sleeps having his eyes open, do you believe it's so?

I think that all toys should be sophisticated, do you agree with this?

I also like what Flober said about coffee. He thinks coffee makes human mind to be more acute and sharper and influence well on the human brain. It's very special to have a sugar free coffee and at the formal parties
one must have it standing. Do you like coffee?

Flober says that early appeared bald spot says about great thoughts or about wild youth. Many great thinkers and scientists were bald. Flober thinks that private property, strong family, religion and law-abiding
make great ground for a strong society. This is quite applicable to my country and what about yours?

He thinks that a fasting is nothing more than just a health-improving procedure though I can't say I completely agree with this thought. I think that a fast clears not only body but one's soul and thoughts too.
Thousands of people become to idea of vegetarian after having fast. Do you keep fasting before great religious holidays? 

Flober thoughts that most of bachelors are too selfish and dissolute and they should be imposed with special tax. They are preparing themselves for a very sad old age. And they really had to pay special tax in
Ukraine for many years. People say that if there is no childish voice in a home of 40 years old man, there will be voices of ghosts very soon. What do you think about this saying?

Many French ideas were distributed all over the world as attachment to the champaign wine. There is a Ukrainian saying: "The one taking no risk won't have any champaign".

Well I am impatiently looking forward to your notes on this letter.




Letter #10

This letter was written by Tatyana after the gentleman has asked her to stop the correspondence

Dear XXXX, here is a letter from Tanya Yermakova. Thank you for your recent letter. There was an Independence day celebration on August 24. All the offices and productions were off the work for three days and I also had three free days. 

There were a lot of shows, music events and just fresh air dancing held in the squares of our city. It's so pleasant to feel that we are free people in free country. 

Tell me please about the way we spent this weekend.




Letter # 11

This letter was written by Tatyana after the gentleman has asked her to stop the correspondence

Thank you for your letter! Recently we had many religious holidays here. There was a big Orthodox holiday in the glory of Maria on Tuesday. My mother and I attended the evening mass in the Russian Orthodox church.
The chorus and Father Andrew were very talented performing many beautiful hymns. Soul music made my feelings easier and it started to seem that everything were fine around us. 

I hope you can understand my thoughts? It's quite a task to keep correspondence with a man from another country and culture. Unfortunately, I can't speak English and this is another complication. I
have seen many girls who communicated with their men directly, just through the phone. Nice talking always makes the two to be closer with each other. 

Anyway, it's my pleasure to communicate with you. You sound very clever and understanding person. I would like us to know more and more details about each other with every letter we exchange. It's a real happiness if
the two can understand each other and share each other's interests. 

I like to keep myself brief and try to express my thoughts just in several words. But I try to keep my written sentences longer since I know they would be shorter after translation into English.

I am still very busy at my job and I am going to spend this weekend out of the city. Weather report foresees fine weather.

Looking forward to hear from you soon,




Letter # 12

Dear XXX! Tanya Yermakova is writing to you. Today is the last day of my working week. Today I did not go to control epidemic situation of different organizations. I have fulfilled my report last week. I am used to work fast and qualitative. 

Some of my colleagues do not like to prepare their reports at the end of their working day. Before the head doctor insisted on my co – workers to give everyday reports about their work. I always considered it to be a good idea. 

Today I have bought big sweet apples at the market and I am going to bake apple pie in the evening. Two of my friends who spent their vacations in Crimea, are going to visit me on Saturday. 

What are your plans for your weekends? 

Waiting for your reply, Love. Tanya. 


Letter # 13

Dear XXXX.

Tanja Ermakova is writing to you. Today I have returned from business trip where I inspected water, air and soil with three doctors from our medical office. Our colleagues from Ternopol have granted us for housing fine private hotel with warm pool. It was pleasant to eat the Ukrainian delicious meal and to bathe in warm
pool after tiresome day. 

Now, we –the doctors of sanitary and ecological service execute the program of government for reinforced control of environment. Now many Ukrainian businessmen open private firm in Ukraine. These firms produce the different goods and foodstuffs, using water, natural resources. According to technological processes firms reject in an environment different unhealthy gases during production. We owe not only control cleanness of an environment, but also to help the Ukrainian businessmen correctly save it. I have acted with the large lecture at several plants in the Ternopol. 

On Sunday our colleagues - doctors have invited us to a morning liturgy in an ancient monastery that is on the coast of especial lake. People suffering different diseases take bathe in this lake after visiting of the monastery. The warm water is in this lake at any time of year as at the bottom of lake acts a warm medical source. The Russian priest has arrived and began construction of a new monastery under the ancient project near to this ancient monastery. Russian priest has brought very many valuable Russian ancient icons in a new monastery. This priest receives ill children with all Ukraine, says there's prayers and children receive facilitation from the illnesses. Legends spread quickly about this priest all over Ukraine and other countries of former Soviet Union. My business trip was very interesting. If you will come to us we could visit this monastery together. 

I would like you will visit our city this autumn. I have asked you many times about it. Is it possible? I think of you very often. Write me more often. 

With love, Tanja.


Letter #14

Dear XXXX, here is a letter from Tanya Yermakova. I would like to hear from you more frequently and with more details. But it seems to me I am not a girl of your dream. You haven't recognized sincerity of my inner
world and my kind attitude towards you yet. I consider your attitude towards me as a very special one. I am used to talk to my mother Lyudmila about you. My mother says that our relations are friendly rather than romantic. But the two have to experience very deep and romantic feelings if they want to create happy and lasting relations. Being a doctor, I can clearly understand that we won't have harmonic sexual relations without deep and romantic feelings. I know that one can find many beautiful Slav girls in numerous Internet sites. I want my husband to appreciate my high morals and qualities of my character. Ithink that I am rather serious as for my age. I know that my future husband would never be upset with me. I know I'll be spending much time
to make sure that his life goes in the most comfort way. I am ready to share all his hobbies whatever it would be: sports, arts, photos or travels.

Being a little girl I could see my mother was in deep love with my father. I couldn't understand that was love feelings at the moment, I just my mother who was used to prepare for meeting with my father as if it were a big holiday. Everything in our home should be suitable to comfort her beloved husband. I think that I'll live my husband's life. I'll like his friends and relatives and I won't stand aside his business. I would like my husband to consider me as a very close friend, then as a beautiful woman. I enjoyed meeting with my friends yesterday,
we visited many events held here as a part of the celebration of birthday of our city. We had rain for this celebration last year and this factor spoiled the celebration. And yesterday we had just great weather, there were much music, numerous flowers and crowds of people walking all along festive streets. I have another day off today and I plan to go somewhere out.

Tell how things are going on with you,

Love, Tanya


Letter # 15

Dear XXXX! It's Tanya Ermakova. Soon I will have to pass exams before my Diploma work. Now I am free of work and will have time to go to university and library. I will have to attend classes even on weekend. But I want to pass my exams successfully because I know how serious is the profession of doctor. When I 'll have spare time, I will write you. 
Love. Tanya.


Letter # 16

Dear XXXX! Tanya Ermakova is here. Today my lectures will start after dinner I have time to write a letter to you. I want to talk to you very much. You live very far from me and I talk with you through my letters. 

To my opinion I have written many letters to you where I did my best to give you as much information about myself as possible. My attitude towards our correspondence is very serious. I want to get married with solid and decent man who would understand my thoughts, wishes and my dreams for 100%. 

I am very glad that you like my photos and admire with my physical appearance. 

I have many young and handsome admirers here in Ukraine who often invite me to the concerts and restaurants. But I appreciate my time highly. I have already told you in my previous letter that I will have to pass many exams before getting the Diploma of a doctor – bacteriologist. I attend lectures every day and my attitude towards my studies is serious. I work as a doctor though I haven’t got the Diploma yet. It seems to me that I manage with my tasks well, nobody from my three bosses ever reproved me. They see that I can work and I understand my work. 

I am in earnest about almost everything. I am especially pertinent to my studies, work and relations with men. 

I know that women are used to get married after 30 years old and more in your country. I know that foreign women usually get married after many meetings with many men before their marriage. Ukrainian women get married in a very young age. Conservatism of our people doesn’t allow our women to behave themselves in relaxed manner.

Usually Ukrainian women get married with men whom they were studying in colleges, universities and schools with or with neighbors with whom their childhood passed. So probably because of that there were many strong families in Ukraine before. But now the best Ukrainian young well – educated men, good craftsmen came abroad to earn money. 

I live in the town of Chernovtsy where there are many beautiful young women and very few decent men with high moral qualities. 

I want my future husband to resemble my passed away father. My father was very disciplined, energetic, sportive, loving and understanding man without bad habits. My father supplied our family with everything for normal life. 

There was not richness ion our house but we had everything necessary – food, clothes, books, sport equipment, etc…We had the possibility to visit theaters, museums and concerts. We could travel a lot. Now my mother and I have many difficulties without father. We have not enough money for buying all necessary things we had before. Almost our entire family budget we spend for buying medical books and atlases I need for my studies. These books cost rather expensive, some of them I cannot find even in our library. Ukrainian libraries have low supply of books because of the lack of money in the national budget. 

Yesterday I watched TV and heard that over $7000000 of U.S. from Switzerland’s and U.S.’s Banks that was took out from Ukraine by our ex – Prime Minister Lazarenko. I have counted that now near 700000 retired people (its approximately population of 2 towns like ours) will get 50 grivnas (our currency) as addition to their pensions. This money will be enough for them to pay for electricity, gas, flats, etc…

I hope that my life will change for the better if I would remove to another country. Probably, I will be happy as in the days when my father was alive. 

I know that doctors – bacteriologists get good salary in another countries. Economical basis plays important role in family life. But the main thing is deep mutual understanding, trust and respect between family couple. Only in such case love can appear between a man and a woman. 

I am sure that you understand that women who were born in such conservative country as ours are able to become better wives that those who were born in economically developed countries, women who are used to emancipation. 

The God has blessed woman with beauty, wisdom and patience, endowed her with the mission to give birth to children, to be loving wife and caring mother. Men have another predestination. Ukrainians say that every man has to grow a tree, to build a house and to grow – up a son in his life. 

Alas, many Ukrainian men forget about their predestination in modern world and try to put their duties on women’s shoulders. That’s why I want to continue my search for my future husband in another country.

Did you understand my thoughts in this letter? 

Waiting for your reply. Love. Tanya.  


Letter # 17

Dear XXXX! Tanya Ermakova is here. I am thinking about the development of our relations very seriously. I try to find spare time especially for writing letters to you and to share my thoughts with you.

I know that there are near 250000 of Americans who are the owners of more than $10000000 of U.S. But I also know that there are many poor people even in such economically developed country as yours. 

It’s a shame for me to talk about average salary of my compatriots. Salaries are miserable. For example, many doctors have to go to outpatients’ homes to make them extra injections and to watch by the outpatients’ bedsides after their main job. Teachers give private lessons to those pupils who cannot become familiar with school program after work to earn some extra money. All of them almost deprived of personal life. Their children do not see them for all days long. 

Average salary of a teacher is approximately $30 of U.S., doctor’s salary is $50. Food costs almost the same as in U.S. but American teachers’ and doctors’ salaries are 100 times higher than that of ours.

First of all I am thinking about successful development of our relations. Your image appears in front of me in my night dreams. In the morning I visit church before going to my work to lit a candle as a gratitude to the God for your appearance in my life. I do believe that all people’s meetings in this world are not accidental. Each meeting has special sense in people’s lives. The meetings among women and men are very important, meetings among people looking for their “halves” in this world. I see that you, as well as me, are looking for your “half”. 

Saying true, I feel some fear to open my heart to you, trusting you my dreams and wishes. Everybody wants to be understood by another person and doesn’t want his/her heart to be broken. I don’t care about richness of my future husband. My mother and I live in small flat with rather unpretentious furniture. It seems to me that I would be very grateful to the God if I would have the possibility to improve my standard of living. 

I do not care about my future career that will need special extra expenses.

Many women from our Club got married with Americans whose year income was not more than $50000 and they are happy with their husbands. 

Some of ladies are married with men having $250000 per year income. I saw beautiful houses reminding palaces with luxurious furniture inside on photos these women sent to our Club from U.S. But I am not looking for a man with such high income. I am looking for decent man with whom I could enjoy ordinary things and provide happy childhood to our future children.

It’s not my aim to find a husband only in America. But I am the member of Mrs. Baranova’s Club and she has a deal only with American men. Her son Andrew and her brother Constantine live in New York and they help her in such delicate business. 

That’s why I have found you and I am happy.

Waiting for your reply. Love. Tanya. 


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