Lida Koshevenko

(aka Oleynik Anjela, aka Irina Glaz, aka Elena Stamat, aka Pasha Samohvalov, aka Alla Fedoza, aka Falikova Rita, aka Stoeva Valya)

Odessa, Ukraine

Tel.:  n/a

Address:  Osipova 28, apt.34.Odessa, 65004 Ukraine


Reported: 06/28/04


Hi, for the last month or so I have been approached by a woman calling herselt Lida Koshevenko, I now realize srom that she is who you call: Stoeva Valya

I will send you the same email and photos I sent them, if you need any and every last email she sent me, I will be glad to send it to you..

JUst so you know, I am still in dialogue with her and she doesnt know that I suspect she is a fraud.

Firstly, I am still in dialogue with her and she still thinks I'm going to send her money..

she calls herself:

Lida Koshevenko
Osipova 28, apt.34.
Odessa , 65004

she wants $300 for her visa and $1200 to fly to me in Florida.

I have a bunch of emails that she sent me, I could forward them to you, if you like. Basicly she uses the same boiler plate letters and just changes her name. I can tell you this, she is very stubborn about giving more detail when asked. Her english is very limited except when it comes to the details about how to send her money. I also think that is on to her because when she first asked me for money and send directions to send it to her, Yahoo suspended her account, but that very day she created a new one. here are the letters surrounding this:

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pictures belong to French supermodel Laetitia Casta


Hi my dear.
For coming to you I need $308 for make travell papers
(International Passport and VISA). I researching about
tickets prices now. After you send me money for papers I
need 12-15 days time to make all papers.
After I have papers ready, then I will be need ticket.
In the bank I found out that Western Union it is the best
way to send money.
They told me that you will be needed my name - Lida,
surname - Koshevenko, my address: Ukraine, town -
Odessa(zip65004), street - Osipova 28, apt.34. And I will be
need Money Transfer Control Number from you.
I wait the day when we can wake up in the morning with you in
arms. As we sit outside our house enjoying the fresh morning
air and a good cup of coffee. Obviously, I would wake you up
with a sweet good morning kiss and most likely breakfast in
Your princess, Lida.

Hi dear.
my e-mail work bad.
I can not get your letter,I even do
not know if you have got my last letter.
Today I have made my new own e-mail. 
Please send me you last lette again on
my new e-mail.
I hope it will work better.
Love Lida.

realizing she was a pretty woman and so quick to want to live with a perfect stranger, I asked her isnt she concerned, she replied:

Hi honey.
I certainly understand that I'm beautiful, my friend
speak that I have good heart, but I can not find my love in
life. All men which I had only used my beauty and broken
my heart. So I wants to say that all men are sawhorses, but I
know that this not true. In the person the most main not the
beauty external but beauty internal. There are much love in
me which is stays not necessary to anybody.

Whenever you ask her specifics about herself, she keeps calling attention to her bad English:

Hi dear.
All night I was dreaming about you and how you read my
letters. I was laying in my bed and thinking how it will be
nice to meet you in person and to be beside you! I can not
think of anything that I want more than to see you and to be
with you. I think of how great it will be. To be able to meet
your parents and your friends. I want to be able to see where
you grew up. To be able to walk with you hand in hand and to
learn everything about you. This is what my heart wants, to
be with you forever.
Love Lida.

you wrote big letters , now I feel how my english is bad and

another email, but directly asking for money :

Hi honey
Visa and passport cost 308 US $ together. My visa will be
tourist. I found tickets for 1270 US $.
I would like to come 15th June.
I tell my parents and my grand parents about you.
I told that I would move abroad to you.
My grandmother was not happy hearing about this.
All their life when we live in USSR government told to all
people that USSR it the best country and in capitalistic
countries the live is bad and rich people use poor as slave.
Government had telling many bad things about USA, Germany,
England and other. But my parents is OK they know that live
such foreign country is good.
My grandmother is old and they do not like changes in life. I
think after some time she will be agreeing with my moving
abroad to you.
I write English well because I use computer dictionary
but I speak English not good.
Now I study English with teacher, it is hard but I want that
when I will be with you we understand each other good, if we

My address :

Lida Koshevenko, my address: Ukraine, town -
Odessa(zip65004), street - osipova 28, apt.34.

Love Lida.

I sent you an attachment of the first method of contact she used. I dont know if it will load with all her photos, but I will send you 1 of 4 photos she send me in addition, so you can ID her well. I understand she has stolen these photos from a French SuperModel. Too bad, Im French to.

If you need anything else, or even everything she ever sent me, just ask, I have a whole folder of stuff from her because I knew she was a suspicious charecter. The thing that alerted me to this at first was that her first email from didnt have any user ID#, it just had ?????, so you couldnt look her up. I tried to look her up manually and found no such person. I dont knwo if she is in collaboration with this website, an insider employee or someone who knows how to hack very well, but she knows her game well. She is skilled enough to create email addresses in other countries and can do it on the fly. She also has different mailing addresses and understands western union quite well. I asked her if I could send her a check, because this way it could be traced to an account and person. Here is how she replied:

Hi honey.
My english is improving.
Yes I feel that you really very serious about you.
I going to the internet cafe only to write to you.
My ma will take care of my cat.
I'm 23.
I hear that Western Union it is the best way to send
I have no bank account.
I was in bank and they told me that it will take time and
money to make account. Banks in the Ukraine accept U.S. Checks
but they told that it will take near 1 month to get money from
this Checks.
For Western Union I not need to have bank account. But they
told me that not all banks provide Western Union service.
Please Find Western Union because in my Western Union agency
they told me that there is Western Union in your country.
Love Lida.

Well as you can see, she is not only a good scammer but a good learning machine, because she learns and improves with her mistakes. Fortunately guys like yourself are counterbalancing their savvyness and now we just might have a tool to get back at them with..

I have to run, but again, if you need anything more, just drop me a line and its yours..




This letter sent you by our top 10 member Lida #????? through our mailing program.
Do not hit reply button!
To respond please use Lida's email address 

So I decided to write. Though it is difficult to write blindfold to that Stranger, whom I do not know at all, but I faith that in this case prospect of acquaintanceship with You serve me sufficient an apology. While I thought about prospect to get acquainted and thought about writing of this letter, it has wafted some thoughts on me. Can You remember, turning your glance in the past, when you felt well with someone, when you has felt unexpected attraction to the person, when you realized that you value and save the same values both . This really rare, but bringing satisfaction feeling, requiring something particular.Personaly for me it is not to hard to recall what feelings you outlive in such rare moments, when you feel your magic relationship with other person. While you reading this letter and begin to understand all our resemblance, it is possible that you begin to conceive. That, if you really has met one of that rare people, who really not only understands your feelings, but who value and answer on sensitivity and probity, who knows not only how to take, but how to make presents. If you really presented such possibility, may you present how you will be felt itself after you has know her? While you think over these words - I want you ask: how you will be surprise to understood that you anxiously wait possibility to contact me? Maybe you can present our meeting, how we feel merrily and well, how you simply begin to get a deep pleasure from this. And if you think on this in this way, will be it logistical to start writing each other, openning how much general valuables between us. there is my photos:


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