Bugai (Bugay) Ekaterina Vladimirovna

Lugansk / Donetsk, Ukraine 

Tel. - (cell) 0623839171 (home) 0622928816 
Artema Strret, 76/44, Donetsk, Ukraine, 83000

e-mail: ablelove2001@yahoo.com   katsom2001@yahoo.com


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I am a separated father of 1 daughter.

I saw, originally Katerina Bugai's profile on Kiss.com. She was advertising to meet a man to marry and have children with. She stated that she did not feel that age nor cultural differences mattered. These were views that she repeated during our correspondence. Our correspondence started on 9 August 2001 and continued until 26 April 2002 when she ended our relations. In my reply to my introductory letter, i received a letter from a Mrs. L. Bondar stating that her agency "QuestWay" represented Katerina and that we cold
enjoy unlimited correspondence for 100 USD per month. I accepted this offer and received letters almost every day. During the initial correspondence photographs were sent and became gradually more revealing. The person in the photographs transpired to be different to the one shown in those that i arranged for a flower delivery company to take of Katerina. Also, i realise that now that the early letters were pre-written as one congragulated me on St George's Day in October!

Over time, Katerina signed her letters as "Katya Sommers" (this later
stopped) and went to great lengths to befriend my daughter both through messages in letters and on the telephone.

Katerina changed her e-mail address three times during our correspondence. The addresses used were:

ablelove2001@yahoo.com < mailto:ablelove2001@yahoo.com>

katsom2001@yahoo.com < mailto:katsom2001@yahoo.com>

ablelove@stels.net < mailto:ablelove@stels.net>

She changed also ISP's several times.

The parents' address she gave was: Kvartal Uzhny, House -5B, Apartment 30, Lugansk City, Ukraine, 91006. Telephone number 0038 0642 312 812 I believe that the parents have knowledge of this scam as when they answered the telephone and i asked to speak to Katerina, i spoke to two different sounding females both answering to her name. This was so even though she stated that she was an only child. Furthermore, i received an e-mail, allegedly from her parents, stating that they approved of our proposed  marriage and looked forward to meeting me to discuss it further.

She later moved as she stated that she had been offered a singing contract.
She gave me two addresses, the first of which turned out to be false.

Address one: 

st. Universitaskaya, 36a/520, Donetsk, Ukraine


Address two:
Artema Street, 76/44, Donetsk, Ukraine, 83000 Telephone number : 0038 0622 928 816 Cellnet number: 0038 062 383 9171

During our correspondence, Katerina made both actual requests for money and other times gave strong hints. Requests and hints were made for the following items.

1) Translation costs

2) English lessons (through QuestWay)

3) A cellnet telephone.

5) A computer.

6) A scanner.

7) Computer lessons.

8) Heaters and a boiler for her family.

9) A digital camera

10) A leather outfit.

11) Internet card costs.

I complied with all these requests/hints except for the computer lessons. As a result, Katerina's letters became extremely cold and shorter.At this time she appeared to be writing to others as she signed her name "Katya Taylor" and seemed to get confused that she had already written to me on some days. I made it clear at all times that if she ended our relations, she was to repay this money as i was supporting her only on the basis that we had a committed relationship with the intention of marrying.

In total, the sum of 5, 600 USD was paid to Katerina.

Intially, the money was sent to the following account. JS Postal Benificary Bank Aval, Lugansk City, Ukraine. Beneficary/011 262051981 Miss Katerina
Bugai. Later sums were transferred through Western Union.

Right up to her termination of our relations, "Katerina" confirmed both in writing and on the telephone that she still wished to marry me. Indeed, she even asked for money just a short time before! Before i received the "Dear John" letter, she had stopped writing for several days. I think that she only wrote at all because i stated that i would contact her parents if i did not hear from her.

The conclusion of the story is that i found out that the singing story was a lie. I found out also that she had lied about many other matters.I have been informed also that the scam appears to involve a gang. I offered Katerina to repay just 2,400 USD in instalments over a year. I also offered to forget the whole debt IF she got a job and gave up scamming. Both offers were ignored.

The following are the pertinent individuals.

Katerina Bugai

Ludmila Bondar

Parents- Tatyana Bugai, Vladimir Bugai

Her best friend: Eleana Kianitsa (She is listed as a scammer on www. scamdetective.net) see also report on Elena Kianitsa on ScamAlert web site

Other friend: Galnia (listed on absolute agency profile A2239439 (She is listed also as a scammer and lives in the same apartment block as Katerina)

Please note. This scam caused my daughter and me great emotional
distress.The letters were very charming and addictive. The one girl who answered the telephone was very charming. The requests for money were made very logical and genuine sounding. Perhaps i was fooled easier than others as this was my VERY FIRST contact with a girl abroad and i knew nothing about scammers.

Michael Sommers

Please feel free to contact me at michael.sommers@lineone.net if you have had experiences with any of these people.

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Katerina's Introductory Letter -  Aug 11, 2001

Dear Michael. Thank you so much for writing back to me, I am very happy!!! 

Let me tell you a little about myself, I want to be 'in your arms'. If the Internet has joined us, it is called the destiny. We should miss our lucky chance to be together. My English is very poor, that is why I use the services of the translator.

Sometimes I feel like I want to be a good mother, or passionate lower, or clever wife, or thankful daughter. And my own family I would like to see very happy and safe. The happy everybody understand in  its own way. And what it is for you? Do you consider yourself as a "happy man"? Why?  It is so important to live and enjoy the life with beloved one... I hope it will be.

One cannot be by any medicine from the soul-ache, discomfort with was called by the separation or quarrel with members of his family. I would like to be for you a sensible and attentive friend. To share with you the joy and present you with bright smiles, fresh cakes and good coffee. :) And each Saturday we will go to our friends, or to the theater. No long ago I thought that the most important is to make a career  and have a nice job. What a silly thoughts! I like to watch my reflection in many mirrors, and feel that everything is O.K.!! I enjoy your sweet words of love while reading your letters. Why not? I think that the family life should be spent with watching TV or cooking.

You may consider me a crazy one. But I become crazy from happiness when got your letter... And I would like to make a flower-bed in front of our house. It is so wonderful when whole year around there are flower's aroma...  I think that in a family everybody should feel comfort and cozy. And what about you? Do you think the same? I hope so. If so, it will be our island of tenderness and prosperity. I am sure that there are real men like you. It will be nice to gather together in the evening and discuss how we spent a day.  We would make a plan for our wishes and follow towards them :). And do not forget - no step without humor!:))) We will find our own rhythm and create our own tune! And  maybe our relations then would be like a symphony of Shtraus...

Dear, I have one problem I want to share with you. I use Internet service( Translation of letters to you  ) and I have to pay for the translation of each letter. But unfortunately this is the only way to contact you, because I can not write in English and I have no my own computer. I hope you know that the economic situation in Ukraine is very difficult and to have own computer I cannot afford (to compare my scholarship is $3 per month, salary of my parents $100 per month). That's why I have to use Internet service.

Below you will find the explanation for you  how you can use its service. Its me asking him about it. I hope for your understanding very very much.

Please forgive me for my request. I will be waiting for your definite reply. Hope you understand me right.

Warm kisses from Katia.



Dear Mr. Michael!

Please, accept my apologies. I am writing to you as our client Katerina Bugai asked me. My name is Ludmila Bondar, I am a manager of Internet office "Quest-Way" http://www.internetoffice.newmail.ru/

I would be glad to answer all your possible questions. Our firm deliver goods via post, we do courier services as well as delivering parcels and documents. Another part of our service is to give our clients Internet and e-mail boxes. Several of our interpreters can translate any documents or private correspondence into English and other languages.

As far as I understood you are interested just in this kind of service. Translation of one letter according to our price is 5 USD, but if our client pays 100 USD per month we translate as many letters as he wants without limits as soon as we can.

Every time we will call your girls as soon as we receive a letter from you. 

You may transfer your money through Western Union bank system (you may see the info on www.westernunion.com) The manager's name Ludmila Bondar, probably you want to send money a girl's name, in this case we will give her a payment check to pay for our services.

The Internet office is situated on the following address:

Lugansk, Ukraine, 

ul. Sovetskaya 48, 

Tel/fax: +38 0642 344 029

In 15 minutes your money would be in Ukraine.

In order to receive the money give please the information consisting of 10 numbers by mailing it to us:  questway@softhome.net 

Also if you find it more suitable, you can transfer the money to our bank account directly.  Please choose the most suitable way for you to pay, and in case you need the additional information concerning our bank requisites you can contact us any time.

Our company suppose you will be satisfied with our services,

Best regards,

Manager, Mrs. Ludmila Bondar



Katya's letter - Aug 17, 2001 Subject: I am in love with you!

My Sunshine ,

You are OK now while reading the letter from your beloved woman and future wife. My love I wish I could hug you now, and kiss your sweet lips very tender. I wish to make the day of our meeting closer. But I feel that it will come soon. I can hardly wait to meet you. 

Sweetheart, thank you for such caring attitude about me. I highly appreciate it. Today I was in the shop to choose the mobile phone. The consultants showed me some models, but I haven't yet set up my mind, which one I should choose. I will think it over and let you know of the outcome.

I have already made all the necessary arrangements for me to attend English classes. I have told the manager, that thanks to your help, I will be able to pay for my classes soon. I have shown her your letters, and she has trusted me. You know, I have already received some books and tapes. I feel so happy, honey. I will be able to study English, and to talk to you on the phone soon.

Now I know that I came to Earth to meet you, to gave you my love and affection, as you appreciate it and it makes you happy. 

Sweetheart, I love you very much, and I want to kiss you every day , I want to kiss every inch of your body , to feel your touch and warmth. 

Thanks God , we are together now, and we have the chance to live and to love again. 

Michael, today I have picked up the money (75$) from the bank and paid at once for our previous correspondence. Thank you one more time. I can't express in words the feelings, that overhelmd my heart. I can't still  believe my happiness.

I wish I could become a bird for a while ,  cross the English Channel and meet you. 

My love, let all the flowers of the world envelope you with their fragrance. Let all the birds in the world sing their sweet songs for you. 

What are you going to do on week-end ? Please tell me everything about you. I want to know everything that happens to you. I need only you and your love !!!

I can hardly wait to hear from you again.

I kiss you tender,

Your Katerina


Katya's Letter - Oct 17, 2001

Hello my sweet !

Thank you very much for your tender letters and your card as well. I called it "Bear on the North Pole", we used to have such candies some time ago, thy were very tasty and popular. 

My darling, please, don't bother yourself so much about the purchase of the piano. You've got a lot of your own problems, and I wouldn't like to add any problems more. The very best present for my wedding with you - it will be YOU. And the best ever music during this and other days of our life together - it will be the music, sung by our hearts.

My beloved! Your letters have never make me upset. I am always happy to receive them and always wait for them with impatience. I would never object if you would call me your wife in your letters. Do you mind if I call myself Katerina Sommers?

My one and only, I love you very much. Please tell the most warm and tender words to Claire from me, I am sending her this winged smile, and i wish her to smile always.

Kiss you both,

Katya Sommers


Katya's Letter - Oct 20, 2001 - money for heater

Hello my beloved Michael!

Thank you very much for your kind letter.

Dear Michael, I have mo problems of my own right now, my English is going well, and I have a very good relations with my parents. I have even warm coat for going outdoors. :) I've mentioned a problem of help for my parents. They want to warm the flat for a long time already, but now they seem to get used to the cold "climate" in the flat, because they have no chance to get enough money to improve the situation. So was my reason for addressing you for help : to buy heater (you are right) and boiler for them.

I have not told them about my idea, of course, I'd like it to be a surprise, so I have first asked you. Thank you very much for your answer. I went to shop today, and they told me that they can give me a fill in case i buy something there, but they do not give any papers before the purchase. I could order it over the phone, but I should pay for it right in the shop, all the same. They didn't understand me in shop at all, when I asked them for such a paper. What should I do? You know, people here are mostly used to buy expensive things at the market, we have retail markets here, some of them. It's far cheaper then in the shop, I looked at the prices at one of the markets, and the result id the following : Boiler (a good one, as they have assured me) is about 200$, and two heaters - 150$ each. I am afraid that it was everything I was able to learn and do. 

MUSIC: That's great, that we have common musical tastes. What music is Claire's favorite?

LOVE YOU:  very, very, very, very much. I will be always grateful to you for you have taught me to love you so.

Kiss you and Claire

Your Katya Sommers


Katya's Letter - Nov 02, 2001

My dear and beloved husband Michael,
I was at the agency yesterday and I was said that you hadn't received my previous letter and they had to send you the copy. Then I received your letter where you wrote that you had received two copies. Darling I am so sorry. I don't know why it happens as you noticed on Wednesdays. Perhaps something is wrong with connection.
Dear Michael, yesterday I brought 200$ to the agency for the correspondence translation. I planned to come back there later and wrote a letter to you but I was too tired after having visited the market and bought heaters and a boiler.
You know I was so busy all the day long with the installation of the boiler. The agency is closed after 17-00 and I was late to visit it. I had to supervise the installation as my parents were at the work. When the parents came back home they were very surprised that all was ready. They asked me to send you and Claire their thanks and best wishes.
Dear Michael, I will send you the family photo. You and Claire are now also members of our family. Ma parents love you and Claire and always ask me about your life.
Darling I love you so much! I send you this poem.

The Love We Share
by Loyce Lorree Husky

     I want to see you standing
in the moonlight, late one night.
I want to take you in my arms
and say, my love for you is right...

     I want to kiss your lips, again,
and touch your silky skin.
I want to wrap you in my arms,
so this loneliness finally ends...

     You are the breath and drink I take,
each day that I might live.
You are the love that dwells in me,
and I want so much to give...

     I want to give you everything,
my heart, my love, my soul.
I want to make sweet love to you,
till we have both grown old...

     This love we share is a lasting love,
I know this in my heart.
Someday, my love, you will be mine,
and never have to part...

     Until that time I will think of you,
in the moonlight shining bright.
Then in my mind hold you in my arms,
until the morning light...

It is my answer to that lovely and touching card that you've sent me this morning. Thank you, darling!
I will write you one more letter this afternoon on my way back from the English courses.
Kiss you.
Your Katya Sommers.


Katya's  "Good-Bye" Letter - Apr. 26, 2002

Hello darling Michael,
Your last letters upset me greately. I'm shocked by your intentions, especially threats!
As you know I'm 18 already and by Ukraine's laws it means that I'm of age. So I can do what I want without parent's permission. All the gifts you send, I took with me, so to disturb my parents it is useless and uncorrect.
I asked you many times to understand me, and you, inspite of this, check me all the time. If you follow me when we are on such a great distance what will be when I come to live with you? You'll control my every action! You have to understand that I'm a woman, not a property. Allthe money you sent me you, you sent by your own desire. I'll return you the money when I earn it.I don't want to be in debt.
I am very upset that you have disappointed me. I feel pain and distress.
I think it is not possible to continue our relations.