Busina Irina / Elena

(aka Starova Elena)

Kiev, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address:  Moskovskaya str., 12-6 Kiev, Ukraine

e-mail: ib@inol.dp.ua 


I would like to file a report on a scammer Irina Busina of Kiev.I was first contacted by her on Match.com last year. Either her or someone else is using the same photos at match.com and also friendfiner now and her name is elena1265. ( This profile has since been removed). I believe this is the exact same person as the one who scammed me, as her photos look very similar and the fact that she has the exact same birthday once again. She has just changed her name from Irina Busina to Elena. She is using the same city of Kiev. I have written to this Elena1265 on Friendfinder but have not heard back from her, as I would like to try and get more photos of her. She does have the exact same photos listed on both match.com and friendfinder now yet has different ages of 25 and 27yo. I found out I was being scammed when I wired the $150 dollars to this Konstantin Petrenko of the agency for service to help her with the costs of the internet and to send her 15 red roses for her birthday. A photo was sent back to me of her receiving the roses except that they were yellow from this person Konstantin Petrenko. I was upset that they were the wrong color and wrote to him and also to her but never heard back from either one of them again. I wrote to her by another agency and the letter came back as undeliverable as there was no such address as the one she gave me as to where she was living. This is how I knew that I had been scammed. I will send you the photos that I have of this scammer in another e-mail. At match.com her age is listed as 25yo., and at friendfinder her age is 27yo I believe her photos or she is at Match.com as Elena1265 and at Friendfinder as and has the same birthday as the original Irina Busina of July 10.


S H.

[Submitted by S. F. on 04/13/02]


Irina's introductory letter


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Irina's Letter - July 10, 2001

Hello, dear XXXXX! Please, answer this letter to my email ib@inol.dp.ua

I was very glad to receive your letter. That was pleasant event for me to receive it. I'm very new in this type of correspondence and that's why I would like to ask you to excuse me for some probable mistakes, but I hope
that through our correspondence we will get to know each other well and, maybe, find love.

As you know my name is Irina and I live in beautiful Ukrainian city Kiev.

I live alone in my own flat in the suburbs of the city. I have a lot of hobbies. I like traveling, listening to the music, dances, playing tennis, planting flowers. I believe that I'm attractive.

I want to create my family and meet a loving, caring man who will love me and whom I will love too. Let's begin our correspondence and find out if we are made for each other.

If you interested in knowing me better please ask what would you like to know. I will answer honestly. Please, answer this letter to my email ib@inol.dp.ua

I will wait for your reply,



Irina's Introductory Letter  - July 13, 2001

My dearest XXXXX,

Thank you for your letters and pictures. You look very handsome and I appreciate you sending me so much photos. With this letter I wills end you only one picture, but hope you will like it as much as I like yours (smile)

I think that we made a first step in our relationships. we got to know each other, it's important. Now I want to know you better, letters will help us in this I hope that one beautiful day we will meet and from that meeting our future will depend. I wrote you already that I'm serious and decide to make this step, because I'm tired of loneliness. I need only one man, who will understand me, love me, take care of me, i.e. I need family, and I will make that man happy...

I can say about myself, that I'm kind, tender and honest. I do not like when somebody lie to me. In relationships I prefer to be open. Though, according to my experience, it's not good to open my soul to just anybody. I'm calm, well-balanced by my character but it's easy to offend me. I'm romantic and optimistic. My life differs from yours, because I have not possibility to do what I want. That's why it's not so full, though I try to find joy in something. I dream to change this life, to make it more full. Though I do not dream about this all the time, I try to feel ground under my feet.

I give to my work not first place in my life, I think that for women family is the most important thing. If woman choose work as priority and makes career it affects onto her family. It's impossible to combine family and career without support. That's why I made my choice once without too much thoughts.

I have to confess you, that I know English language not good. I finished a month courses, but was not able to go further because of financial problems. It has been half a year since then and I forget almost everything. Speaking frankly, I'm scared by the fact that I can't speak freely, that's why agency does the translation. Probably you will be disappointed by this. Believe me, I want to know English language and I think that this will not be a problem, it will take only time and learning.

I have no brothers or sisters. My parents live not far away from me. They have their own flat. Our family have a relatives in Moscow, but because of high prices for tickets we have possibility only to correspond with each other. This way we maintain permanent contact. This is what my family consists of.

I  have  to  tell  you  that I correspond with you through the agency and use email  forwarding  and translation service. It's expensive thing and I won't be  able  to  answer you often. Sorry, but I hope you will understand me. Or maybe  you  would  consider  to  pay  for our correspondence. If so, you may contact the agency. Their address is info@inol.dp.ua Please, tell me what you think about this? If you will not be able to help me, I will understand, just tell me your thoughts, OK?

May I ask you a question regarding your work? I understand it could be your secret, but how do you do tooth wightening? I can't complain that my teeth are yellow, but people on TV and in advertisement have such white teeth that I can't compare with them. Tell me, are there some magical medicines?

As for my present work, I work as a manager on a small private firm and I work there with documents and papers and in the end of every month I prepare the report for my boss about financial situation on the firm. This is hard times for me, in the end of every month, because I have to look through many papers and documents to give the complete report about the work. I must tell you that I do not like my work, because I think it's boring and it does not pay good. My salary is only about $80 per month and it's allow me only to pay for my flat, to buy food for me and to help my parents very little.

Though I like to travel, I have never been in your country or any other country abroad. Though I traveled all over my country. My favorite place is Crimea. This is a large peninsula in the south of the country. If you will visit Ukraine one day, you should visit this place in summer. it's very, extremely beautiful there and I try to go there for my vacation every summer, though now in the conditions of economical crisis this is not always possible.... I would like to visit other places of interest all over the world: America, Europe, Australia, everywhere, but I think the life is not enough to see everything, so I just hope to visit some place which I will remember for all my life, i.e. Eiffel tower in Paris or Twins towers in New York and the Niagara Falls in your country... As you can see I would like to visit your country. I enjoy sun and beach and like to swim very much. As for being adventurous and romantic, I think that these I have these qualities and I enjoy romance very much. For me it is more than walking under the stars and having candle light dinners, but also finding romance in any kind of common activity with my loving man.

Speaking about my expectations from my future life-partner I can say that I expect him to be honest and decent person. All I need from him is love, care, respect and faithfulness. This is the qualities which I am looking for and on these qualities we will be able to build a good and strong family. In return I will do the same. I do not want to ask too much from my future life-partner, but I think that good family, besides love, will need a strong friendship. Love is passion and through friendship we will find the mutual understanding and willingness to help each other in any situation. Friendship may grow into love and such families are very happy - the families where are love and friendship together.

My ideal of family is the family of my parents. They live with each other for about 30 years and all this time they had no quarrels and have never be apart even for one week. if you will see them one day you will see that they look more like friends than like lovers, but after associating with them you will understand that the feeling of lovers very strong in their hearts. So I would like to have such family as my parents have, though probably not only with one child (smile) As you can see, I want to have children, and I want to be a mother. I have never met a woman who does not want to be a mother though (smile)

I  hope I answered some of your questions. If I did not, please ask me and I will   answer  you  honestly,  because  as  I  said  before  I'm  opened  in relationships.

I will wait for your letter.
With best regards


Irina's Letter - July 16, 2001

My dearest XXXXX,

Thank you so very much for your letter and thank you for your wish to help me with paying for our correspondence. This will allow me to write you more frequently and get to know you better. I really want us to become better acquainted and correspondence is the best thing for this. I want to inform you that this letter I am sending you free of charge, since you expressed your wish to pay for our correspondence to the agency, so thank you once again!

Thank you for telling me about teeth whightening. I just do not know what is the model of my mouth?  But probably I would not do it till we will met. I want my beauty to be natural, so y will see me as I am and than if you would like my teeth to be more white,. you could make this for me? What do you think?

My mailing address is
Irina Busina,
Moskovskaya str., 12-6
Kiev, Ukraine

I will welcome any of your letter which you wills end me through normal mail and please, make it handwritten. OK? I would like to see your handwriting, it will be a pleasure for me.

My dear, our relationships is just at the beginning and we must be completely open with each other. I won't hide the fact, you are very interesting for me and I would like our relationships to grow more and more. I hope you have the same feelings towards me. I have never thought, when I placed my ad to the agency, I will be able to find such man as you are so fast. I prepared myself for long and lasting correspondence, but I see, probably, I won't need such long correspondence, because you have answered my ad.

I have not many friends, but the one I have are my best one at the same time. I have 3 wonderful girlfriend and two of them are married. Their husbands are the permanent members of our group too. We spend
time together quite often now and when the weather was better we went for picnics outside the city.

I thin that I'm a water person, because I like water very much. When I take bath, I can do it for hours and it will not bore me. I see that some people do not like to wash themselves, but not me. I'm very clean and neat person.

When I'm alone I like to read books. From my childhood I liked this. In my parent's house we had a lot of books and I think I have read all of them (maybe not all but biggest part of them). There were modern and classic books, but I have read them with equal pleasure. I thank god that this did not spoil my vision (eyesight). Now I have the habit for reading too. I try to read interesting books all the time, because I think that reading increases mental abilities of a person and will wide the mental outlook.

Besides books I like to see movies. Not all of them of course. I like love stories and sometimes action films (but without too many blood on the screen). I also like to receive flowers very much! (smile)

My dear XXXXX, I will close for now and will wait for your reply soon. Please tell em more about yourself, anything about you will be interesting for me. Thank you once again for your help in paying for our correspondence.

With best wishes
Your Irina


Irina's Letter - July 20, 2001 - asking to pay for her English lessons

My dearest XXXXX,

Thank you so very much for your letter and I thank you for everything you are doing to me. I thank you for paying for our correspondence, this will really help me to get to know you better and we will be able to understand what we mean for each other.

My dear, you have spoken a lot of Aruba and I just do not know where it is situated. I loved the pictures of it and the words you told about it, but please, tell me more about these beautiful places. OK?

I want to tell you hat I really see the great possibility for us to get know each other better. Our meeting will show us if we meet each other expectations. We really must get to know each other much better. Maybe we will find love on our way. As for me I hope for this. The love may burst between two people as a flame, but it could grow slowly. As far as I noticed the second variant of love is stronger, because as a fireplace, it need to be taken care of, but burns longer... Let's do our best to fire this fireplace of love!

The only concern I have is my English language. Unfortunately My English does as good as your Russian (smile)
I do not know how we could communicate with each other during meeting and I do not want to use interpreter at the same time. I think that it is my obligations to get to know your language. I told you I took several lessons at the agency I use now for correspondence with you, but it figured out to be over expensive. The two month courses costs $250. My dear XXXXX, probably you could contact the agency for providing me with these lessons. I know maybe I am asking for too much, since you have paid for our correspondence, but maybe you will decide that I really need these lessons. In any way, I believe that Mr. Petrenko will have much more information about English, than I can give you.

I will tell you more about myself: I was graduated from automatics and telemechaniks faculty. This is the faculty which produces the engineer-electric. Though now I do not work on my specialty. As you know there is an economical crisis in Ukraine now and there is very small demand on my profession right now. Speaking frankly, I do not know if I remember something from my education, because it was long ago. But I hope if there will be demand for my profession here I will remember what I studied. Though I have to tell you, I do not like to be an engineer. I would prefer to have some small business.

My birthday was on July 10th. So it was pretty close to this date. I was 25 on it.  I usually do not celebrate it with many guests, just my parents, my girlfriend and I. I do not like overcrowded parties. I like small and cozy companies, where everybody knows each other and can speak on any subject.

My favorite flowers are red or creme roses. I like to get lots of roses, but it's a bit sad to see them fade. Anyway I like roses and even their fading can't stop me loving them.

As for food, I enjoy any type of food, especially Ukrainian cooking. But I do not eat too fat food (maybe only sometime), because I do not want to get too fat.  Every weekend I try to go to the gym and do exercises . I try to keep my body in shape. I believe, the good appearance of wife makes her man appreciate her in all ways. I will
never meet my husband from work in night gown and with hair curlers on my head. I will always look sharp for my husband. That's why from school time I look for my body, going to gym, try not to eat a lot.

Though I can assure you, I will never grew fat. In my family there were no fat women. But anyway, I try not to eat fat food. If I see, I gain several extra kilos, I may not eat for couple of days till my weight will settle into shape. As you could see on my photos, I do not use very bright  cosmetics. I prefer small amount of cosmetics, but I
put it in smart way to look naturally.

During my childhood in the summer I always went to my grandparents to the country side and spent there all summer holidays. They had a big house near the forest and the river. My grandfather was fond of beekeeping and I always eat a lot of honey during the year. I like honey and also I like to eat honeycombs. When I will grow older and will have my own lot of ground I will also do a beekeeping without fail. I also swam a lot in the river there and went to forest in August to gather mushrooms. If the summer were rainy, there were a lot of Boletus luteus and orange-cap Boletus mushrooms in the forests. Did I tell you like mushrooms? if no, I must tell you I adore mushrooms! I like them cooked in any style: fried, boiled, in the pies, pickled, etc. I know a lot of mushrooms types here and would never gather poison mushroom.  Have you read J.R.R.Tolkien books about hobbits? I seem to be a hobbit ancestor - I like mushrooms the same as they did (smile)

Well, life in Ukraine is difficult and you are right when you said this. But probably you really do not imagine how difficult it is. before USSR collapse we lived our life as a normal people, but after 1991, the life gets worse and worse. Now people do not get salaries for months. There are many very rich people here, but usually they are bandits or just a businessmen who have access to the governments and taking money from budget. Western countries give us credits to maintain our economy, but all this money find their place in pockets of our government and people close to them. the economy goes down the drain.  E.g. my salary is only $80 per month and the prices for food is just the same as in Europe or, probably, in America. But I really do not want to bore you with this problems. I hope that my country will find strength to live normal civilized life, since we have so many clever people here!

My dear XXXXX, I would like to make your life not so lonely. When I will come to you and we will be together, I will be your best friend and you will see me every day. Unfortunately for now we can only correspond, but through this correspondence we will be able to get to know each other much better and I think we will find love on our way. May I ask you one thing. Do you correspond with many other ladies for now. I have asked the agency to delete my ad from the Internet, because I want to correspond only with you. What about you?

I will close for now and will wait for your answer soon. Please, write me when you will have time to do it,

With love
Your Irina