Cherenuha (Cherenykh) Anna

Kharkov, Ukraine

Tel. - 0572-65-23-07

Address: 61144 Ukraine, Kharkiv, st. Geroev Trouda, apt.17-363



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Dear Elena, 
I would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Anna Chernuha or Chernykh from Kharkov. Her fake address is  61144 Ukraine, Kharkiv, st. Geroev Trouda, apt.17-363. The phone number of her supposed friend is (380 0572) 65-23-07. She has profiles listed at under the name of tcherna2000 and also at American Singles #5289622 . Her e-mail is . I had talked to her by her friend's phone and she spoke excellent English and I knew at least that there was a real person that I was writing to. Later on she wanted to visit me in the states and has been trying to get me to send her money for a visa (which she claims the can get) as well as airline tickets and a passport. She gave me the name and address of her fake travel agency called X.X.X. located in Kharkov. The street address number that she gave to me for their address is different from the real travel agency called X.X.X. and she also gave me a mobile phone number for them. The person from the fake X.X.X. travel company that I talked to was Olga Ivanova. According to her she can get a tourist visa to allow Anna to come visit me in the states (There is a real travel company by the name of X.X.X. but they do not get visas for young ladies to come to the states as it is almost impossible). I became very suspicious of her being able to get a visa and sent her flowers instead of money. Funny thing, the address she gave to me did not belong to her (see report).
Report from flower delivery agency:
About Anna Chernuha or Chernykh (Kharkov)
We've found out that
Though address   Kharkiv, st. Geroev Trouda, apt.17-363 really exists and tel.number  65-23-07 is registered on that apartment - Anna does not live there! Our agents called that phone several times - people who live there have no idea about Anna!!! So it might happen that children of people who live there are friends of Anna and when you called her - she came there, but why she lied that she lives at Geroev Trouda, apt.17-363??? She was staying right at that apartment when you were speaking to her over phone!
So at least this girl is not serious and of course we can't deliver flowers to her...unless she come to that apartment again for getting your flowers (if you inform her by e-mail or so).
So she is paying games with you by not telling you her real address and phone number...may be she lives with a boyfriend or even with a husband (we had these situations before) and she does not want her husband to find your post letters in a mailbox and listen to your calls.
I did not send her any money at all and have never heard back from her since as she has moved on to a much easier target and greener pastures.
S. H. (Scam Hunter)

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Anna's First Letter - Oct 13, 2001

I am happy to hear from you. I hope it is just the beginning of something  we  ll see what.
I guess the info you found about me is not enough and you would like to know more. It  s not possible to fit a personality in a few lines and options, is it. My city Kharkov (Ukraine) is beautiful. Its population is more than 1,5 mln. It has the Europe's biggest square, a lot of parks and gardens and many interesting places to see   churches, old buildings, small cosy yards etc.
I am a 25yo university student, a teacher-to-be. I am funny, easygoing and optimistic. Judging by what others say  C pretty and charming. And  C quite romantic and sensitive. I enjoy a company of nice people, going out, the nature, music and lots of other things. I am not only light-hearted though, and I love reading, theater and arts. Besides, I like learning the computer. I don  t have one though, which makes it a little more difficult.
You are probably wondering what made me place an ad on a singles site. For some sad reason it is becoming a laughable opinion, but I do believe in love and family. And I want one too  C a strong family with love, support, respect and so on, all in one cup. I just need to find the one I will want to have it with. If you are searching for the right one too  C let  s write to each other, and see where it takes us.
I will be glad to tell you more about myself, and I would like to hear more about you too.
Hope to hear from you again soon,
My new e-mail:


Anna's Letter - Oct 19, 2001

I am very glad to hear from you again. Thanks for your interest.
One thing I would like to tell you right here  C I am sorry if there is any delay in my letters. It s just that I don t have a computer at home, and have to go to an internet caf  , which is not always very convenient.
You may not believe me, but I had a very warm feeling when I got your mail. Maybe it s me being too romantic, maybe it s the weather making me feel this way, but my heart did make a jump. It is so beautiful outside now, with all the leaves turning yellow and red, the skies being so amazingly blue and the air smelling of fallen leaves and soil and mushrooms. The thing I want most now is to go to the woods and wander around and pick up the fallen leaves and forget about the closeness of a city, of traffic, of problems and classes, of anything. Nothing is keeping me from it, actually, but I would be missing a lot too. I want to enjoy this beauty of Indian summer with the special one. I don t know who yet.
I think I got too carried away. Sorry. Let s turn to other things. Thank you for telling me a little about yourself, but I do want to know more. I don t want to be pushy and ask you a hundred of questions. Tell me more-more-more about yourself, but keep in mind that I want to know more than the lines of a letter can say.
I hope you will not think I am being an inquisitor and it will not scare you off. I just do want to get to know you better.
You ask about:
>Do you believe in fate and destiny?
I hope that our meeting is a fate
>I hope that this may give you a better understanding of my life back in B. and give you some insight into me. I am very serious in my intentions and would like to see you very much in the near future if you
would also like to see me?
And I think people should meet and not to send letters each other.
But for this purpose that I could visit USA, I should to receive the international passport and to issue many other documents. I would like to meet you.
It is very pity but I have no  telephone.
I shall try to talk with my girl friend she has a telephone and then we can hear each other.
As soon as it will be possible I shall write to you . O.K.?
>When is a good time or best times to visit Kharkov or Kiev?
When it will be my hollidays.At summer.
>Tell me more about your life back home and some of the things you enjoy doing?
I live with my parents and my sister,wich one stydie at school.
I think that our corespondens will not finish so I would tell  about it in the next letters.
>Have you had any serious boyfriends or relationships in the past?
No. I had 1 year back boyfriend, but he has offended me also we have parted. I do not want more it to remember. O.K.?
>Where have you traveled to outside of Ukraine?
I haven't been outside of the former USSR.
>Can you also send me when is your birthday?
My birthday is 1 December.
Write soon,
My new e-mail:


Anna's Letter - Nov 12, 2001

Dear XXXX,
Excuse me for the fact that for a  long time could not answer to you . I had a strong cold. I  lied at home one week. Did not go to anywhere. It is  already cold weather. Permanently pours a rain. I under a rain also have got. But already that's all right. I very much experienced from that could not answer on your  letters. But as soon as I have experienced myself better, at once has run in the Internet - cafe to send for  you  the letter.
It is so breathtaking to see that someone living so far away is so close. A wise man of East said: <Attraction of souls gives rise to friendship, attraction of minds gives rise to respect, attraction of bodies gives rise to desire, and the combination of these attractions gives rise to love>. I think it is very true. Without any of these elements marriage cannot exist long, and physical attraction is as important as attraction of minds. I would like, that you learn me more. I study at university on 3 course, after my lessons I should work. As I need to pay for my education. When I find a man which one will fall in love I give him all my tenderness. We will have beautiful children.I hope these man will be you. I want to create good family with the man whom devote all heat of my heart. I shall love and care about my future husband. I like to go in for sports. I begin my morning with light run. After it I go to university and work. In the evening I visit basin and I take up with an aerobic. I like to leave on the nature very much. When I have free time I like to read the books and to listen to music, to go with the friends on discoteques. Thank you for all the letters you have written and all the kind words you have told me. You know I do enjoy our correspondence very much. I think I must wind up now but I will be really glad to hear from you again, and I hope I will be soon!
XXXX,I have agreed with my girlfriend and we can talk by telephone. I very much would like to hear  you voice. I think, that you  will be agree too. You see alive dialogue can not exchange the mail. Certainly and telephone not so big comfort. I with pleasure would arrive to you in the visitors, but I think, that our occurring we can discuss by telephone. I shall wait for your bell 14 November (Tomorrow) 15.00 (time of Ukraine). The telephone (380 0572) 65-23-07. I shall come to the girlfriend at this time and we can talk.
Once again excuse me.
Kisses your Anna.


Anna's Letter - Nov 24, 2001


Excuse me that I didn't write to you for a long time it 's just my examinations already has began.
I have written to you that it is not my phone ,so if you can I will wait for your bell at 27November,14.00.( time of Ukraine)  The phone is the same. (380 0572) 65-23-07.
My home mail is : 61144 Ukraine, Kharkiv, st. Geroev Trouda, apt.17-363. 

Kiss you ,Anna.


Anna's Letter - Dec 26, 2001

Dear, XXXX
Thank you for the letter and the post -card.Why are you wright to me from the agency?  I have my own E-MAIL and we don't need the agency. I would like to talk to you on a telephone.Wright when it is the best time for you to call me? I don't know the different between our country.I even can visit you in March , if you interested in it we can talk about it on the telephone.
May be you can call me at the 28 of December at
the Friday and we could talk about when and haw I can visit you.I will wait for your bell from 3p.m.till 4p.m. (time of Ukraine)the number is (380 0572) 65-23-07. I shall come to the girlfriend at this time and we can talk.
Kiss you,Anna.


Anna's Letter - Jan 26, 2002

Dear XXXX,
I am glad to receive your letter. Why do you  write very rare. I thought, that it is interesting to you to find out about me more. I  would like to talk to you by telephone very much. But you do not have a time for this purpose.
XXXX, Do you really want to create the family or it is just a little fun in the Internet? Do not take offence. It is just I am very seriously about the problem of creation of the family. I think , that it is impossible to find out completely the person in the letters  . On this I want to hear your voice + + + +.. I already wrote to you about it, but you didn't call.

I wrote, that I do not have my own telephone, and it is very expansive to get it. In my city we  I get 60$ for one month .That's why I should agree with my girlfriend. If you still have desire to talk to me write when you can do it . Certainly there are no letters and no telephone can not exchange personal meetings. But my vacation only in summer. On this if you want, I could visit you. What do you think about it?
I already have handed the documents for making the international passport, but there is a small problem.
XXXX, I want  to meet you very much . I hope you too. Am I wrong?
I wait for the answer
Kiss you Anna.


Anna's letter - Jan 31, 2002

It is very pleasant to me to receive your interesting letter and photo.  As you I don't have  enough free time. Study, activity + + + + + + +.. There is almost no time to rest. The weather is very bad right now. The snow thawed and everywhere a lot of water.
I  like to sit at home in such days. Having cozy arranged in a seat to read the interesting book. Or simply to dream. Man is "constructed" so that his brain can't stand blanks in information. All these "blanks" are filled with fantasy. And one day man may take this fantasy as reality. I don't know many things about you. But I have vivid imagination. You can't even imagine what I have fanaticized about you. I think if when you learn all this one day you will have a good laugh. But it is possible only in day off. You write that is  pity that my holiday  only in summer . But at the end of March I will  two weeks free (may be little bit more). If it is possible  I would love to come to you. I think, that in you house there will be a small room for me.:):):):):) But if spring is not very good for you, it is possible to wait until summer . Only it seems that it is very , very ,  very long time.
You ask when we can talk by telephone. I think that (in Saturday - today)
I do not know difference between our countries in times, but probably 8 or 7 hours.
I shall wait from 3pm up to 4pm (this is our time, for you it is  morning).
You understand, that if I had the telephone, I could speak with  you each day. But it is good, that it is possible to take  help of my girlfriend. But the main, that it will be possible to hear one another.
Write to me, can you ring up ((in Saturday). I shall wait very much.
And what do you think about our meeting in spring. In general we can decide together by telephone.
I wait the answer already today.
Kiss you Anna.


Anna's Letter - Feb 03, 2002


It was very nice to hear your voice. I think that at our meeting we will talk just like the old friends, wich one know each other a lot of years. In my dreams I am already with you. I just need to do some documents. I think that it is not a problem.
I probably  should go to Kiev. You see I need to find out in your embassy, what it is necessary for obtaining the visa. Certainly I can arrive and under the tourist permit, but I do not know haw long  I can stay at your country. In any case I need to go to Kiev. I have a free three days and on Wednesday (January 6) I can go to Kiev. As soon as I shall come, I'll right to you the letter. Do not take offence. You see  all days are very much loaded for me and on this I want to visit in Kiev while there is a free time. I think you understand me.
XXXX, I need about ($ 105 - Payment for the passport and $ 30 - Trip to Kiev) as I need to pay for the road to Kiev. I hope that it is not so big sum. Beforehand I am grateful to you. I shall wait with impatience for your  answer.
If you will sent the money you can sent it for ANNA CHERNUHA at WESTERN UNION.
I am waiting the answer ++++..already today.
Kiss you Anna.


Anna's Letter - Feb 05, 2002

I am glad that you answered so fast. I have understood, that your friend works in Kiev. But if he works there so I don't need to go Kiev in embassy? Ask to your friend to found out what it is necessary for design of the visa. You see I should not spend  money for a road. And what for to go in Kiev if it is possible all to simplify. He will inform you, and you will send the letter to me with the in-depth information. In general I have found out, that there are three versions:
1. Student's visa.
2. Visa the bride.
3. Tourist permit.
Last version most eligible.
What do you think of it?
Ask to your friend, that he would find out all in embassy and has notified to you.
I shall wait.
Kiss Anna.



Anna's Letter - Feb 14, 2002

I want to congratulate you with the day of Saint Valentine. I wish to you the sea of love + + + + + and I hope that in following year we shall celebrate this holiday together.
I hope, that we shall celebrate many holidays together. I can prepare many tasty things and I would like to prepare something special and exotic for you. I think it will like you. I think you never taste the Ukrainian dishes. It is very tasty. I imagine that I shall meet you each evening after your business.Also I shall prepare for you, something new. We shall have dinner at candle.After it to look the TV, settle down in a comfortable armchair.I know that you and I will enjoy each other very much. I believe that you are the person that I have been looking for to share my life with. I hope
that you feel the same about me.
Just one problem, that I still  can not hand the documents for the passport. But I hope, that  it is temporary difficulties.
I look forward to your reply very soon!
Kisses your Anna


Anna's Letter - Feb 20, 2002

Excuse me for a long silence. You know that I' am not always can visit the Internet cafe  to receive your letters.
It is pity that you cannot linked with the friend in Kiev, but all the same try to find out from him a maximum of the information. O.K.? I shall find out all through our travel agencies. I while do not have free time. Opening-up for examinations, study and activity. Is very high-gravity. About 25 or 28 of March I will have a free two weeks. But I shall try to transfer this holiday on middle of April. I at all have no time. I do not know what to do with the passport. The documents which one I have handed for design the passport are real for two weeks , then it is necessary to make new (to collect the necessary helps and many miscellaneous endorsements of the person). Probably it is necessary while to withdraw my application for maken the passport.  Do not think, I do not want to ask the money. I shall collect the necessary sum (simply while I don't have it). I always hope only for myself in life and never I wait for the help. So that please do not take offence that I have asked for a help. I even was arranged to work on Saturdays. It gives me superfluous $ 10 for one month. I thinks step-by-step I can collect the necessary sum. I am a big optimist. Also I believe that we shall meet anyway.
I visited the theater lately.
I watched a ballet " Swan Lake " it is written by Tchaikovsky. Do you now
this composer? I like art very much. I like to visit museums and exhibition.
I like to visit the concerts of popular musicians. I like to watch a sports
competition: football, gymnastic, tennis and others. I would like to play
tennis, but I can't. Do you play tennis? If you do, I hope you learn me.
I read your letters and I imagine myself with you. I read that you do and I
imagine myself in miscellaneous situations near to you.
Kiss  Anna.


Anna's Letter - Feb 26, 2002

You ask about my problems with obtaining of the visa and ticket. But I already wrote to you, that there are no problems. All very simply to issue. Simply for design of the visa I need to have the passport (and I till  can not it issue now). I already wrote to you, that I while do not have money for design of the passport. And only then visa and ticket. It is not difficult, but I while have the financial problems. All is done sequentially. You see if I shall come to make the visa they will told me: - receive at first the passport. And then already ticket. I think you understand. So that I need to pay for design of the passport at first and to receive it. Then all will be O.K.
In Sunday we had a holiday of beer and I took part in competition sense of
which is inflate a balloon. I have made it faster others and has won a box
of beer which one has returned to my father.
But such competition are happen not frequently.
XXXX do you like beer? Our brewery cooks the best beer in Ukraine. And it
uses large popularity. Most of all I like shampane or good vine. But it
happens only on a holiday. ) : ) : ) : ) : )
I hope you likes my letter.
I shall wait your answer.
Yours Anna.


Anna's Letter - March 22, 2002

Excuse me for a long silence. I was in an other town. I went there thanks to program of a students` exchange. I am sorry that I could not write to you in time. I went in former republic USSR, and now independent state Byelorussia. It was very amusing. Earlier the people in all republics spoke only in Russian (even the countries of Baltic and Central Asia), and now everyone speak only on the native languages and it handicaps dialogue slightly. Even for us in Ukraine attempt to enter a national language. It creates problems because at school I learned Ukrainian language at a level of a customer (for dialogue, if it is required), and now at University it is very difficult to me  to acquire the scientific terms. You see it is for me  practically another's language. This is because alleviated for the independence so long . But the problems have not vanished, they became even more. For those who never live in our country it can seem very amusing. It is always pleasant to receive your letters.
It is very pleasant to feel your care of me. You are kind and pleasant gentleman.
I always wait for dialogue with you, even if it is dialogue takes place
through the computer. I cannot say or tell you with words how much I would like to meet
you. I will not be able to rest until I come to see you. I think that we
could have a wonderful life together and I am not going to give up hope just
because you are more than 5,000 miles away from me.
XXXX, If you have time on a card, ring up me on March 23 (Today). From 4P.M. up to 5P.M.(time Ukraine).
I hope to hear front you soon
Kiss Anna.