Hristich (Kristich / Khristitch / Hristitch) Tatyana / Maria

Kiev, Ukraine

Tel. - 380 44 264-72XX

Address:   Kiev  Ukraine

e-mail: n/a



"Surname: Khristich, Hristich, Khristitch, Hristitch
Name:  Tanya, Tania, Mary
City:  Kiev
Country:  Ukraine
Phone number: 011 380 44 264-72XX

I met this woman through A Foreign Affair.  We exchanged hundreds of e-mails, so it's not possible to submit them with this report.  I brought this woman to North America with great difficulty and expense for a two-week holiday.  Months later, we decided to marry, but when I said I'd come to Kiev to meet my in-laws, she announced that she had a boyfriend who'd been reading my letters.  According to her, he planned to beat me up when I arrived.  It was at that moment that I realized her subtle hints for computers, driving lessons, rock concert tickets, and medication for her daughter were likely orchestrated by two people.  I also realized how stupid I'd been, that there was probably never meant to be a wedding, and that the plot was written to get rid of me when I wouldn't offer any more money. It was very cunning.  To be sure that she couldn't be implicated, and to guarantee that I would make the right decision, she also announced that her friend had vowed to finish me off after we were married.

When I put it all together, it was clear that her intentions all along were not very honourable.  I notified AFA, but she responded to them with a long tale about how I was a cheapskate.  So cheap, apparently, that she accepted my proposal.  My total costs for gifts, travel, and immigration were $8,000.  In the time since, I've received corroborating letters from two men and one woman confirming all of my suspicions.  AFA continues to post her photo, probably because it sells.  Elena's Models quite honourably removed her at the request of a California man who then contacted me.

This woman might be the girl next door, but her photos don't show it.  She was once an "exotic dancer" in Syria and other outlying countries.  She posts incredible photos that suggest her knowledge of what appeals to men.  It's buyer beware, but I strongly urge others to avoid this woman like the plague."

Submitted by D.T. on 04/22/02



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