Karnaushenko Marina

Kremenchug, Poltava area, Ukraine 

Tel. - n/a

Address: Kremenchug, Poltava area, Ukraine  1905 str., 4-40

Email: marvon@epost.com.ua 


Hi, Everyone,
                  In this message and 2 others I will forward on to
you,Marina sucks me in to sending her money. She asked for $80, I only
sent her $20, but I sent the money 3 weeks ago and I have not heard
from her since, so I think I have been scammed.Her ad in adult singles
is still running, in it she describes herself in being from kosmolsk,
but she is actually from kremenchug, I should have been more alert.


Marina's introductory letter

Marina's money request letter

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Marina's Introductory letter -  May 13, 2002

Hello my Darling Garry!
Itís very pleasant for me that I have interested you. I sincerely hope that with time weíll find much
in common and our meeting will grow into a good friendship. Because I think that  friendship, trust
and understanding are basis for a perfect family. And itís exactly that Iím looking for. If you have
written to me  it means you look for the same. I want to believe that the light of hope you gave me
with your letter will one day turn into hot and bright flame and will warm us in this sometimes cold
world. Especially when youíre alone there.
Iím 27. My height 1,66cm. Weight 50kg. I have a higher education in economy area. But in our
country itís hard to find a job for young specialists. Thatís why I graduated courses for secretaries.
And now I work as a secretary for a private company. Sometimes I take additional work connected
with looking after children. In this case I always take my angel with me. Heís 2,5 years old now. I
called my Angel Yura after my father. I love and respect my family very much. My parents always
helped and supported me very much. They couldnít always help me with financial but their support
and understanding mean far more for me,
I hope you understand me Honey Garry. Now they
both are on pension and live at the village. They have some household and now I try to help them as
I can. My life with my ex-husband didnít become as I expected. But I hope that we with my Angel
will have a chance to create a family where love, and harmony will reign. We with my husband
separated when Yura was 1 year old. It was very painful thing for me. I was often crying at night
asking God why He did this to me. But the most terrible thing for me is that not only me left
without husband but my angel without father. A lot of women in our country are left with children,
and the most terrible thing is that they loose their hope. I donít want to give up.
 I believe that every
man has his own part  in this world. May be itís you my Honey.
Iím very sorry my letter is sad a little bit. But I hope it didnít make you much upset and youíll write
me again. Iíll be impatiently waiting for your answer. Please write me as soon as you can.
Because I cannot and donít want to live without love,
 warmth in loneliness any more. Honey Garry, please write me
more about yourself in your next letter. If you have such a chance I would also like to receive your
With hope,
Sincerely yours


Marina's Letter - May 17, 2002 -  Complaints about internet cafe costs

Hello my Honey Garry!
Iím so happy to receive your letter and picture. I liked it very much. youíre a very  handsome man
and itís pleasant for me that youíre interested in me. I like your appearance very much but the far
better I like the light come from inside of you. Itís very pleasant for me that you decided to write
me again. That means that youíre still interested in me, and need as I do the simplest but the most
important thing in life warmth, love, and understanding. I reread your letter for several times.
Youíre a wonderful man, and it was very interesting for me to know you better and understand
your inner world a little bit deeper.  Now I know for  sure weíll be able to find much in common
and not looking at the sometimes it seemed to us that life passes us by weíll be able to find our
happiness. Honey Garry, I want very much to learn how to understand you. I want very much to see
the world the way you see it, to hear itís sounds like you do. Only complete harmony of  souls can
let a simple meeting to become a great love.
Iíll tell you a little bit more about myself. I donít have special hobbies I can tell about. I like reading
very much, but unfortunately I have time for it not always. About movies and music. I donít have
certain preferences. Depending on my mood I can  watch different kinds of movies and listen to
different music. The most important for it to have a sense. I try to keep in shape. I donít have much
time to go in for sport on professional level. The only thing Iím sorry off even now is that when
married I stopped going to the Ballet lessons. I really liked it very much. Most of all in the life I like
to see smiles on dear to me people. Each of them makes me happy, and I always try to do
everything and even more to make people around me feel warmed and calmed. I cannot give
material things to them but I think youíll agree with me my Honey Garry that spiritual wealth is far more
important. Most of all in my life Ií afraid of mean people. But Iím afraid not because they can do
something bad to me, but because when such people surround you no matter if you want it or not a
part of the bad they have in them can invisibly come to your heart. Probably thatís why I love my
additional work very much. communication with children lets me to forget with the bad things I had
during the day. Their laugh, bright stories about anything are like a advisable balsam for me.
Sometimes we with Yura imagine new games for next time when Iíll be looking after children to
tell the game to them to have fun. Yura always helps me with such a great pleasure. Heís so
wonderful. Iím sure youíll love each other.   
My Darling, I feel very terrible that I must tell you about it but unfortunately we live in the worldís
reality and sometimes this reality doesnít gives us joy, you know it. Honey Garry, I have had no
experience in this thatís why had no idea that Internet Cafeís services cost so much. Iím afraid I
wonít be able to pay them by myself. If youíll be able to help me with paying for our writing Iíll be
very grateful to you. Iím so happy we have met in this huge world. You game me hope and Iím so
grateful to you for it. Here they usually say that the hope dies the last and I have already begun
to feel that the light of my hope is fading. But now when I have you in my life Iím joyful because of
every new day. I wake up with a smile and your name on y lips. Thank you again my Honey Garry
for that you are. Iíll be impatiently waiting for your next letter.
We with Yura hug your tenderly.
Sincerely Your Marina.


Marina's Letter -  May 24, 2002 - Money request

My Dear Garry!
Your letter brought a light in our  with Yura  lives. And I think that the life isn't so bad if there is
such people in it like you. Thank you very much for it. I see that you have kind heart and it can
makes us warmer. It's so pleasant to hear ! My Nice Garry! We lived with Yura in a very simple
way Ė work, home, weekends spend with our grandparents. Sometimes we go for a walk to the
park. But  sometimes  we are sad that we are without beloved person. And now when we have you
in our life I believe that our life will change and the world will become kind, bright and warm for
I think that everybody in this world need the warm and love. Why the world is such? And why do
everything happen? I'd like to create a strong and friendly family with the warmness and the love.
I'd like the beloved person smiled at us every morning  and every evening !And we smile at him , I
think it'll be so big happiness ! I'm ready to give everything for it. But I see that to find the real
warmness is very difficult  thing. There are a lot of insincerity , envy and unkindness.
Dear Garry! If you really want   to help me with a payment of our correspondence, I will thankful to you.
Transfer is better to do with system Western Union. So will you send money to my name  Marina
Karnaushenko town of Kremenchug, Poltava area, Ukraine. The address - 1905 str., 4-4
Our correspondence cost about 80$ in month. Next letter you must sent me cod transfer, your full
name and sum.
My Dear Garry! I'll be happy if you love Yurochka. It's the most treasured  in my life and I love him very
much. my ex-husband has never been interested in his sonís destiny and baby doesnít know him at
all. I feel so much pain because of it and I donít understand how people can be so cruel. Itís far
more painful for me that my husband left me but that he left his baby. Yura very tender and kind
child and  in her turn he'll love you by his little  heart. I hope that everything we'll be in such way
and you'll be love each other.
We kiss you with Yurochka  and we are waiting for your letters.
You are our Sun. You make our life more bright.
And we feel themselves so comfortable with you.
Sorry for not writing for a long time I have much things to do. You
know that writing is expensive for me. Unfortunately I don't have my
own phone but I too would like very much to talk on the phone with you
and hear your voice. As soon as I find the way I'll informe you about



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