Kozlova Irina

aka Natalia Sergeevna (Ulyanovsk, Russia)

Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address:  PO Box 54, Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, 424200 

e-mail: irinakl@fromru.com

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Dear Elena,
I would like to give you a report on scammer Irina Kozlova. I first contacted her through friendfinder and her letters are enclosed.  I have seen her profile listed on other scam websites and would like for you to add her to yours.  Her personal information is:
Irina Kozlova, PO Box 54, Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, 424200 and her date of birth is Dec. 27.  Her e-mail  address is irinak1@fromru.com. She is trying to get me to send her money for her plane tickets, passport and her tourist visa to come visit me.  I am still writing to her and am giving her the run around now and will play with her for a while longer.  Please add her to your list of known scammers. If I get any more photos from her I will forward them to you.
S. H. ( Scam Hunter )

[Submitted by S. F. on 04/13/02]

Irina's introductory letter

Irina's money request letter


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Irina's Letter - Jan 23, 2002

Hello my dear XXXX!

(by the way, my favorite name)

It's nice to get message from you, thanks for your answer. Your letter is really great, you sound wonderful!

I'm sending you a pic of me with this message. Still hope to get your photo eventually because your pic is inaccessible for me some reason.

I've never been married and don't have children. As I wrote, I'm searching for serious relations and hope to create strong family with beloved man.

My primary interests are non-extremal outdoors, music, reading, dancing and cooking.

I'm 5" 6' tall, my weight is 135-140 lbs, I'm 35-24-36. I was in university sport team and still attend some time to sport activities. I prefer healthy living. I don't drink or smoke, don't use drugs. I think my life is much better without these so-called "pleasures".

In my free time I like to read, visit cinemas with friends. I like almost all kinds music (it depends on my mood). I like outdoors and I'm trying to spend my free time on nature - we have beautiful lakes
and rivers. I like snow skiing in winter and even tried to make 2-3 days long trips. It's really great.

I'm working as a cosmetologist in small sportscenter. My work is very interesting for me and i really like it.

I'm living in Russia, in city named Yoshkar-Ola. It's hard to find my city on the map, because it has only 300,000 people. Take 600 miles on east from Moscow, that's the region where I live.

You can ask me about everything you want to know.

I'm writing you from my girlfriend's computer so I can't write you very often, I'm sorry. I have many special questions but I must to go... See you later soon... :)

Your Irina


Irina's Letter - Jan 31, 2002

Hello XXXX!

Thank you very much for your wonderful letter and for all the information about you... You sound so great!!!

My dear, please, tell me about your favorite things: color, flavor, flower, movie, season, book, sport, hobby, music, weather, type of woman etc. I'm interested to know more about your work and everyday life... Please, tell me what do you expect from relations between two people?
And if it's no secret, I'd like to know smth about your experience in the serious relationship.

My favorite writers are Russian classics such as L.Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. I also like Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wild. I do love to read Arthur Rembo, Paul Verlen, W. Shakespear and Byron. I like to read some modern russian writers as Victor Pelevin. And I'm fond of Carlos Kastanyeda....     

My favorite color is red, flower is daffodil, season is spring, time is night and evening, movie is "The Story Of Us"...   My favourite food is fruit and smth sweet (scherbet, chak-chak, kazinaki, do you know what it is?) I like Russian food such as pelmeni and borsch, I do love shashlic... Also I like Mexican and Indian food... I like to cook smth unusual, especially if I cook for smb special... It could be great if this special man is the man whom I'm writing this letter.

My family isn't large, my parents and me. I live with them in two-rooms apartment. My mother is the most beautiful woman for me (and for my dad, of course :-)) She so kind, careful, understanding, loving and wise person! And my dad is very interesting, intelligent man. He is philosopher inside. He read a lot and think about the world a lot... My parents are the best advisers for me, it's strange but they never make mistakes in their advises. I love them most of smb else...

Well, it's hard to tell what I really expect from the serious relations, from the marriage. It depends on the man with whom I build the relations. I want to be loved, respected, trusted... And I want
the understanding firstly. I want to feel that this man is the part of me who can understand me as deeply as I can understand myself or I suppose much more deeply... I'm in need of trust. I was scammed so much times so I hardly can trust people. But I want to trust them! And
I need to be proved and if the man could prove that I really can trust him I'll believe him for all my life and nothing could break my trust in such man.

My dream is simple enough. I want to meet that one who will love me. I want to marry, create a family and born children. I want to spend with my future husband all my life. Only I need is to be with the man who will love me, trust me, understand me. I want to share with him all my life, all my dreams and feelings.

Well, I better go now. I'm thinking of you and waiting for your letter impatiently.

Bye for now!


Irina's Letter - Feb 05, 2002

Hello my dear XXXX,

How are you today? I do hope all is well with you.

Thank you for your letter, I was really glad to get it! I'm really glad that you are doing great! And you know honey, I think I'll really need your help if I come to you because I have terrible teeth ache...

Well, I'd like to tell you some more about me... I'm Christian, but I'm not very religious. I believe in God, but I don't go to the church often. My morals built on love and trust. I try not to do any evil to people even if it would be bad for me. I believe that the Man must be the Man and not an animal in all
situations... I believe that love can make miracles, and when you treat people with love, understanding and respect and do it sincerely and honestly, even the worst man on the Earth can become the best
man... And if you treat people in such a way you have much more joy and love. I try to be calm and kind with everybody and everywhere 'coz I think that if you're calm you can get everything you want to. I try to trust people because it doesn't make me worry and even I'm scamed I have no problem with my conscience. I never judge people 'coz I'm not the Perfect who knows everything about light and dark sides of the world.

May I ask you what do you think about sex?
Sex is as important for me as spiritual communication. It's incredibly great to make love with the beloved man. But I think that truly passion appears when two people know each other for a long time and feel that they can't live without each other and that they need each other more than smth else. Sex is really wonderful when you know your partner, love him with all his dignities and lacks and can feel his soul and can guess his thoughts and desires... I really want that we'll made such spiritual connection to make love not for only enjoying our bodies but our souls...

The weather's so bad here... It's too cold. I feel not very good. I have a headache and I have a couch.  I want you to be close to me. I want to embrace you and feel your warmth. I want to see your face and feel the sun light from your eyes. I want to go to bed with you to feel the coziness and your care.

Well, I have to go now. I want you to know that I'm thinking of you and waiting for your letter impatiently.

Your Irina


Irina's Letter - Feb 19, 2002

Hello my dear XXXX,

my darling, I was so glad to get your letter! You make me so happy just writing me! I can't imagine how happy I'll be if we're together... I think I'll be the happiest woman in the world! I can't wait the moment when I meet you, embrace you tenderly, look into your eyes and see there the deepness of your heart.

I'm glad that you are doing good and thank you very much for your card, it was very nice to get it.

My full name is Irina Vladimirovna Kozlova and my mailing address is 424200, Russia, Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, postal box 54. And my birthday is 27th of Dec.

Well, yesterday we with my friend Kate went to the movie "The Sixth Sense" with Bruce Willis. I do love Bruce and I love movies starring him. I think he's really talented... Have you ever seen this film? I
couldn't but cry when I was watching it...The end of the movie was very unexpected... I was very surprised with it....

You know I think that the distance is nothing for people who love each other... My friend left Russia for the U.S. some weeks later. She had been writing with an American man for a month and they understood that they couldn't live without each other and he invited her to his place. Now all is well with them as she says in her letters, she has never felt better than now.

There are lot of people who told me that it's impossible to find soulmate over the internet. But I don't believe them, I believe in my feelings. I feel that you're can be the one I'm searching for. My words aren't just an empty politeness, I'm really interested in future dialogue, I know we're both searching for serious relations, so we have to know more about each other.

Waiting for your reply and thinking of you alot.

Your Irina


Irina's Letter - Feb 22, 2002 - She is in love and wants to meet

My darling,

thank you very much for your letter and for your wonderful words. I agree with you absolutely.

And I want to confess you that I really want you to be that man with whom I'll live all my life and share my joy and my sorrow... I want to be with you. Really.... May be it's too early to talk about it, but I really feel it my darling. And I can't do nothing with it and I don't want to do nothing with it. But I want to be sure that we were born to be together and I agree with you that we have to meet as soon as better to prove that our feelings are real, I just don't want you to be disappointed in me in the future... Knowing each other though the letters is great, 'coz our feelings are growing up from the mental attraction and it can last much longer, but what we gonna do if we
don't like each other in the real life?
XXXX, if you don't mind I'll go to the travel agency and find our what do I need to come to you.

Truly yours


Irina's Letter - Feb 26, 2002 - She "found out" about the visa

Hi darling,

How are you? I do hope that all is well with you.

I'm sorry that I didn't write you for a long time, I tried to find all possible information...
I asked about the trip in the travel agencies and what a surprise! I met at the one of them my old friend, we haven't met for a very long time and not he's working at the travel agency as a lawyer. And he said that if I want to come to you, I have to make the visa and passport and to make it I have to get the medical certificate. And they can do the visa and passport for me just in a month! Can you
imagine! So soon... They have right lines with the Embassy, that's why it's so quick. And I also found out that it's only one agency which can make visa. My friend also told me that I have to buy the round
trip tickets and visa at once at their agency. I don't know why I have to do it but in the other case they won't do my visa and passport.
Please, tell me what do you think about it.

With all my heart
Your Irina


Irina's Letter - Feb 27, 2002 - Tickets and visa

Hello my Blessing Angel of Love!

I want to confess you... I'm ill, I'm very ill... And it's incurable disease... I didn't tell you about it, I'm sorry.  And you know, I'm so afraid for myself, this disease is becoming too close to crisis.
Doctors can't help me... This illness influences my mind and my heart. And it's making me crazy... Do you know the name of this disease??? It's YOU!!! :-))))) You are making me absolutely crazy about you! All what I'm doing, I do with feelings and thoughts of you... I love you, my Life!

I can't wait when we can meet face-to-face, I can't believe that it's so close to the reality! Am I dreaming? Are you the Heaven Angel who wants to bring me in the Paradise?

Darling, I went to the agency yesterday and they said that the round trip ticket on 03/27 - 09/25 (Moscow (SVO) 9:05am - Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) 10:35am; Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) 2:25pm - B., MA (BOS)4:20pm   and back) and it'll cost $1438.  And for the documents they require $400.

XXXX, I'm sending you my pictures and please, send me some of yours. I want to see every pics which you have! You mean to me so much! Honey, I love you! I really love you! And to feel it is so wonderful!

Best regards,
 Irina                            mailto:irinakl@fromru.com


Irina's Letter - Feb 28, 2002

My darling,
I'm sorry that I forgot to attach the picture, here it is.

Darling, may be we can be together even earlier than the middle April! God! I really can't believe!
Honey, won't you mind if I can come in the beginning of April? because the agency can do all the documents in a month. Darling, you asked me about the prices of the tickets and the documents. I wrote you this in the last letter and here is the copy of that part: the round trip ticket on 03/27 (Moscow (SVO) 9:05am - Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) 10:35am; Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) 2:25pm - B., MA (BOS)4:20pm   and back ) and it'll cost $1438.  And for the documents they require $400.
XXXX, thank you very much that you want to help me in it because alone I couldn't solve this problem even if I really wanted... The agency will do B-2 visa for me (travel visa) for 6 months. They said that they will explain all detail for me if I agree to pay for all that things and when they begin to do the documents, I'll tell you about all details.

Honey, I feel that I really love you and I can't and don't want to do anything with this feelings because it's so wonderful to love you...

Your Irina

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