Kuvshinova Natalya

(aka: Sculkina Ekaterina / Yureva Olga / Petrova Zinaida / Votrina Elena / Volodina Elena / Garanina Anna / Fedotova Olga  / Voltrina Elena )

Kazan, Russia / Ekaterinburg, Russia / Samara, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address:  Gorkogo 24-6   Kazan,  Russia, 4240024

e-mail: Kn2001@narod.ru

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Dear Elena

I was contacted by Natasha through Friendfinders and eventually I sent her $350 for a Visa to come visit me. I also sent her plane tickets by registered mail using my frequent flyiers miles. She then wanted $600 for insurance to be able to leave the country. I pressed her on this issue and then knew something was not right. I was able to cancel the tickets and got a refund on my miles but was out the $350 dollars which was a bargain. I also contacted Western Union and told them about what happened and to put her name on a warning list. They did not see very receptive to my request and story and said that there was nothing that they could do to prevent her from doing the same thing again. It does not give me a lot of confidence that they will do anything at all. I never heard back from her after I told her that I wouldn't send her the money for the insurance because their was no such thing. I will send you copies of the letters as well as the photos that I have from her. I have seen her pictures on other scam sites and wanted to add these to your list. You are doing a great service and wish that the services such as Match.com and Friendfinder would list your web site to review especially when making contact with women from Russia as I feel this is a very big problem and id very widespread.  She still posts her profiles on match.com and friendfinder all of the time, over and over again with a different profile name and I have to keep on reporting this to them to remove her. To their credit, they do eventually remove her but it is frustrating to have her be able to post on their site all of the time.


S. H. (Scam Hunter)

Natasha's Introduction letter

Natasha's letter with insurance money request

Natasha's letter with instructions for sending money

Natasha's letter with money plea

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Natasha's Introductory Letter #1 (Apr, 13, 2001)

My name is Natasha!
Spring has come. The soul is singing, but it has a place for a man who can become a friend and, perhaps, more than a friend for me. I like a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. But sometimes when I come home I like to put my favourite tape on and listen to music- different music: ether classical or morden. It doesn't matter, it should just correspond to my mood. I like to dream. I like when my dreams come true. I am industrious both at work and at home. I am especially good at baking cakes, pies and buns and also at cooking chicken in the oven and our Russian pelmeni. I am faithful. I'm very tender and passionate. I'm a person who likes to be hand in hand with somebody and to be always by his side. I would like to spend more time with my beloved. I'm fond of quiet evenings at home, walks in the park in the moonlight and trips to the lake for the weekend or just for an evening or just to sit together in a cosy cafe.
Write to me the letter on my E-mail:  Kn2001@narod.ru
I shall send you a photo.


Natasha's Letter #2 (Apr. 13, 2001) - She talks about herself

Greetings from Russia! I am glad that you have written to me. I very much would like to learn (find out) more concerning you. My name is Natasha, I live in the best city on light - Ekaterinburg which to be about the Ural mountains in Sibiri. Probably, it is necessary to tell a little about itself... My mark on a horoscope - Twins. Was born June, 1, 1974. Growth of 170 centimeters. Weight of 54 kgs. Formation (education) the maximum (supreme). I was not for the husband and I have no any own children. I to not have the brother or the sister. My father has left us with mum when I was some more absolutely small. Since then I about him (it) nothing did not hear. About my appeal look at my photo. Please came to me the photo, well??? I shall be very pleased to see them. I have no any children. My favourite colors - bright. It is possible to tell, that the motto of my life is " do not make to another what yourself you do not wish ". What I appreciate in people? Kindness, mind (wit),!
 tenderness, fidelity, sense of humour... And the main thing - honesty! I hate rage, envy, lie, treachery. And still - vainglory! Certainly, everyone has lacks (I too not an ideal). The main thing that them was very little!:). Unfortunately I have no any phone of a house. I work as the tutor in a kindergarten. I to speak in English not much, but now I go on rates on studying the English language. Now it is a little about my interests. They WELL ARE VERY EXTENSIVE!
First, I do not present myself life without MUSIC (capital letters!). It means - only "ingenious" or, at least, talented. What exactly? Beatles, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Queen. classics. By the way, I very much love alive music. Second, I very much love books. Actually, without them life too would lose much. I read, basically, "classics", love novels and philosophical things (Dostoevsky it is repeatedly re-read, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Sholohov... Well it is a lot of Them!). The reference book - " the Master and Margarita ". Thirdly, I love cinema, Films too I look "clever", but genres practically anyone. I like Mastroini, Kluny Hofman, De Niro, From directors Koppola, Parker, Torontino. Mihalkov, Ryazanov, and much, much... All and to not list! And fourthly, my weakness - I very much like to spend time on kitchen to prepare (be going) for new dishes and salads. I simply adore it!! Mine loved (liked, favourite) foodstuff it " Russian borch ". This very tasty dish I !
uld hope that it very much was pleasant to you. That else... Still I very much love animal (especially dogs). I have that - poodle and a parrot.
I adore the friends (them a little, but all of them are checked up by years). In general it is possible to tell, that I very sociable person. I want to find that unique and unique in the life with which I could divide (share) all life. In the choice I do not want to make a mistake. I would like to know as much as possible about you. My intentions are very serious. I at myself here have not found worthy to myself the man and consequently I have decided to try to get acquainted through Internet. Therefore I can write to you 6 once a week. But, unfortunately, I to not have an own computer and consequently I shall write to you with internet cafe. I like to get acquainted with new people is very interestingly! I think that we shall be good friends or even more . On what I to hope. I would like to hear your ideas, that you wish concerning the future. I hope that you find my words are interesting also it starts to help to learn (find out) to you me little bit better. I wait for th!
e !
answer from you again. You had such desire - write!! Your new friend Natasha


Natasha's Letter #3  (Apr. 16, 2001)

Hi! It again I Natasha.
In internetcafe have admitted(allowed) a mistake and to send from other box. My box Kn2001@narod.ru
Thank, that have written. I shall look forward to hearing from you very much.


Natasha's Letter #4 (Apr. 16, 2001) - She wants to be in love

Greetings my favourite friend !! I am very happy to receive from you the letter. In your letters you show to me the big interest and it is very pleasant for me. Today at us very good weather. To shine the sun and almost already there is no snow. It to me to like. In the street there has come (stepped) the present spring. Spring gives new inflow of forces and energy. Very much to like me this season. I today have decided to take a walk in such fine day. I have seen so much happy persons.... And I like in love, loving (liking), loved (liked, favourite)! I like those who kisses in underground transitions and in cars of the underground. I smile, when I see under a canopy at bus stops embracing couples. It is pleasant for me to look at boys - schoolboys who carry bags for the the girlfriend and buy for them ice-cream, and then eat it (him) together, biting off by turns because there was no money to two frozen... I would like to give all of them flowers and stars. Because in their!
yes - spring and the sun. And the blue sky with fluffy clouds. And is unimportant, what weather in the street. When I see in love, I know, that spring is, and winter - is not eternal. Snow also thaws, exposing the ground, and the first, still diffident and shy a grass makes the way, light grey city, and birds sing absolutely other songs. Silly ridiculous verses also are written, being strung by lines on a solar beam. I leave on a balcony. I raise eyes to the sky and I find there an asterisk, and I think it can you, there at me look also she (it) shines only for me. I smile... I have decided to show today a pair of lines of your letter to my favourite mum. Mum having read has closely told it (him) that you probably good person. Also that it trusts you. She (it) would like that we with you had all well. We with you start to understand and feel each other it very important. We should trust each other. Lie it is very bad. Mum from the childhood always learned (taught) me to spea!
k !
the truth. We with you completely should trust each other only after that there can be a good union. It is a pity that we with you are so far apart. But each our letter pulls together us and distances between us becomes ever less and less. I like to dance!!! It very much to like me. And you like to dance and what dances like you? I dance a waltz, many other modern dances. When I was some more absolutely small I to go to school of dances it it was very amusing. You seem to me which most good person I met in the life. I would like to write to you each day. If you certainly not against. It to like me. I would like to hear concerning you more. How you like to carry out (spend) the free time? Write to me not much about the city in which you you live? You like to be on a nature and to sit in the summer evening at a fire? It you see so is romantic, whether the truth? Write to me answers to my questions and ask me anyone interesting you and problems. I hope to receive the informatio!
n !
from you soon. So we can start to study to learn (find out) each other. On it I finish the letter. I wait from you for the answer. Natasha.



Natasha's Letter #5 (Apr. 18, 2001) - about her Mom and Grandpa

Greetings  my  loved(liked)  friend XXXX. I very much to be pleased, when  I  receive from you the letter. Your words more and more concern me  and to heat up my soul. You to become more and more interesting to me  and  every  day I more and more to think concerning you. I was not outside  of  Russia  earlier.  At  us  here  spring  when a nature all blossoms  and  smells  as  life, and freshness. My soul, too as though wakes  up  and  it would be desirable to love and be loved. Kidneys on trees   are   dismissed,  flowers  to  accept  bright colouring,  run streamlets.  Life goes! Whether not so? My mum does not work anywhere, she(it)   sits  at  home.  As  she(it)  already  on  pension.  I  have grandfather  who lives now in a village. I have told it(him) too, that I  to  correspond  with  the man, and it(he) to wish good luck us good luck  and  sends  the regards to you. It(he) came yesterday to us, has brought  honey  and  fresh  meat.  You  eat honey? It so is tasty! The
grandfather  has made a tasty shish kebab of meat. These are slices of meat  all over again put to pickle for night, then in the morning this meat to spread on an iron rod. All this is put above hot сoal, and the
main thing that there was no fire. Meat as though should be soared and it to become very soft, gentle and very tasty. I think, you tried this dish. But if is not present, I would prepare for it(him) to you if the god will connect us. On what I would like to hope. But the sun to come and  day comes to an end. The letter mine too while comes to an end. I shall  wait very much for your letter my friend. Write to me. Natasha.
P.S.  I to send you my photos. It I to be photographed about my house.
They like you? Also have gone to me on more photos if you can.


Natasha's Letter #6 ( Apr. 21, 2001)  She is very attracted to S.H. 

I  very  much love to read your letters XXXXX , and they deliver me many pleasures. With each your letter I am begun, understand, that in us  with  you  that can which was going. I already more to reflect in the  our  attitude (attitudes) is more serious. My opinion - those, I examine(consider)  (consider)((count))  it  as most important between the  man  and  woman by this complete trust (trust), I hate, when the  people deceive each other. As I examine(consider) (expect) that it is  the  moment we of life to accept the conciliatory proposals, you see,
 that   it   also   -   important   part   of  the  attitude(relation) (attitude)((relation)) between the man and woman. You probably think, that  I  the most serious man, but it not so, I simply do not want to be mistaken in a choice of the future husband and man of sympathy. At the  given  moment  my  feelings to YOU already, that it is more than friendly.  I  to  feel,  that  we as 2 small streamlets, which run in themselves, and at the end of ways merge in one large river. Which to break  all  barrier  on  the way for the sake of one purpose. To your words  I  begin to understand that you the man of honour. Your words, which  you  write  to  me warm my soul and heart. So it is wonderful, when  there  there  is  in  this  world  a  man  to  which  I  is not indifferent.  It is pleasant to me so that to receive from you letter and  feeling, which I thus check to not pass by words. Probably on it I  shall come to an end, and with the large impatience Separately you are  grateful before a card, that to you to me has sent. She(it) very much loved to me. It is very pleasant to me to study (find out), that we  by mutual understanding the friend the friend, you see, that it - most  important  fact  in the our attitude (attitudes). If we want to create  strong  union,  we  should  entrust and understand each other everything,  I  feel perfect, concerning me can not worry with me, it in  the  order is ((good). Today I have received from us for wages of work.  To  you  it will be probable ridiculous, but I have made forty dollars.  Well  good  we  shall  not speak concerning problems, which raise  on  our way. Write to me, as it is possible more frequently, I very  much  love  to  read  your  letters,  they  establish in me any pleasure  in  life,  to believe that in me somewhere far there loves, the  man,  mood  at  once lifts, it would be desirable to live and to believe  that  we  when to be we shall meet. I shall wait your answer today. Many times you cover a kiss and from the basis of heart I. You in  my  heart  each  minute.  In  me  even  such feeling, that I have  received  loading  (accusation)  of  the large energy within all day. Write  to  me concerning work. I would like to know concerning all of you,  that in you the majority of a favourite dish, than you loves to  be  engaged  in free from work time. Perfect I want to inform, that I have  chosen  in  you  soul  superior others in love in, in mercy, in  powerful  desire  to love and to bring happiness. And please, with me  to  be  honour.  You  see,  that  the  deceit  breaks  (breaks)  huge quantity(amount)  (quantity)((amount))  of  families.  Today  I shall visit  church,  and about me will ask about us. Be healthy and in the good  arrangement  of  spirit,  know  that  you  always  in my heart. Fidelity  and tenderness are necessary for you? I have chosen destiny of  fidelity, as closest to my character (nature). Will be convinced. Unsuccessfully speak, that love blind; true in it fond is indifferent to this or that lacks, which it (it)((he)) perfectly sees, if only it seemed,  that  it  he))  finds in the man that for him(it) it (is) by most  important.  And  it in you. As I would like to see us together, evening,  in  a  room  (place).  We would reach (begin) from you long conversation,  what  I  love; We would touch the people, things, kind day.  Recently  has  found  east  treatise  of love and would like it
 (it)((him))  to  you to read - Three sources have propensities of the man:  the  reason  of  soul  a body. The propensity of souls receives friendship.    The    propensity    of   opinion   receives   respect (attitude)((relation)).  The  propensity  of  a  body (body) receives desire.  The communication(connection) of three propensities receives love. I shall wait your letter. A kiss Natasha.


Natasha's Letter #7  (Apr. 24, 2001)  Her feelings are getting stronger. She explains that she is a virgin.

Hi  my  love XXXXX  .  I  was  very  pleased to accept from you the message.  When I read your message, in me even were on eyes of tear of pleasure.  I try to write to you, but not it is a lot of to use of the interpreter.  I  see, that we are necessary the friend the friend. Not seldom I visit(attend) (visit)((attend)) church, and concerning me ask concerning  you  and ours concerning occurrence. How you there without me?  I here very much without you the people. You in ideas always with me.  You show very strong interest (percent)((interest)) to me it very pleasantly  to  feel. I began very much to think of us with you, which waits for us forward. Write to me all questions, which you interest. I shall be very pleased to answer to you them. You now, second man (man)
in  this  world,  that  to  me is necessary most of all. The first man (man) - my mum. I very much hope, that, that estimate ours meeting the future, bears(carries) from (spent) (is supported). I am very grateful to  you,  that  you  trust  me. Through the Internet it - as it is not natural,  we should take each other in hands and consider(examine) the friend  the  friend  in  eyes and speak concerning it, as the world is perfect.  In me very good mood. I want to know all. To me you are very important.  When I began to correspond(meet) (correspond)((meet)) with
you,  I  had it, that hope, that in us with you everyone will be good. With each your message I have understood, which I have found, that the man (man), that to me is necessary. I as well as you want to see, that you  will  trust to me very faster this, it would be desirable. I want to  grasp  you  tenderness. I research (believe), that the building of spiritual  emotional establishment of the man (man) is exact, and this meaning  the purposes of formation(education) of family. I want to you to  inform,  that  my feelings and words concerning you always were, I sincere also am always perceived(always recognized), that we put a lot of  trust  (trust), that our union would be, when it is real. Now I am sure  concerning  all  100  , to which I can to you to trust. And you,that the man (man), that to me is necessary. When I read your message, I saw in it your sincerity and behaviour of the appendix to me. I have made  your  message  for  me  immediately  large  conclusion, which is
possible(probable), owes to expressed in three words " (с), I LOVE YOU ".  Today  I even felt so highly, in me all went to so easily, because my ideas were directed concerning you. I as knew, when I think of you, and  you  think  of  me,  and  it has heated up mine, I soul also body (body).  I  feel,  that  our attitudes are under construction on trust (trust).  But  we should trust to each other, without it we simply can
not  exist  (breathe).  Today  I  had  rehearsal  with the schoolboys. Rehearsal it, when we have prepared with children musical numbers, as, informs  to  poems.  Today  with  children  to me was so ridiculously. Children  -  such accomplished(perfect) of essence, when they in small age. Today, when I have continued a path (route) home, I thought of it so  much  to  me to recognize you concerning it. Today for the sake of iinterest  I  went  in  embassy  and has learned(found out), that visa, which  it is necessary to do(make) to arrive to you there is $ 350. Itvery much has afflicted me. Because I to not have so much money, I you see earn only 40 $ per one month. You see between us there should be a complete trust (trust), and we should know rather each other all. I do not know how to inform you, but me - virgin. You probably think, which I research (consider)((examine)) such not modern, but I (expect), that for  the  first  time,  when  I should have affinity with the fond man
(man). Now in me the large inclination to you, I do not know, why, but it - true. Sometimes such dreams dream me, that is they was of a shame to  me  to  you to speak concerning it. This dream dreamed me today at night. " We have supper with you in you, at home and then we go to you in  dream,  and  we  begin  to be engaged with you love. " But in term (term)  of a storage I know about rather very small sexual, only on TV Membranulas  and  would  like  to  study  (find  out) maximal with you concerning  it.  Excuse  me, that I speak with you so sincerely, but I think,  that  you  should know concerning me only. I would be happy to visit  you - limen of my desires. I shall look forward to hearing from you very much. Yours Natasha.


Natasha's Letter #8  (Apr. 25, 2001) She is in love 

Hi  XXXXX  !  I very much LOVE the Letter, which you have written to me, it was longer than Most of all and VERY CLOSE HEATING!! It to make mine HEART And SOUL GOOD!!! It has given me very warm feelings Inside, downwards - is deep in my SOUL. I want more than life Directly for YOU to be With YOU! I am very lonely here Without YOU! All, which I have - your  letters  to  keep  Me by progress (progress). I come back, and I read them, when I Lonely for YOU. But then it (is done)((made)) me, is sad,  because I can not be with YOU NOW! I WANT OUR UNION MORE THAN IT -  BE, that I DEMAND EVERYONE In LIFE!!!!!!! IT HAPPEN!!!!! YOU - very much  thing,  concerning  which  I  could ask In LIFE, YOU CARE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING,  And HONOUR!!!!! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MY LOVE. I had no
HAPPIEST  MOMENT of MY LIFE With FROM a QUESTION!!!!!!! Now I can only dream  of  this  time,  but  is speed(faster) Real soon it is going to happen,  and  I  SHALL  BE  the  HAPPIEST  WOMAN  In the WORLD And YOU HAPPIEST   MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE,  PLEASE


Natasha's Letter #9  (Apr. 28, 2001) She talks about love, trust and honesty

Hi  my love XXXXX . I have received yours email. I loved it. On the  last  photo,  it  I was on the river and with was photographed. I was photographed  by(with)  my  girlfriend. I when did not travel further  than  Siberia.  My  city refers to as Yekateriburg, which to be about the  Ural  mountains.  I  searched at myself for the man, but has not found that unique(sole). I to hope, that he(it) will be you. I so was brought  up  by(with)  my  mum,  that  I  if  to  decide to part with virginity,  only to husband. If we should meet I would like to arrive to  you.  A  thank  they  to  me very much have liked to you for your perfect   photo.   Honourly,  I  completely  use  Reception  of  your characters (marks). That I use most of all, which you very much open, and  It  does(makes)  it  very  simple for me to open my basis (basic principles)  also.  That  I  really  loved, was your three sources of love.   It   -   silent   understanding,   Mutual   privacy  (trust), dividing(sharing) and pardon. It - loyalty in good times. The love is pleased existing, it hopes during the future, and it does not reflect the  past. It - chronicle " day per day from " Irritations, problems, compromises,  small  disappointments,  large  victories  and  General purposes.  If you have love in your resource (safe life), it can fill very  many  things  you  in absence. By and large, which can slightly also " to be juicy " for the man, but it Something, that to close (to capture)  by  me  within  the  limits  of  the  last  several  years. Successful  opencast but it is honour, they really do not mean (mean) much,  because their things do not help the basis (basic principles).
 I  am pleased, that you can trust me, and you can name me the love. I hope it of a Leg (support) that path. If there is any time, where you doubt  rather  concerning  me  or  if  I  speak  something,  that the infringements  (excitement)  you,  please inform me. I think, that is very  simple,  be  Honourly,  when  we speak concerning good subjects (section), however, I find difficult to be completely honour, when we speak concerning the negative editions. At least it - for me. I hope, sometime,  that  you feel, that you can trust me sufficient to inform
 me  "Poor" things also. Especially (specially), if you - infringement (excitement) with me. I shall try to do(make) Same. However, I should emphasize,  I  have no any any reason to doubt rather concerning you.
 Honourly,  your characters (marks) were filled so with the large soul and  basis  (basic  principles),  which  it  (shall force) me to feel really good. It was long time, as I felt warm feeling Inside my basic principles.  I love to receive yours emails. You, seem, very pleasant (pleasant)  person,  it seems, really for knowing, that you search in the  Attitude(relation),  and  does not wish to agree about less than it,  you  search,  It seems, really for using a resource (safe life), and  to  have  the  strong  basis  (basic  principles). Gratitude for opening  your  basis  (basic  principles) to me. I wish to study much  more concerning you. Natasha.


Natasha's Letter # 10 (May 02, 2001) She feels that writing each other is not enough for her

Hi  my  love XXXXX . I am very glad to see and to read your perfect letter.  Your  letters  warm me and give to energy for all day. Thank she(it)  to  me  very much has liked to you behind a photo. My mum to  speak  that  I LOVE you very strongly I do not know why so occurs but it  is  the  truth I very strongly love you and I can not without you live.  At  us  I become very cold here but your letters to warm me as already  to  speak about it. It becomes very boring without you and  very  much  to want you to see very soon if you too it to want that I  am  very glad to this. Today at me the mum I is a little to be unwell  to  go to the doctor that he to me to give medicines for the mum, but I  will  think  that with her all in the order, she to speak that she  too  very  much  like you. Today I have a lot of work, so I shall not  write  to  you  much  but I very much it to want that you me to write very  soon  I  to wait for your letter, whether and it would be still better, if we could with you meet, I am wait this moment to want very  soon  because  I  to  grieve  till  you and very much you to love you simply  to  not represent as I love you. I want you to see if you not against  write to me the answer to want you me to see. Sometimes when I  to  lie  down to sleep that I to think of you, and I open eyes and  see  that  you  is not present with me to me becomes so alone because  there  is no you beside and I to begin to cry. I become very opposite when to me to think that what that a paper (money) to not allow to us with  you  to  meet, if we to be with you that is not necessary to me anything  except  for you and ours with you of family. I shall finish the  letter and to wait from you of the answer my love. You can trust  me. Yours love forever Natasha.


Natasha's Letter #11 (May 03, 2001) - $350 for visa. Instructions for using Western Union

Hi  my  love XXXXXX , I very happy to read your message, as always. Thank  for your photos they very much have liked to me. My day begins at  7  hours, to 8 I run at work. My work at 17 hours comes to an end
 and  I  go  home.  About  18  I  at  home.  I  work as the tutor in a  children's  garden. My wages make $ 40 per one month. I tried to play  in  tennis  few  times and me very much it was pleasant. In free from work  time  I  to  carry out(spend) on open air or to sit at home, to  read  the book, or to prepare on kitchen. In me very good news. I was  many  times  established  by  a question. Why in the world depends on  money much? I research that money, not main. Main, when the people to understand each other. I can live without money. I very urgently want to  reach(achieve),  you, but on it, money are necessary. Money - has divided(shared)  us.  I have huge desire to meet to seize you to kiss  each  other.  If  I  would have money by me at once, but to arrive in  you.  Money  -  paper.  And  the  human  attitudes (attitudes) remain  always. Now I to understand love this strong sense. If you to want to send  money 350$ for visa, that I have arrived(flied) to you. I today  have  continued all banks in Ekaterinburg. I very much pleasure, that I to find bank, where there is a unique system of remittances Western  Union.  To  me  there  to  speak, that it - most reliable translation  system  of  money.  Money  is  transferred(handed)  15  minutes  (are  displaced) (handed) within the limits of limits. It is very fast, and it is reliable. In us Western Union to be in Uralvneshtorgbanke to be  to  the address 620062. Ekaterinburg, street Chebysheva, 4v. Money is  sent  (с)  by  mine the name (name) name (name) Natasha Kuvshinova, I
have my address: Russia, city of Ekaterinburg a street Shevchenko the  House  8 Apartments 47. To receive money to me, 10 numbers (figures), YOUR  exact address are necessary, a SURNAME, which you have written, when sent money. I feel, that our attitudes are under construction on  trust  (trust).  But  we  should  charge to each other, without it we simply can not exist. The sister works mine the mum in Moscow, at the  airport.  The mum today has named to the sister and to speak with it. Write  to  me, what airport placed rather from you and then I I shall  speak,  you  cost(stand)  of  the  air  tickets.  I  was  many  times
 established  by a question. Why in the world depends on money much? I  research  that  money,  not main. Main, when the people to understand  each  other.  I  can  live  without  money.  I  very urgently want to  reach(achieve),  you,  but  on  it,  money are necessary. Money - has  divided(shared)  us.  I have huge desire to meet to seize you to kiss  each  other.  If  I  would have money by me at once, but to arrive in  you.  Money  -  paper.  And  the  human  attitudes (attitudes) remain  always.  Now  I  to  understand love this strong sense. I am pleased,  that  I  have  found  this sense. When I to find out a box and to see  there  your message. To me at once became easily on soul. When I read  this my heart, which will be pleased. I should sing with happiness. I
 LOVE  YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!! It, that awful I am simple to want it we to  similar  the  friend the friend I, you are pleased, which I to charge  in  and  I  am pleased to this to begin in you. You - my favorite, my
 love! Also, as you urgently require(demand) me, I too urgently demand  you,  to want - close to you, and to feel you, your breath. I want to process, to carry out you by my party, mine labiums in yours labiums,  and  I  shall  kiss  you,  I  feel your language, I feel your breath.  Yesterday  night,  I had this remarkable, sexual dream concerning you  and  me. I can not address, I shall carry out it to me immediately. I  should  express it to you, to be divided a part it with you. I should  find  out,  whether  you also have dream concerning similar character (mark), or - only me. You and me, anyone still. I love you very much. I  want  to  speak  love  to you. We now have a rain. The rain brings  love.  The  love  prospers  in  this  weather.  It  -  very  romantic situation.  Please  write  the  long  letters  to  me.  Explain to me concerning  your  ideas.  Explain  to me concerning work and friends.
 Love Natasha.


Natasha's Letter # 12 (May 04, 2001) She talks about love

Hi  my  love XXXXX . I is very glad to see your letter. Thank to you for  perfect  photos.  I  very much like it. I when was not outside of Russia.  Cost  for  the  passport is included in cost visa. She(it) is necessary  to  arrive to you. I have vacation детом, but I do not want so  long to wait, I want to be near to you and to not stop to think of you.  I  very much would want to call you, but I now do not have money to it. I am simply happy and with such happiness I have written to you a  poem.  ARE YOU READY К...... SOFT GENTLE CONTACT KIND of LOVE...... YOU CAN NOT REACH ENOUGH THE MAN, WHICH CARES..... WHICH WILL NOT MAKE YOU  WHO  WILL  PLACE  a SMILE..... INSTEAD OF TO BECOME ANGRY ARE YOU READY To THIS SIMILARLY TO a LONG SENSITIVE KISS OR TENDERNESS of LOVE THE  MESSAGE  to  YOU YOU - BEST ARE YOU READY To LOVE IT is sent FROM ABOVE  ARE  YOU  READY  TO  BEGIN  TO  OPEN  YOUR HEART MY HEART IS SO COMPLETE  by  LIFE  And  LOVE  TO GIVE I PRODUCTION FOR the MAN, WHICH ALLOWS ME TO LOVE And ALIVE In HIS(ITS) HEART IT(HE) WILL KNOW what IT is by, LOVE to love FROM ME And I KNOW, THAT the WHOLE WIDE WORLD WILL SEE  FROM  a  BEGINNING  WHAT  LOVE  IS......., WITH WHAT the LOVE CAN DO(MAKE)  ARE  YOU READY To THIS I shall wait for your answer. It is a
lot of love to you mine by a road.Natasha.


Natasha's Letter # 13 (May 05, 2001) Her sexual dream about their first meeting

Hi  my  love  XXXXXX  .  I  am  very pleased to receive from you the  letter.  The  sun  and  good weather in street lights. I shall inform  you,  when  I shall call to you, and we can talk, but it is not long.  Also  I  to you to inform you concerning trains and so on, when all I  shall  learn(find  out,recognize). I to wake up today in morning from  good  dream.  Ours  dreamed  for  the benefit of me at first with you  meeting.  I  to  arrive  (to  fly)  to  you and you to meet me at the  airport. I at first to not see you and to search. Then I saw you. You
 cost(stand)  with a bouquet of red roses. Seeing each other we run to each  other at meeting. We urgently to capture each other and to kiss  each  other.  In me on eyes of tear of happiness. It is real? Then we
 go  to  you  home  and me slightly to lie down to sleep from tiresometrip.  When  I  to have rest we with you in the evening we enter into restaurant to have supper in candles. We drink a good wine drink, and
 we dance slowly dances all evening. After restaurant we go on foot on  beautiful  avenue.  You  to  capture me, that it was not a cold. Your warm  hands  so  are  gentle. We look together at stars and softly to  kiss  each  other. When we were slightly froze, we to go to you home.  We  to accept a warm bath with foam together. Then we to go to you in dream  and I to begin to you to do(make) massage for a body. And then
I  have woken also my dream, was completed. I so did not want to wake  up, I wanted to see my dream by the end. But I was disappointed, that  up  to  the  end  looked  dream. I know, that it will be speed not in dream,  and  actually. I to wake up very much with good mood. Today I think  to  be  lowered  (go)  in  cinema  and to see interesting film concerning  love.  Now  I shall finish the letter. I shall wait yours after the letter. It - there is a lot of love from yours Natasha.


Natasha's Letter #14 (May 06, 2001) She would prefer to travel to USA instead of meeting in Russia

Hi  by  road  XXXXX . I so am happy that you have written to me and  very  much  I wait that instant, that moment when I shall find myself in  your  strong  and  hot  embraces. I want will meet you as soon as possible.  I  am very strong because of it to experience. Well why in our  life  all so depends on money. I do not understand those people, which  live  only  for the sake of money. It is good idea to meet you here, but favourite, I too to want to travel to you. I am possible at first  I  shall  come  to you. My mum to feel already it is good, and she(it)  transfers  you  hi. Dear, by mail that do not send. I do not trust  mail. My mum speaks me, that you so worry, all will be good, I so worry, that I shall see you, I shall be pressed to you. I directly fly  with happiness, in me there is a lot of energy, that is ready to sing and to dance love mine. On work I go in good mood, I how anew to be  born.  I  think,  that between us there should be a truth, I hav  written  all as is. But it is good while all. Write, very much I wait for  the  answer  from  you  mine, TIGER. KISS! KISS! KISS! With LOVE Natasha!!!!!!!!!


Natasha's Letter #15  (May 5, 2001)  She talks about receiving visa in 10 days.

Hi my love XXXXX . Visa 10 days are done(made). Yes the trains go to the  countries of Europe, but on it it is necessary of money, which at me are not present. I am glad that you have not left me. That you have understood  my  feelings.  I  love you!!! I am ready to shout about it everywhere,  but  I shall begin it to not do(make)... You see you will tell,  that it my the next adventure... Is not present, lovely, it not the  adventure  is  simple love overflows me, I am happy also to me it would  be  desirable  to inform her(it) with all... I would like, that the  people  had even small part of that feeling, which lives in me... This  feeling  is  stronger  than  any  elements...  Just  now  I have understood,  how  the  morning  anyone  even  of  the  most bad day is perfect...  As  are pleasant of walk on silent streets of our city.... As  to me to like to prepare breakfast as much I can make for the sake of  you,  favorite. I would like to live for you... You have presented me love, now I know, this perfect feeling... I wait for your letter. I very much wait when we shall meet you!!!!!! Yours Natasha.

Natasha's Letter # 16  (May 07, 2001) She didn't received her salary yet and has no money to pay for Internet

Hi  mine  favorite XXXXX . I again today with impatience hastened in internetcafe  to find your letter in the letter box. I have found this letter  and  so  strongly was delighted to this. Your letter each time heats my heart, and it begins to knock with unknown force. At work and house  while  all  goes  well.  The  next  week  at me term to pay for internet,  and  I  yet have not received wages and I do not know as to pay.  My  mum  transfers  you hi. I very wait for our meeting. When we shall be together?!!!!!!!!!! When we shall marry?!!!!!!!! I ask myself each  time,  when I come home after work. But to trust in you and your love  helps  me  to go through these long days without you!!!! Today I have  decided(solved)  to descend(go) to take a walk on streets of the city.  I  so  would  like, that you were a number(line), held me for a
hand,  pressed  to itself. But you were not a number(line), and I have gone  at once home because to go for a walk by one on city without you to  me  it  would  not  be  desirable.  I  very  much love you!! Yours


Natasha's Letter #17  (May 11, 2001) She reminds what information is necessary for her to receive money + another sexual fantasy

Lovely  mine,  tender  and gentle XXXXX ! You have sent money? And I should  to go and take away them? You have sent through Western Union? If  you have sent as I you spoke, you have overlooked(forgotten) to me
SHOULD  CONSIST  OF 10 FIGURES. As soon as I to receive money I to try to  call  to  you,  because at me them are not present. I dream you on faster to see. Now behind a window the dampness, goes an opposite fine rain  and,  alas,  and  my soul is compressed by a steel hoop by(with) melancholy  on  you.  I  am  thrown by that in hot, in a cold from one idea.  That  I already soon can inhale aroma of your hair, touch up to
your  leather(skin),  touch by the lips of your lips. I present, as we with  you  sit,  having  embraced  at  the warm years(summer) night at edges(territory)  of inflow, gentle waves to concern our legs, and the
wind  clasped our naked bodies. The ocean of our feelings storms in me now, when I write you this letter. I love you sincerely and gently, is warm  and  is  passionate.  Whether  you feel too to me? If yes that I shall  live  by  one  hope  and dream to embrace you. I LOVE YOU! VERY


Natasha's Letter #18  (May 12, 2001)  She needs 10-digit control number

Hi  my  love  XXXXX! In bank me have told, that is necessary CONTROL NUMBER,   WHICH   CONSISTS  OF  10  FIGURES.  REMEMBER,  THAT  I  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!  I  ALWAYS THINK Of YOU!!!!!!!!!! I VERY MUCH VERY MUCH VERY MUCH VERY MUCH LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! YOURS NATASHA!!!!!!

Natasha's Letter #19 (May 13, 2001) She is receiving money and wants to marry S. H. 

Hi  mine  favorite XXXXX . I am glad to receive from you the letter again. I to trust you! I to receive money tomorrow and at once to give back  them  for  visa. I also to try to call you. To me like the ocean and  beach. I do not have vacation, but I can them take at any time to meet  you.  My  address:  620004 Russia, city of Ekaterinburg a street Shevchenko  the  House  8  Apartments 47. We soon shall with you!!! We live  together  with the mum in a small apartment. The father has left us  with  the mum together when I was still small. I am sure, that you for  one  minute  me  do not overlook(forget). Today I went at date of birth  to the girlfriend. There by all was very cheerful. But why that to  me  was  sad.  I  could  not  distract from my ideas in any way. I
thought  of  you and about our speed meeting. The girlfriends tried me to  amuse,  but  I why that could not think of it in any way. The boys very  strongly  were jealous me, but they do not have any chances. You
see  I  love  you and nobody can to this prevent. My ideas always with you  mine favourite. I want to be with you!!!! I very much want on you to marry!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For ever yours Natahsa!!!!!!!


Natasha's Letter #20  (May 14, 2001) She needs to show cash for return tickets in the embassy

Favourite  XXXXX  !  I very much love you. Today I have gone to bank and  has  received  money without any problems, thank to you, that you worry  about  me.  I believe, that we shall very soon together! Then I
have gone to embassy and has given back them for visa, they have told, that I had time(was in time) in time, and she(it) will be ready within 1  week. Still have told, that it will be necessary by him(it) to show cash  money  to  the  ticket.  They  should  prove,  that  I the truth leave(abandon) the country. Within one week they will be necessary for me.  Favourite,  you  can it organize. I love you so, that all becomes transfixed in heart. I want to be near to you! And the words leave, be convinced  itself:  " Two silver wings " we are up in the air again on my  way the moment so near the waiting increased our longing indeed to look, hold and kiss is now what we need My heart, my desire, who would hold  here?  a mind full of questions I no more could bear this day on
my  way  to  you what will it hold moments of fear satisfaction untold Two people one hope, one moment so dear two hearts, one soul you and I we  are  here will we become friends, be united as one " co incident "
fate, may be our gods will be done Despite of all odds make our wishes come  true may there be a future still for me and for you if " love is in  the  air  "  like  mimosa in the spring will our hearts grow " two
silver  wings "? to you with all my love. Yours favourite Natasha!!!!!


Natasha's Letter #21 (May 15, 2001) She is planning their meeting.

Hello  , my pretty man in the world XXXXX !!! How are you today? I'm fine. I love you. YES IT IS the CORRECT ADDRESS, WHICH I HAVE GIVEN to YOU.  It  is  possible you to ask dear,: what for to you my address at work??? Well if you want that please: Lenina street, hous 121. I would like  on  faster  to  you  to arrive somewhere at the end of May, that birthday  mine,  June  1, I was at you. But if you want it is possible
and at the end of June. I even dream how I'm with you we go for a walk together,  that  we  sit  in restaurant at candles, it is very perfect dream  and  I  want, that it was on the present. You think that too? I
know,  that  you  too  so think, I love you and I want to be only with you!!!! I to feel your body near to mine, I want, that we to be kissed and to be embraced, I want you, I know, that at us all will be good. I
at  you want to ask, and what we shall do(make) in the beginning, when I  arrive  to  you,  we  shall  go somewhere and to look something, to travel?  Write  to  me please what you think, what we shall do? I very
wait  for  your  answer, I think of you always when I sleep and when I work and even when to eat! Bye bye!!! I love you!!!! See you tomorrow!
Your love Natasha.

Natasha's Letter #22 (May 16, 2001) She thinks the Destiny brings them together

Hi, XXXXX !!! !!! Your words very beautiful, you very well speak, it is  very  pleasant to me to read your letter, it is wonderful! I told, that  I'm with you soon shall together, because I love you! I am happy from  one  only idea, when I think of you, I am very glad. I to try to call  you  tomorrow if me to release(let off) from work. My mum too is pleased,  when looks at my happy face, you understand me? I hope, that yes.  I earlier, how it seems, did not trust in destiny, and now it is simply  interesting,  if  it  not the destiny has reduced us together,
then  who?  Probably  it  is destiny so to make, that we have appeared together, it is perfect!!! I wait with impatience of each your letter, you  to  me  write  please,  what  we  with you in the beginning shall do(make), can be somewhere we shall visit? I shall wait your letter. I think of you always. Bye bye my sweetheart! Your lady Natasha.


Natasha's Letter #23 (May 18, 2001) Spring and love

Hallo,  lovely  mine XXXXX ! I love you and to try to call to you my love  on Monday. Ok? I to write to you the following letter in Sunday, as I shall go in village to the grandfather. Ok? I to transfer it(him) from  you hi. As I have become bored(missed) of you! As I have no your exciting sight, your gentle embraces! Each day I dream of meeting with you,  I  get  accustomed - suddenly, in the underground, in crowd your eyes  will  flash,  your  smile to burn me by the heat, tenderness and love.  You  -  mine.  As it is pleasant to realize it, as the magic it sounds,  but  even  better other words - I yours sound. Each day, each instant, each life I devote to you. Now you far from me - for thousand kilometers.  And  behind  a  window  it  is raining. Spring. Our liked season.  We  can  by  hours  wander on park, look at drops killing the river,  on  perfect  clouds  and  ┘ to think of Spring. To our Spring. Which  in  us. Today. Now. You see if the people like they always live in  the  spring.  I like you. You like me. Strange, truth? Though no - naturally.  As  in  physics.  The force of action is equal to force of counteraction.  Neither  it  is  more nor less. And it is surprisingly perfect.  But  why I then I pay? With happiness? Can be. And, can from ┘.  How  to  me to live without you these hours? I do not know. Whole, you.  Yours  Natasha. P.S. Yes, has forgotten to say to you. Know, and you  see I you almost do not know, liked, but I believe, that you are. You see there is I on this light. And the friend without the friend in
any way is impossible for us. And you know it itself

Natasha's Letter #24 (May 17, 2001) 

Hello  my  love  XXXX !!! I miss you very much and I love you!!! I need  you!  Unfortunately  I  can not write the long letter, I do not have  a  time now, but I promise you that I write you more later! Ok? Bye  bye for now! I'll be waiting for your letter tomorrow! Your love forever and ever Natasha.

Natasha's Letter #25 (May 20, 2001) Visa is ready but she needs money for show in the embassy

Hi liked XXXXXX . Visa is developed well. With it(her) it is possible to visit only America. In embassy me have told favourite, that visa to me  to  give, when I to show, that I have money to the ticket. Without it me her(it) do not give her(it). They speak, that it is procedure is necessary, that suddenly what happen I could to return. You understand me??  I very much love you! I already spoke somehow, that you "sit" in each  my  section,  so  it  is  a  lot of you in me and that I did not do(make)  - I all time remember you, I think of you. You know, lovely,
at  me  one habit has appeared. When I lie down to sleep, I extinguish light  I  start  to think of you. I touch our next days with you, they such  happy!  What  happiness - to be with you beside to keep for your hand, to look in your eyes and to see in them shine of own pleasure! I fall  asleep  with  thoughts(dumas)  about you and to wake up to me it would  not be desirable at all. Therefore, when I wake up, I would not like  to  open  eyes. You are not present beside, and the next sad day again  begins. In the mornings I would like to cry. But I courageously collect  the  lax  soul,  the  ideas  creeping  away  in the different parties(sides)  from  bed,  I tear off from a pillow the heavy head, I try  to put even externally all in the order and I rise. Then I wash "
with you ", I have breakfast " with you ", my utensils " with you ", I erase(wash)  "  with you ", all " with you ", " with you ", " with you ".  Never before my life was not filled with such expectation - daily,
hourly,  every  minute.  Heart so extraordinary becomes transfixed, as soon  as  I  shall think, that we shall meet, and I can nestle on you. Never suspected, that I am able so to wait. And, can, there are simply
nobody.  You  know,  that  it  would be desirable at present? With you beside  go  barefooted  legs on pools under a years(summer) torrential rain,  but  necessarily  warm  to  laugh and breathe fresh - fresh air which only and happens pure(clean) during a rain. It not seems to you, lovely,  that  my  letters  remind  the  logbook. All occuring events, material  and  moral,  I  фиксирую on a paper. I as though by the ship which  drifts  in the storming sea of life. All is carried by by me at reckless  speed, and I in the closed space of it of " the Flying Dutch"  still has only the handle and a paper. It not seems to you, lovely, that  my letters remind the logbook. All occuring events, material and moral,  I фиксирую on a paper. I as though by the ship which drifts in the  storming  sea of life. All is carried by by me at reckless speed, and I in the closed space of it of " the Flying Dutch " still has only the  handle  and  a  paper.  Already  so  long  we  from each other in inconceivable  gave,  I hurry and I hurry time which near to you flies imperceptibly,  and  without  you lasts is intolerable. I as though in
any  imprisonment  as  though  it  is  punished for something, I choke without  you, I do not live, I have turned to the big walking hours, I simply  physically  feel,  how this clockwork of time does not work in separation  from  you.  I  as the bird who has got in a cell(cage), am beaten  in  last hope to escape from a captivity and to depart to you, as  to  my  unique bright asterisk. So many the crossed out days in my calendar - the days which have been carried out(spent) without you! It is  so  much  caress and tendernesses in us with you has collected for
this  time,  that  it seems to me, when we shall meet - this wave will overflow  us  with a head, and I at all against to plunge into it(her)  and  to  be  floating  on  its(her)  current all life. I would like to become  such  small  -  small enter your heart and to remain there for ever! I so a long time have given you everything, that is at me - soul and  a  body,  heart  and reason then - when you also did not think to take  it  from  me. I to belong to you. I ask you, do not doubt, never doubt  of  me  whatever  happened - I yours, I always yours! In a head
something  not  clear  is  created,  all time I think, I think of you, about  myself,  about  us.  Something turns endlessly in my poor head.
Very  much and very much I am afraid, that you not so will understand, not that will think. I have suddenly forgot to transfer the ideas on a paper.     Very    much    I    regret,    that    our    system    of
communication(connection)  so is imperfect, my letters are late, and I so instantly would like to transfer you the pulses arising in my brain to  see your eyes, to hear your voice, to smell your smells - me alive dialogue  with  you is necessary. I feel only one - I can not, I shall not  manage  to  transfer  you  that  is  now  created in my soul. And nevertheless,  you  all the same would be better beside then all would explain  you  my  eyes,  my  hands,  my  lips.I LOVE YOU!!!!Yours LOVE

Natasha's Letter #26 (May 21, 2001) She is coming as soon as money are received.

Hi  mine  dear  (expensive)  XXXXX  !!! I love you, very much and I  grieve  without  you  so  much! I can take off to you, in 2-3 days as soon  as  you to send money to the ticket. I think in embassy so long
 wait  can  not.  I to try to call to you in environment(Wednesday) or Thursday.  I  have  photo  village  mine  the  grandfather summer and winter,  if  it is interesting to you that I to send them to you, and my  photo  while is not present. I can inform you, that I feel so bad without  you,  but  I  can  happy you, because I, mine the mum and my grandfather,  we  - is good now!!! I think, that I can fly to you, is direct  now  and  everyone will be good, I know, that you think also. And it, I have very bad mood, because, I have no anyone about me, and I want certainly, that you should be about with me, but I understand, which  we  should  wait slightly for, but I do not want, wait more, I can  not  wait, I want to be with you! Please, do (make) that you can do (make), that we can be together. Please, understand me. I love you very  much, so it is a lot of!!! I shall expect you the letter! Yours  for ever Natasha.


Natasha's Letter # 27 (May 22, 2001) She has booked tickets through her aunt. Now she needs to pay for them.

Hi  my  loved and road XXXXX ! Today I have woken up with an idea on you. I to be pleased when to hear your words about that as you care of me.  Favourite!  I  have  booked  a ticket at the aunt already. It(he)
almost ready, is necessary only to pay it(him), it first. And secondly I  should  it(him)  show  in  embassy. You understand me?? As however, yesterday  and  the  day  before  yesterday  and...  I any more do not
remember  even,  what is the time I dream of waking up near to you. We now  very much far apart and at times, I feel as it hardly, without an opportunity  to kiss you to press to myself strong& - was strong&, and is  simple,  once  again  to  look  to  you  in eyes, having seen that tenderness  from  which only you on me look. Yes, the distance is only the first complexity, ahead many any unpleasant moments, but I believe - was not present, not so - I know, that we can, and we shall make all correctly.  You  see,  if  to look back back, to look around, how many unfortunate  people  which,  anyhow,  could not to find in this raging stream of life the half. Yes, road, I and think, and I shall apply for so high rank in your life. I am sure, that it is impossible to release or  miss(let  off  or miss) you for second such time at me in life any more  will  not  be. Also it is not necessary this the second, I shall tell to you, in all honesty. On heart which beats for you. I love very much you!!! Your love Natasha!!!

Natasha's Letter #28 (May 23, 2001) Natasha's poem #1

Hi  my  love XXXXXX ! I am very glad to your words, they me very much to  like, I to love them. Lovely you read mine the letter? I have told you,  that  I  already  have booked a ticket at my aunt in Moscow. You
want  me  to  move? It(he) available lays there on June 26, start in 9 45.  What  to  me now to do(make) and how to be? Me so to feel to you, that  I  to speak you: We have never loved like we love each other. We
were meant to be, we are soul-mates everlasting.

                               I know that I love you,
                    you can see it each time I look your way.
                       I know that I can't live without you,
                you know that I live my life for you every day.

                          I know how you feel about me,
                             I can see it in your eyes,
                               feel it in your hands,
                        sense it in you very presence.

                You are the light that shines in the darkness,
               you are the bell that guides me through the fog,
                     you are the vice that holds me steady,
                             you are my uplifting song.

                               We are one heartbeat,
                                  we are one body,
                                  we are one soul,
             we are the strength for which there can be no defeat.

                                        So ┘ ┘ ┘
                        If I seem a bit over protective,
                          If I seem to hold you tight,
              Remember these words I have written and see:
         I have put you way up high upon a pedestal of love
               because that is what you mean to me.
                 I shall wait for your letter very much!
                          Your love for ever Natasha!


Natasha's Letter #29  (May 25, 2001) 

Hello  my  beautiful  man,  my  love XXXXXX !!! OK!! You can send the ticket  to  me home I shall to wait!!! We shall soon together my love! Well, yesterday I looked very interesting film. The film was American,
it  referred  to as " to return on Christmas ". Film about two people, man  and  woman. The man worked far from the house where he was waited by(with)  the  wife.  He  has  promised  to  her  to return in time on
Christmas.  But on a way home with him there were different histories. He  had  not  time  almost  in  time to return home and was absolutely disappointed.  And  he  nevertheless has arrived to last moment to the
wife,  all  tired. She to meet him with such kindness and love. I very much  liked  this film. I so would like with you to meet Christmas. In film  I to see what beautiful at you at home in Christmas. All of them are  decorated  with  multi-coloured  fires.  In  the  house to burn a fireplace,  and  number(line) to stand a New Year's tree. Looking in a window the fluffy white snow falls. And we with you sit on a sofa, and happiness  to  be embraced. I to think that my happiness to consist in this  christmas history. I am simply happy that you at me are. I shall
finish  the  letter  and I shall wait your letter. I love you!!! And I think that I begin to miss you!!! Your love Natasha.


Natasha's Letter #30  (May 26, 2001) Natasha's poem #2

Hi  mine dear(expensive) mine perfect XXXXXX !!! I grieve without you very  much!!!  I  to call to you on Monday. Ok? So it is a pity, it is not  writing  sometime.  I  went in village to the grandfather and has transferred  from  you  hi,  it(he)  so  to be delighted to this. I to it(him)  to  speak  about  you and it(he) too transfers you hi. I have told  it(him)  what  soon to leave to expensive(dear). It(he) so to be delighted  and  to  tell,  that  if  I  to  leave  to  you my love the grandfather has prepared for you a gift, and with what I to you to not
tell  yet,  it will be a surprise. I think of you each day, you in all my ideas. 

From this moment 

Life has begun 

From this moment 

You are the one 

Right beside me 

Is where you belong 

From this moment on.

From this moment
I have been blessed
I live only for our happiness
And for our love
I'd give my last breath
From this moment on.

I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can't wait to live my life with you
Can't wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams come true
Because of you.

From this moment
As long as we live
I will love you
I promise you this
There is nothing
I wouldn't give
From this moment on.

You're the reason I believe in love
And you're the answer to my prayers
From up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dreams come true
Because of you.

From this moment
As long as we live
I will love you
I promise you this
There is nothing
I wouldn't give
From this moment on.
Bye bye! Write to me. I very much love you!
Your love Natasha.

Natasha's Letter # 31 (May 21, 2001) Her dreams about the first meeting

Oh  XXXXXX  ! I to be pleased, when you to speak words love. I wrote  to  you  on Russian. I write you, and I am surrounded with silence of night,  full you, and representation lives in soul of mine about your  passionate kisses! Of what I can think now? You have taken hold of my ideas  and  heart.  Yes,  henceforth my soul and heart is inseparable from  yours, and where you neither would go, nor would go, I shall be present  always  together  with  you. Before my look it is persisten there  is the magic vision executed of man's charm; I all time to see our  meeting; I present, as your lovely hands quiveringly embrace me, and  at  colors  which  you  give  me, such soft, beautiful, exciting aroma.  You  are full of fears, but your fears are not correct. I was more,  than  ever,  is  sure  in  about what I spoke you, THAT I LOVE YOU!!!  You always should listen to the heart and that it will prompt you. Mine heart belongs to you and it is true. I want more soon to be at you. I wait for your decisions my loved!!! Your love Natasha.

Natasha's Letter #32 (May 30, 2001) - $578 for insurance

Hi  my  love  XXXXX  !  I  thought  concerning us yesterday. I have  received  the  appendix  which you have sent me. And I to try to have  time  to arrive to this time in Moscow. I think, when I shall come to  you we to decide, that we shall do(make) together. Ok? The hair at me  light.  Plans  at  date  of  birth while at me are not present. And I shall call, as soon as I can. Today I as have learned(found out) from
 the  aunt,  that before leaving(abandoning) the country, I should pay for the insurance, her(it) on for a long time have entered, so I have learned(found out) about it, only today and she(it) makes 578 $. I do not  know,  that  to  me  to  do(make). You can help with it? Without it(her) me will not let out from the country. It is possible to argue with  pessimists,  proving  to  them  something, is possible to trust optimists, that all only will be better. But we, with you, road, know already,  that  all  will  be how we with you shall make, as we shall decide.   You   see  everything,  up  to  a  present  situation,  was constructed  only  by our words. I never forget you, you always in my opinion.  It  seems to me, already and not have time to make as much. Because, very much it is easy for me now because I love you. And even having  made,  that I can - to write to you the letter, I feel, that,
 practically,  is  not  satisfied  made.  Because,  still  it would be desirable  and  so does not suffice: to feel yours it is warm to hold you  for  a  hand,  to  kiss,  together  to laugh and long, wander on streets,  to  sit  in  cafe, and even simply at home - the main thing  beside,  together. And I think, we much also can to achieve much, you  see feeling, sensation a number(line) of the half, charges energy and  desire  to  operate.  To  operate! Together! Always! I very much love  you! Your love Natasha.


Natasha's Letter #33 (June 01, 2001) She cannot come without insuerance.

Hi  my  unique and expensive(dear) love XXXXXX ! I today did not have mood  but  when  I  have  seen yours the letter, I so to be delighted. WITHOUT  the  INSURANCE WILL NOT LET OUT ME FROM the COUNTRY, MY LOVE! Well  know  you  see,  that  the  planes,  or accidents fall. For this purpose  also  it is necessary to pay to me for it(her). A thank music to  me  very  much  has  liked  to  you  behind  a  card, she(it) such beautiful, and. And at me at once to be cheered up for all day. Though we  now  have  rains and around so all dampness, coldly. What here the mood also is possible to think? And it is pleasant for me to hear your
words  about love. Well you know my dear if all this was in a reality. Yesterday, I with the girlfriend went to look an exhibition about wild animals.  It was so beautifully, so much everyones different colourful color  scale.  You  know  as  I love animals. There still there was an exhibit  of the big lamb. You heard likely about them? At him(it) such big  branchy  horns.  As I heard, it is our Russian pride. I to you to tell about them when we shall meet. At mine grandfathers too are horns of  the  lamb,  it(he)  has  beaten them to a wall and they serve as hanger  for caps, it so ridiculously all looks. And what you yesterday did(made)  or were engaged? I so on you to miss my lovely. I very much love you! Yours Natasha.


Natasha's Letter #34 (June 09, 2001) She has received the tickets and need only to pay for the insurance to arrive immediately.

Hi  mine  liked,  my  XXXXX !!! I HAVE RECEIVED TICKETS of THANK! I SOON  SHALL  At  YOU  MY  LOVE! And the insurance, well as you do not understand,  that without it(her) me to not let out from the country. I  miss  you very much! I wait for the moment, when we shall meet you at  last.  At  us  in the street(outdoors) very bad weather, raining. Though  summer began. But the summer at us yet is not visible. I very much  want,  that was warm and that we were together. I hope, that so will  be  very  speed.  By the way, how are you doing? How weather? I shall wait for your letter. Please write. See you! Your Natasha.


Natasha's Letter # 35 (July 02, 2001) "Did you send the money?"

Greetings my love XXXXX! It will be only the short letter. If you have sent 600  $  for  the  insurance.  You  may give me CONTROL NUMBER. Without him(it)  I  can not receive money. I very much love you!!! And to want to be with you beside! Your wife Natasha.


Natasha's Letter #38 (June 11, 2001) 

Hi  my love XXXXX ! At us the sun and so it is pleasant on soul when you  love  also  you  today shines love(like)! Correctly? This feeling there  is  nothing  it  is not comparable. My mum sends the regards to
you.  I  can  not  write  much  because I have run in the Internet the centre  before the closing. I very much love you! I to want to be with you   beside,   love  mine!  You  in  always  in  mine  opinion!  Your loved(liked) Natasha!


Natasha's Letter #39 (July 14, 2001) "Don't you love me? Don't you want to see me?"

Hi  my  love  XXXXX!  I  to  be  pleased to your letters, as always. Excuse, that did not write to you, but at me mum was unwell and it was necessary  to  sit  with  it(her).  You forgive me? I very much on you
miss!  And so at me all is good, only is not present a number(line) of you.  In  the evening when mum to go to bed, me to become to long even more.  Write  to  me: How at you an affair? How life? I want, that you
have written on more tender words, for me it will be the big pleasure. Yesterday  we with the girlfriend went on park to walk and to us stuck guys, and know asked me, whether there Is at me who? And I spoke them, that  already  I  am  borrowed(occupied). I have you and me who is not necessary  any  more.  Only I have fears, that you my love to not want that  I  have  arrived  to you, so much time passes. At me the love so
many that will suffice for two. Excuse, I may write to nonsense, but I to  write  that  that I to think. I to hope, that you understand me. I such  also shall speak all the same to you about the love. To not take offence  at  me  and  take  your  time to laugh at my words. I can not without   you   as  for  a  wood  without  rains,  I  wait  as  before loving(liking),  write to me more soon. Dear, loved(liked) mine, write to  me  on  faster as soon we shall together to not leave when. I very much love you, strong to kiss and embrace. Your loved girl Natasha!


Natasha's Letter #40 (June 28, 2001) - Money plea

Hi my love XXXX. I am very glad to see your letter, I now to be in Moscow, I to write to you from the internet-centre. I have not enough of time to write to you much because here to cost very dearly internet. I you understand that you could not to take money, you me to ask where to send of money I you to speak that in Moscow because I now in Moscow, I to hope that you to me to send of money today because I here one, I very much love you to ask that you to me to send of money, I you, I so wait for this moment when I shall be with you, I very much to want you to see, I am very happy that you at me is, me who is necessary except for you, I very much to ask you that you to me to send 583 dollars, without the insurance me to not let out from the country. Remember, I love you also I to you to trust. Money can be sent: Money send on mine a name Natasha Kuvshinova, I have my address: a street Shevchenko the House 8 Apartments 47. That to me to receive this money, it is necessary that you have informed me 10 FIGURES - control number which to me it is necessary to inform in bank at reception of money and YOUR address and YOURS a SURNAME. I shall finish the letter. I shall wait for your letter. Yours forever Natasha Kuvshinova.