Lebedeva Tatyana

aka Vinogradova Ludmila / Vasina Elena (Kemerovo, RU) / Alexandrova Marina (Chita, RU) / Alexandrova Tatyana (Magadan, RU) / Petrova Natalya / Alexandrova Albina (Ulan-Ude, RU) / Kopilova Yulia (Ulan-Ude, RU) / Fedotova Olga (Kemerovo, RU) / Repina Tamara (Uzhno-Sakhalinsk, RU) / Yureva Olga (Kazan, RU) / Ivanova Oksana (Nizhnevartovsk, RU) / Novikova Natalya (Irkutsk, RU) / Muraeva Olga (Novosibirsk, RU)

Chita, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address:   672000 Chita Stepana Razina street 20 -12 

e-mail: tanya1480@friendfinder.com 

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Dear Elena,

I would like to report to you about a scammer Tatyana Lebedeva who is a 27 yo. who supposedly works in a library in Chita, Russia.  She is the typical run of the mill, garden variety scammer. She first contacted me through friendfinder under the profile of tanya1480 which made me suspicious immediately.  She fell in love with me after a few e-mails and wants to visit me and to send her money for airline tickets and a visa. Please add her to your list " wall of shame" for scammers" . Enclosed are her letters and photos which you may post.
S. H. (Scam Hunter)

[Submitted by S. F. on 04/13/02]


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Tatyana's Letter - Sept 29, 2001

A message from "tanya1480" to "D.B":

Hi!!!. I very much to become interested in your structure. I would like to get acquainted with the man, who could estimate my care , tenderness and love. I would like, that he was kind, responsible, capable to stretch a hand of the help in any problems. If you to hear me and to understand me that you can write to me on mine e-mail:

In my turn I shall try be the offer, loving, devoted , responsible woman.
Sent On: September 29, 2001


Tatyana's Introductory Letter - Sept. 30, 2001

Hi !!.To me very much to like your structure on it a site and I to decide to write you.
Thank to you for a beautiful photos.
This day will be main in my life.. I to want, that we it is good to know each other and to understand completely. You probably already notice what to use the interpreter when to write to you. I to do(make) it, because I am not so good to know the English language. But it should not be a problem between us. I to want to study your language and to learn(teach) you Russian. It will be very
interesting and it is useful for us. As to know language and culture other country it is very important. It is the help to us will speak is open. I to want to tell you, that acquaintance through the Internet
this new to me. I never to do(make) it earlier. I very much to worry and to be afraid. I to not trust, that such happens, but my girlfriend to get acquainted and now she(it) is happy. I to decide(solve) to try to write to you. I to worry, but I shall be open and there will be a story about itself. Now I shall speak about myself. ОК. Me call Tatyana. I live in Russia. It is the very large country, which to have was a lot of an opportunity, but as I to think, she(it) to not open yet all potential. In Russia is all for good life: resources, there is a lot of ground, the clever people, but now there is a transitive period. The people here trust, that all will be speed well, but for the present it is not known how many still to wait. Though the people, which want to work and to have the purpose in life, live happily. There were only people, which bring up at kommunism and very difficultly to break their stereotype about life, when for you to do(make) all state. They to not know, that such the market, market attitudes(relations) and business. You do not think, that I so to divide(share) the people and to speak so, but it is the Russian reality. I to think what there to know about Russia and to know our life. I too much to know about your country, but to want to study more concerning it. You will learn(teach) me about your country and city?
It is very interesting to me! I live in city Chita.. It is small city in comparison with other cities. It(he) is in east part Russia, near to lake of Baikal. This very beautiful and rather pure(clean) lake.
Our city is industrial here again to make the much industrial goods (to add about city). Now you to know about, where I live. I to think, that it was interesting to you to learn(find out) it. I was born and has grown here. Here I to go in a children's garden, at school and in university. With me to remain very good memoirs on my childhood. I was the very vigorous and inquisitive girl. Now to me 27 years and I already to work. I to work in library. It is children's library. She(it) small and only for the schoolboys. We have a lot of book for school and almost all the book the Russian writer and poet. In our library each day to come it is a lot of children. With them it is very interesting to work. I to explain them what book by him(it) it is better to take to study only on an excellent(different) estimation. They very much to love our library. With me to work 4 men. It is the women, at which very much wide experience and I to study at them. I to work here it is not so long. In university I to study as building faculty. I to receive maximum formation(education) and should work as the engineer the builder. But at us the work and I can not find such is very difficult to find. Everywhere to require(demand) the experience it is not less 5 years and young experts very difficultly to find work. I can be arranged at work in library. I to not pity(regret) about it, but I always to dream be the builder and to work in building organization. I to trust, that my dream will be a reality. I shall aspire to this. My work not complex(difficult), but she(it) to borrow(occupy) a lot of time. My working day to begin in 9.00am. At us is not present dinner and I to come back home only in 20.00pm. The library is far from our house and I to go before work on the bus. I to love to work. You not strongly to get tired when to read my letter? I simply to want to tell to you the life. I to hope, that you to understand, that I to write to you. Now I very much to get tired and I shall write about itself more in the following letter. I
shall wait from you the letter and information on you, if you to want, that I to know about you am more. Good to you of day. I hope your friend Tatyana.


Tatyana's Letter - Oct 01, 2001

Hi my friend XXXXX. I am happy, that thee again to answer to me.
All your photos very beautiful.
I very closely to read thy letter and to understand almost all. It was very interesting to me to read it(him) and I to learn(find out) a lot of new about thee. I think, that it will be interesting to thee to
learn(find out) about me. My growth(increase) 5 " 8, my weight 115 lbs. I am not so good to perceive your units of measurement. I to write to thee, how it will be for us, growth(increase) 173 cm., weight 55 kg. I dwell with together with the mum. For us with her very good attitudes(relations) and she my best friend, helper. She the most dear(expensive) person for me. I very much to like and to respect her(it). We always with her can find a common language. I to think that thee are good to perceive it. My mother still to not know yet, that we to write one another. I for the present to not know its(her) reacting to all this. But I to think, that she to perceive me. I to think, that she all the same should say all. Today I to say to her about it. For me no from my mum of any secrets. We to live together with my mum. My father has left from us 5 years back. I long can not go through it. I very much to like it(him). But they with the mother recently had differences. I guessed, that all goes to divorce. I now
it(him) to not see. I to not know at all where he now. But I very much to miss for it(him). I do not have brothers. I to have only one sister. She now to live in Habarovsk together with the husband. I to not have the computer of a house, therefore I to write to thee from the computer class at university. There to work my best girlfriend. I to know her(it) from the childhood. We with her together to grow. I to come to her and there to use the Internet. It is very convenient for me, because it is charge-free. For me is much hobbi. In free from activity time I to like to conduct time with the friends. I to like to listen to classic music. Me to like Bethoven and Chaykovski. What music to listen thee to? To me to like simplly good modern music, which one to raise mood. I very much to like be on the nature. I to
like be in a forest and on lake. Me very much to like camping. I to like to float. Each Sunday together with the girlfriend I to catch in basin. Thee to like to swiming? I very much. I very to like animal. I
have cat Barsik. To him 5 years. This very beautiful and clever animal. By the way I am very good to prepare. My liked dish is of piraguas with pomes. It(him) to like all mine native and friends. They
speak, that better me nobody can prepare it(him). Thee are very a pity, that to me can not it(him) try and evaluate. I to think, that thee he too to like. I very much to like Russian galley. I to want to know what dishes to like thee? And than thee to like to be engaged in free time? What kinds(views) of sports to like thee? To me to like to look large tennis. I to want to learn(find out) it is more about thee.
Thee can to me tell about the life. I shall finish the letter. If thee can, transmit to me still photo. I to hope soon to receive thy letter.
Bye Bye .Tatyana.


Tatyana's Letter - Oct 03, 2001

Hi my liked friend XXXXX. Thanks for thy new letter. If I am honest, to wait it(him) all the day.
Thank you for very beautiful photos, they to me very much to like. I to be afraid, that thee to not write to me. I already to miss for thy letters a little. With each new letter we to become closer and closer to one another. All of us it is more to learn(find out) one another. And I to consider(count), is what is it correct. Now I to think, that I am available to thee to tell about the experience with the man. For me was the man. I was very happy with it(him). I to like it(him) and to be pleased to each to conduct
together with it(him) day. We were happy with it(him) equally 1 year.
I already to dream of wedding and I to want to give rise to him children. But there was a case, which one has inverted completely all my life. I to learn(find out), that he to begin to receive drug materials(matters). With each day it(he) was more difficult for all for knowing. Then all this beginning to be combined with alcohol. Both all my schedules and dreams have failed. We become to not perceive one another. He began to concern very badly to me. To avoid me. His(its) love of steel only narcotic and to drink. I to attempt to him to help, but he to not listen to me. I many night to cry and to think. And I to decide that all this not for me. I shall not bear(take out) some more such moment in life. I any more will not entrust to Russian men. I to not want more so to risk and to fracture to myself life. I to want be is simplly happy and to live as the normal person. After that I to
decide to address to a service of acquaintances. And I to find thee. And we to write one another. And me it very much to like. I to want be is happy with the man and to conduct with it(him) all life. I to wait from the man of comprehension, I to think what is it most important and certainly large love and care of me and about our future monogynopaedium. I shall try to make the man happy. But without his(its) help, without his(its) love and comprehensions it will make difficultly. I once again to want to test(experience) such feeling as love. I very much to hope for it. Therefore I to write to thee. I to think, that thee to perceive my words. I to want to learn(find out) thy judgement on all this. I to think, that it will be interesting to thee to learn(find out) my mail address in Chita . My mail address
672000 Chita Stepana Razina street 20 -12 Tatyana Lebedeva. Thee can to me dispatch there some letters and photo. I shall be happy to receive them. But I to think. It will be what is it very long and it
is possible to lose all letters and photo. Thee simplly to not know as for us to work mail especially in Siberia. It while all. I to promise thee to write later. I with impatience shall wait for thy answer. To take care .Yours friend Tatyana.


Tatyana's Letter  - Oct 04, 2001

Hi my dear XXXXX! It shall be possible I to name you so?
Thank to you for very beautiful photos. All my photos I to do(make) this year. I already for a
long time to not speak such words anybody. I am ever more and more began to be convinced, that I to have already attachment to you and already to wait your letters about impatience. I to not think, that such can take place. But for me it is very pleasant, I to think, that to you too. It is very important, that you to understand me and to listen to me. The understanding is very important between the people, when they want to have the attitudes(relation). Today I to go to the girlfriend with hope to receive your letter and I was very happy to see it(him). These days at us at home very difficult. We recently to move on other apartment. It to borrow(occupy) it is a lot of time. We to transport all furniture and all things. Now we repair our new apartment and now all is good. But at us now is not present the telephone of a house. It is very bad, as it is the very important thing in an apartment. I already to want to speak with you till the telephone and to hear your vote, though I am bad to know English, but it will be dialogue to hear a vote and to know, that who we. I to think, that till a vote it is possible much to learn(find out) about the man. How you consider(count)? If I to have an opportunity to speak with you till the computer, I already for a long time to make it. But I can only write to you the letter. I shall trust, that I soon to search for a way and we can communicate till the telephone. Even if it
will be some words, but for me it will be very important! At us now very good weather. This is Autumn. I am very glad, as this most beautiful season.. . I very much to love flowers, especially yellow rose. But nobody to give to me them already for a long time. I to dream, that in such beautiful season I shall have the love and to go with it(him) till a street with a Yellow rose in hands and kiss with
it(him) long long. It is all will be so beautifully and romantically I already for a long time to not test such feelings and very much to want to test them!!! But while I one and to search the companion of
life. I to want to continue with you the attitudes(relation) and I to trust, that all can be very well. Though between us it is so much a lot of distance, and me so to want to see you beside and to speak with you. While it only my dreams also should return to a reality. I shall send you all my photos, which are on the computer. Them I not have a lot of, but you should see them all. You to want it? I to do(make) them the last year. I to wish to you good mood these days and do not overlook(forget) me (Smile!!!). I shall wait about impatience your letter and to miss for you!!!! Yours flower Tatyana!!!


Tatyana's Letter - Oct 06, 2001

Hi favourite XXXXX. I so am happy, that you at me on mind(wit) all the day. I am happy to read your letter. I shall learn(find out) about trip in USA.How at you of business? How mood? I to think, that at you all is good. I to want it is very strong. I shall ask the god, that you were healthy and is happy. I the christian and frequently to go in church. It is very important for me. You to visit(attend) church? What you to ask the god? I always to ask him(it), that at all all was good also everyone were healthy. I to know, that it(he) to hear me and to do(make) only kindly to the people. Each man in the world should live well and happily, regardless of the fact that it(he) to make bad. You agree with me? I to want to know your point of view on this question.
Well, I to want to tell you, that my heart began to beat more often, when I to think of you. It is spring?!!!! Certainly yes!!!, but my heart is beaten so, when I to think of you!!!! I you to ask, that you to send to me all photos, which at you are. They will help me to feel your presence near to me. I to want to feel you, your gentle sight, yours a smile, your hands. I so to require in heat and care and I to
think, that I to ask not so much. I to search pure(clean) love and romanticism in the attitudes(relations). I to love when all is beautiful, perfectly, is gentle and it is romantic!!! Desire to have family favourite man beside, feeling care and constant support in difficult minute, to what to aspire each man in life and I too. To me 27 years, and I and to not have, about what I to speak you. I was close to happiness in the past, but my trust to break my heart. I should trust the man with which I all life. To trust his(its) each word, gesture, sight, smile. In the world now so there is a lot of meanness(low act) and deceit, that is necessary very closely(very attentively) to concern to people, which to surround you. I to not speak you, that is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone, the man is simply necessary to know so that to be completely sure in it(him). I to know you it is not long, but I can tell, that you very honour and open and it very much to involve(attract) me and to give me to trust, that I that I can love and to be favourite!!! My mum to learn(teach) me, that I should be always open. I to tell it(her), that our attitudes(relations) to develop successfully and she(it) is happy
for us. She(it) to dream, that I, at last, should be not one and to have family. Now I to want to inform with you my small pleasure. Last night to arrive my sister. She(it) to work in university and to teach biology. It(she) has a lot of friends till all world and she(it) to go in USA to the American colleague. She(it) to leave there 3 weeks back and to return only yesterday. She(it) very much to not want to leave, as it(she) had to leave on time the husband and daughter. By the way daughter my sister is called Ксюша and it(her) by(with) 5 years. She(it) is simple charm and I to love her(it) as the daughter. But this trip was very important for it(her) and for university and it(she) had to go. But its(her) husband is a very good, careful, correct man and it(he) to consult(cope) one about the daughter and I to be proud of him(it). As soon as she(it) to arrive, she(it) to send us the telegram and we with the mum to go on telephone item and to speak with it(her) till the telephone. She(it) was very happy to return home to the family. She(it) to tell me, that was at Jenifer, which lives in staff(state) Florida St.Peterburg. It is the very good and kind woman. She(it) to tell what to reach without any problem and to live all this time at it(her). But now its(her) stay of a house will be not long, she(it) about the daughter and husband will leave for 4 weeks to have a rest in medical sanatorium. And all these days they will be together, far from work and can devote all this time each other. It is very happy and fond family. I to think, that you were not against, that I to inform with you my pleasure. I now very much to want to talk about you! I so to want to be divided with you pleasure personally, when I to see your eyes and smile that I am glad. I to want to see your pleasure and to divide(share) her(it) with you. I to want to know what to do(make) you happy? And I shall try, that everything, that I to make was the present happiness for you. Please give me chance to make it!!! Give me chance again to feel by the favourite and fond woman. I wait for your beautiful letter and I promise, that I shall think of you each minute. About love Tatyana.


Tatyana's Letter - Oct 08, 2001 -  She is in love

Hi my love XXXXX. I am very happy to receive your letter today. Today at us simply remarkable weather. Thank to you for very beautiful photos. My birthday of June 1. I can use the computer in free from work time. I would be happy to meet you and me more easy to reach in Moscow.To me I
am very good, as to meet you in my life. I to not be yet never so is happy. I now completely to change, it to notice all mine familiar and friends. It is all due to you. I as though to fly in heavens. Nothing it is necessary except for your letter and you. I each time to go with an alarm to my girlfriend. I to think suddenly you has not written to me, suddenly you to not receive my letter. But when I to see. That all is normal to me to become well and I with pleasure and with good mood to write to you the answer. I yesterday to think of our attitudes(relations) and about our feelings. I already to become
attached to you and I to not know, that to me to do(make) when I to not see your letters. I always to think of you. I begin more to distract at work. I nothing can make with myself. I to think, that all
this is possible to name as one word love. Yes I to love you. I to speak about us to my mum. She to ask me you really to love (him) and to want be with it(him). I to tell not thinking, that very much and I
can not present myself without him(it). I to tell to (her) about you and she(it) to tell. That you the very good man and are possible to trust you. But she(it) all the same to experience for me slightly.
She(it) to me to tell, that I should be not mistaken in a choice and still early to speak about love. She(it) speaks, that we should even closer learn(find out) each other. But I to understand her(it).
She(it) to love me. And she(it) is simple to me the native mother. I to think. That you to understand me. She(it) to wish to us happiness and large love. I today very much to get tired at work. I had very
difficult day. I shall write to you tomorrow. I shall be with impatience to wait for your following letter. Because we with each letter to each other to become all is closer. I to notice, that our letters are ever more complete by love and good mood. I to want, that it always would proceed. I to send to you the most passionate kiss. And to wish to you successful day. To protect itself my love. You always in my heart .Yours love Tatyana.


Tatyana's Letter - Oct. 09, 2001

Greetings my love XXXXX! I have received your letter, it full emotional of heat and sympathies to me. I think that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart. On work I began a little absent-minded and my girlfriends speak that I
am in love. Yes I love you!!!!! I talked about it to mum and she (it) speaks that it well, she (it) thinks that I shall be happy. I think that we should meet, we should see each other look in eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. We became frank
with you and I think that you want to learn (find out) about my sexual experience. In Russia all men only dream to drag you in bed, but I do not want it, I do not want to be given the first comer that it (he) has taken pleasure. Love it something from above she (it) is given men represent the person to learn happiness in this life, and her (it) only as sex, I think that it not correctly and I hope that you with me agree. I shall be given lovers completely both a body and soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will be poured out for limits of carnal love and we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence. Today at me day off and we with the girlfriend walked on city, went shopping I waited for the moment that you will write to me the letter and I have waited it (him). I feel that our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it? I wait for your letter, whether it is important for me to know you share my ideas. Forever yours  Tatyana.


Tatyana's Letter - Oct. 10, 2001

Hi my love XXXXX. I have received from you the letter and the life for me was filled with sense. I would be happy to meet you in Moscow. I begin To understand that my life it is not meaningful without you, because I like you, I Spoke with my parents about that that probably I shall leave in America, they only Were glad for me, mother blessed me, she thinks what is it and there is mine Happiness. Today I all day thought only of you, about that as we with you Let's meet. I represented it to myself, as you meet me at the airport as we We search each other by eyes, we find and we rush in embraces to each other. I have learned(found out) about cost of the visa, she costs(stands) 220 dollars. To me mine has said about it The girlfriend, she works in a travel company. Today perfect spring day, but me is sad because we with you so Far apart. Between us huge ocean, but in the ideas I by itself. I To like you and for ever in your ideas. For ever yours Tatyana.


Tatyana's Letter - Oct 11. 2001

Greetings my love XXXXX.
I waited for the moment when I again shall receive from you the letter and this happy moment has come and I can learn (find out) that you think of my previous letter.
I can meet you in Moscow, it is easier to me to reach.
Tomorrow I shall go to Vladivostok in the American embassy to learn (find out) more particularly about the visa. I shall inform about results later. Unfortunately I do not have friends which have left for
America, but I hope that I can learn (find out) details itself. I have told about us with you the to the girlfriends, they are very glad that I have found the happiness, and that I shall leave to America. Certainly they will miss on me as well as my parents. seems that we already on are close to me with each other, we as if the husband and the wife only, unfortunately, divided (shared) huge distance so much. But not looking on we should continue to love it each other and to trust each other, you with me agree? I that can not do (make) with myself, it is love, she (it) sings in me as a bird in the spring sky. I think that it is destiny it can be dangerous, but I am madly in love with you. Your
letters are filled such heat and care, and at me tears of pleasure sometimes
run. I think " My God, that you have helped me to find thank of my only thing
and I hope that we shall incorporate to it (him) and we shall be are happy. " I
dream of our meeting and about that as we shall walk with you to keep for hands
as we shall look after one after another and as we shall make love. I LOVE YOU,
I WANT YOU, YOU FOR EVER In MY HEART, In MY IDEAS. I dream as you will carry me
on hands to embrace me, to kiss and caress my gentle body. It is a pity that
only dreams and whether it is fated to them to come true the God knows only. I
hope soon to see your letter. Yours Tatyana.


Tatyana's Letter - Oct 12, 2001 -  Tatyana's poem

Greetings my love XXXXX.
Excuse, but I do not have phone. I to think, that it would be good to see you this month.
I did not fly to Vladivostok, but tomorrow I shall try to call in the American embassy and to learn (find out) about cost of the visa. Still I shall call mine to the uncle which works at the international airport in
Vladivostok, it (he) the pilot and it (he) can learn (find out) how many there is a ticket aboard the plane. I try to learn (find out) as much as possible about that how to arrive (fly) to you and to meet you, I do not have not enough patience to wait for this light moment in our life, I want to meet you more soon to jump to you on a neck, to kiss on the mouth you in, to look to you in eyes
and to tell you I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! When you far I feel lonely, you are necessary for me. Ideas about our fast meeting heat to me soul, they support me when at me bad mood, and do (make) me happy. My girlfriends too have noticed that I began to look happier and cheerful, they speak that too would like to leave for America, but they already have which boys they like. I am happy that I have you.
I have written a poem for you:

We'll take a walk together
near the ocean shore,
and I'll kiss your naked body
as you cry with tears of joy...
While I hold you close to me
and keep you from the cold,
we'll whispher to each other
little secrets left untold...
Your busom so inviting
as I beg for your embrace,
it's warmth is so exciting
while tears of pleasure run my face...
And as you lay upon me
I can look into your eyes,
like a gateway into heaven
as the moon begins to rise...
We make love to each other
like the world will never end,
we passionately kiss one another
while time just seems to bend...
I love you so so so so much!!!!!!
And I want you!!!!

I hope it to you it is pleasant, I have
enclosed all love to you these lines. My love boils as a volcano woken by god Eros, she it tries to escape outside, but does not find an exit in absence of you. I wait for our meeting, as the young schoolgirl of the first appointment in life. I think that I am similar on Juliette which waits for a meeting with beloved. But I hope that at us with you all
Will be at all so is sad as at them.

Your love Tatyana.


Tatyana's Letter - Oct. 13, 2001 - Money request letter

Greetings my love XXXXX.
I called in the American embassy, they have advised me to take the visa of the tourist, This visa B-2, she (it) is valid during 90 days. She (it) costs (stands) 320 dollars, but I now do not have such money. If you can, have gone them to me through Western Union, the address of branch:
41 AMURSKAYA STR               
Tatyana Lebedeva
When you will send money you necessarily write ten numbers of a remittance. I am very glad that you want to see me, unfortunately, to meet are necessary money, but money it only a paper, the main thing that we shall meet you. We should trust each other because we like each other and we soon shall meet. I called to the uncle to Vladivostok and it (he) has told that can make to me the ticket at a
discount, but for this purpose it is necessary to know where the international airport nearest to you. Still I talked to my girlfriend which works in travel agency and she (it) has told me that visa B-2 the best variant that to us you to meet. She (it) speaks that when we shall meet we can discuss that as we shall live further. Yesterday I saw sexual dream about us with you, it (he) has very much liked me also I want to tell it (him) to you. To me has dreamed as we with you we meet, as you take me on hands, we go to you home. At you at home we go at once in a bedroom and you start to undress me, our hearts are beaten synchronously, we are passionately kissed also you start to learn (teach) me to
all pleasures of sex. I to love you and I start to understand that love this such strong feeling, I am glad that I could to test it (him) due to you.

With love forever yours Tatyana.


Tatyana's Letter - Oct 15, 2001

Hi my love XXXXX.
I am very glad that has received from you the letter. I am very glad that between us exists Trust, I am simply happy to realize that mine liked to me trusts. Besides I become more sure that we shall meet you soon, because love Can overcome any distances. Certainly there are difficulties, which prevent
To us to incorporate, but we should together them overcome, because all in ours Hands. We should with you meet, because we can not live friend without The friend, you agree with me? Write me that you think about that that we with you in Speed time we shall meet. Whether to me enough you is necessary to know to me trust Or there can be all that about what we with you we write to each other only words? Love Develops of three components: understanding, trust and patience. You agree with
By me? I wait for your answer eternally liking you Tanya.


Tatyana's Letter - Oct 21, 2001

Greetings my love XXXXX. I am happy to read your letter. I so to want to be your lady and yours princess in life. I so strongly to miss on you, my love, that I to not represent life without you. Today I to go on an exhibition French the artist. I to see there a picture where the girl kiss with the man. I long to stand and look on this picture and to present us with you. I to close eyes and to present, that we to be on a coast the river only two. The breeze blows, the years(summer) sun, water in the river very quiet shines. The grass easily shakes and the cane rustles. We sit two on a coast the river and we are happy. You to hold me in the hands and to us so it is good, that more than nothing it is necessary to us also we are ready to sit so all life. Then we to lay in a grass and long long kiss. Ours kiss to dement us and we may not constrain our desires and we to engage love. I was so am excited my ideas, that I might not look a picture any more and I at once to write to you. It is very a pity to me, that it only my dreams. I to want to be with you and to carry out them. You to want it? You to want to see me? I love you also I can not without you. I very much to ask you, that we to be together fast. I am very strong to want to be with you. I to trust, that you to want me and to make everything that we to be together. I shall wait your letter, my love. I love you my Prince. Your Tatyana.

Tatyana's Letter - Oct 32, 2001

Greetings my Prince XXXXX. I am happy to receive the letter from you. Today at me very good mood. Today at my best girlfriend Day Birth. Her(it) call Katya. She(it) to work together with me. We to live near to it(her) and bring up together. I very much to love her(it) and she is my best girlfriend. She(it) always to wish good luck me only happiness. The ambassador work we
shall go to it(her) home and we shall congratulate her(it). I already to buy to it(her) a gift. This fine red dress. I to know, that it very much to like it(her). She(it) to want already for a long time it(him) to buy and dream of it(him) and I to present it(him) to it(her). But this evening will be sad as I shall be one and you can not come with me embrace me, dance with me. All my girlfriends will be with the husband. I shall think of you all day and to miss you, my love. My heart lives, but in it(him) to not suffice affinity to you. I very much to wait our meeting. I may not while embrace you, the kiss to
care of you to make so that you the happiest person in the world was. I am very strong to wait it. Promise me, that we shall be together! Promise me, that you will think of me each day! I love you!!! I shall wait your letter, my love. Yours for ever Tatyana.


Tatyana's Letter - Oct 24, 2001

Greetings my love XXXXX. Excuse, but I do not have photo on the computer more. I to feel like very well. I was fine to have a rest at the girlfriend per day birth. I to buy to it(her) a dress. It very much to like it(her) and she(it) to go in it(him) all evening. She(it) was simply beautiful. It was very cheerful, but I all to think of you, my love. To dream of us. On my person there was a smile, but it only for my girlfriend. My soul was filled grief. I all to think of you and may not present myself without
you. I to leave about a holiday very much early as I am very strong to get tired. I am very strong to want to be with you and to not bear(take out) without you so long. I to want to go to Vladivostok and
to make out the visa. I to dream, that you to meet me in the airport in 11 days. If I to have money to the visa might be together through this small time. I shall require in $320USa for the visa. I already
have passport. I to not know, that I shall do(make) all these days without you. I miss on you, i love you, I believe, that you to want me and can the help to me. I shall wait your letter. I love you. Yours

Tatyana's Letter - Oct 25, 2001

Greetings my love of thank for the fine letter. I would be happy to send you a copy the passport, but now I can not find the scanner. The old scanner has broken, and new may not buy yet. When I close my eyes, I see you near to me - two hearts bound in a circle of love. Two bodies (body) pressed closely to each other. I to kiss your lips and I embrace you intense. I steadfastly look in your eyes, and our souls are united. I feel your connection of passion with mine, and we are engaged love in strong passion. I know, that I may be all the person in whom you will require ever this life. I can be your best friend and your fan(amateur) (beloved). I let's you all freedom do(make)
regardless of the fact that you to want.. My intuition informs me, that you be that. I to give you the address bank, where you may send money to the visa:
41 AMURSKAYA STR               
Tatyana Lebedeva
I shall wait your letter, my love. Yours forever Tatyana.