Magadan, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address:   Magadan, Russia

e-mail: prelestb23561@yandex.ru  and irina_gl_1@gmx.net



I met Ekaterina on the date.com site. Her ID there is: prelestb23501. I suspect her to be a classical visa/ticket scammer.









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Ekaterina's Letter:

Hi my darling!
I'm in Moscow now! I'm so happy that I've get acquainted with you!
I've spoken with my aunt and I was told that I could come to you rather easily but I have to get the Schengen visa. I think that it'll be the easiest way for me to get it to the Germany. I've found out
that I have to pay about 500$ for it. But I have a good news for you about the tickets. My aunt's friend could get the airline ticket for me for the half of the price! It is excellent! I was told that I could
get the ticket on price about 350$.
I would like to chat with you on ICQ. My number is 161631211. My nick name is kristalnaya .
I would like to come to you as soon as possible. But I don't want to bother you with your visiting Sarajevo. Will it be very diggicult for you to cancel it? I'll be waiting for you!
With love from Moscow your Ekaterina