Metelkina Elena

Ekaterenburg, Russia


Tel. - n/a

Address: Chekistov st. 1-8, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA


DOB: 10/4/81


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Dear Elena,
I would like to report to you about a scammer from Ekaterinburg name Lena Metelkina. Her address is Lena Metelkina, Chekistov st. 1-8, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA 620137 and her DOB is . She currently has a profile listed at Matchdoctor as lena00001. She has no phone at home of course but her friend's phone number is 7-34-32-555428 . She is also very poor and in her words "money can not buy you happiness", the usual scammer story. She falls in love after only a few letters and wants to visit me in the U.S. . 
Amazingly she can get a tourist visa from "Ovir Travel Company (7-3432-446534). The number of the agency where she is a model is 7-3432-651480. This travel company must be very good, as they can get her a tourist visa, passport and airline tickets in only a few weeks. All that she needs is for me to send her $350 for her tourist visa and passport and only $811 for airline tickets to the States ( How come I can never find such good prices on airline tickets at these scammers seem to be able to <LOL>? ) .
I can send her the money by wire transfer to a close friend with a bank account. This poor girl is very knowledgeable about Western Union and banking information and must have studied it in school.
The banking information is:
Beneficiary name: Galina Egorovna Pavluk (first middle last name)
Beneficiary account number: 501 570 822
Beneficiary Bank name: URALVNESHTORGBANK
Bank location: Chebyshev Str., 4 letter C
                       620062, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Beneficiary Bank SWIFT Code: UBFO RU 4E

Intermediary Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York
Account number: 001-1-907219

I think her photos will look superb with her other scammer friends and someday hopefully, she will get the money she has been so patiently waiting for from me.


S. H. ( Scam Hunter )


Elena's introductory letter

Elena's request for $350 for visa

Elena's request for $$ for tickets


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Lena's Introductory Letter - June 04, 2002

Hi dear XXXXX,
I am very happy that you choose me and write me a letter.
My English is not so good , but i do my best. I learn English
at school and little at the college. My language is Russian.
I am very serious person. I  want to find the kind husband,
fond of me, and  create family with him. I like children very
much and i want to have children in the future. (boy and girl)
I am  seriously searching for true love in my future partner.
I want to love and be loved. Love is worth living for.
Faithfulness, honesty and loyalty are very important to me,
as i shall be the same way to my beloved husband. I want
a loving husband by my side. I want that he support me,
care me, love me, respect me and enjoy me always.
He has to be intelligent enough to understand my knowledge
and intellect.Together i want to create a healthy loving family
with wonderful children.
I don't like divorce.I have a lady friend of mine. Her parents
devorced when she was 5 y.o.And practically all life she
grew without the father. My parents work very hard and we
are not rich and consequently we do not have car and
beautiful house and so on. I do not have brothers and sisters.
But i have one half brother living Ukraine. Our family is poor
but we love and respect each other.I think money is not
important thing in our  life. Money can not buy happiness.
Today when i go home  i tell my parents about you.
More about me:
My full name Elena Metelkina (Lena - short name, my friends
call me Lena)
My birthday 4th of October 1981,
I live in city Yekaterinburg on Ural, on border of
Europe and Asia. I finish Ural Economic college , in a
structure manager economist.
I have a lot of hobbies : cooking, fashion, music, theatres,
books, cinema, video but also certainly sports. I regularly go
on shaping and sometimes play table tennis. I like to eat
healthy food ( salads, vegetables, fish, seafood, chicken
of course). I am a main cook in our family. I like travelling.
I have been in many country in Russia and Ukraine, but i
never been abroad. I can only dream of it. My favorite
dream. I want to be a radio DJ. I like to dance and go to
night clubs with my friends. I like classical music also(Mozart,
Buh).But best of all i like russian pop music.And certainly
of many foreign executors (Madonna, Sting, U2 and many
others). My life in Yekaterinburg is not so simple. I finished
the college  this year and now i want to find a good job.
But it is not simple to find a good job here. I help my parents
and work at the agency, like a photo model. I am not a
professional model, i do it only for fun and they pay me a little.
Unfortunately i don't have a phone and of course internet.
I write you letters from one internet cafe.
I  would like to see your pictures,  is it possible???
Sending you some pictures, hope you like them.
Take care and write back soon.
Sincerely yours



Lena's Letter - June 07, 2002

Hi dear XXXXX,
I really happy to hear from you too. Thanks for your photo,
i like it very much.  It's interesting to receive  the email
from man of another country.I want to tell you about
me and my life. I am cheerful woman, i think that the people
don't must be gloomy. I like to see movies usualy it's romantic
movies, comedies. Favorite things to do: i like cooking very
much, listen a music,reading, watching a TV set.I like theatres,
museums and any kind of exhibitions and sports, i regularly go
on shaping aerobics and sometimes play table tennis. Now i
want to tell you where i live. So, i live in Ekaterinburg.
There are many beautiful places here.
I have the purpose: i want to find my soulmate, i'm looking for
companion of life with which i want to be. Of course i don't
want to make mistake.You may think : why am i looking for
man in other country? I think: Our country is beautiful of course,
but there are some problems. There are financial problems
in our country. Every day i help my parents with a house.
I am working at the model agency. But i do it only for money.
As you know it is very difficult to earn a good money here.
I recieve two thousand rubles, it is 60 US dollars per month.
Relations where i live is very hard, because people are cruel
and greedy. It derivates drunkenness among the men, growth
of number of criminal elements. I had a bad experience with
one russian guy. I loved him,but he began to drink, like an
alcoholic and now i am finally disappointed in russian men.
So, i decided to find my man in internet from other country.
In future, if i shall have a children i  want that they must live in
normal society.
You need to know that i am very honest person, beleive me, my
heart open for you.You make a right decision, when you write me.
I want to tell you something. Before i met you,  i received some
letters from other guys.But, now i told them,"Thank You, i found
the men of my dreams." It is you XXXXX (smile) So, please be
honest with me too  and i could give you everything you want
(love, respect, friendship.....)
No my English is not so good, only one thing, i speak English
better then write on english. I learn English at school about
3 years and little at the college.
How do i stay in such good shape and have such a beautiful figure?
First, thanks, i have told you before that i like sports very very
much. Three or four time per week i am running 2-3 km in the
morning. Also i  visit a training hall etc. I like sea very much, i have
been there (Sochi) 5 years ago with my parents. I have been
to Moscow of course, it's our capital, Samara, Kiev, but i've
never been to St. Peterburg.
I see that you kind, attentive, clever and very romantic person.
Ok, i have to go now, write you more later.
Take care and write back. Kisses and Hugs,
Sincerely your
P.S. My postal home address
620137 postal code
Chekistov st. 1-8
By the way how much photos have you received from me?
I have sent you 3 last time.



Lena's Letter - June 19, 2002

Hi my dear XXXX,
I am really happy to hear from you today, sorry for the dalay
i don't have time to write you earlier.I am fine and hope the
same with you. First of all i tell you that i don't have phone at
home, but if you want to talk with me, i can ask my friends who
have it and we can organize phone conversation. We so far
away from each other, but i am thinking of you alot and dream
about our meeting in the future. Every time when i see your
picture my feeling become stonger and stronger.I don't know
if i should tell  you this but the first time we made contact on
the net, you gave me the tingles inside me. I had a boyfriends here,
but they wants from me only physical relationship. I even told my
friends here that i am not interested in having physical relations
because i want to find a partner that is compatable with me so that
we can have marrage and children. I told my parents about you
and they transfer you warm regards. I told them maybe one day
i leave russia and come US. They told me "Lena you are not a
little  girl and don't worry  about us, happy" .
I want to ask you something, don't get mad and please answer me
honestly. Are you able to start a new life with me, or you want to
find another one? I am serious person and i want in relationship
love, affection, romance, caring, trust, loyalty and someone who
wants to make love and to enjoy a life.I want to be and i have a
lot of love to give... If you are not want to be with me in the
future and all our correspondence just for fun for you, let me know
asap then i am NOT interested... I am being completely honest
with you.... Please take this letter as not an insult to your integrity,
but my feelings for you will become very strong, culminating in love,
once i am convinced that your intentions are as honourable as mine...
Marriage is a big step for me and i think we'll need to know each
other first, but i don't know how to do it through email service,
i mean our correspondence. If we meet in a person first and
learn each other better, everyone of us can say...  ready, or
not for marriage.  And if we approach each other at our first
meeting we can arrange our marriage. Believe me, i am seriously
searching for a true love and i want to be sure in my future
partner.  Ok, have to go home now, hope to hear from you soon
Take care. Thinking of you alot. Many  Kisses and Hugs,
Your Lena
P.S. I would like to come to Chicago if you invite me.



Lena's Letter - June 20, 2002

Hi XXXXX my dearest,
I am so happy to hear from you. Of course i will send
you more photos, it's not a problem for me, i'll do it
tomorrow, or today in the evening. How are you, i hope
fine? I have a lot of news for you my dear. I have talked
with my parents yesterday about you and about my coming
to your city and they told me YES!!! I hope it does no metter
for you if i fly to Chicago. But first of all, you right, we need
to talk about it by phone. I'll give you my friends phone number
and we'll talk this weekend, or friday. Do you know that we
have 10 hours difference between our cities? Now it's day
(3 pm here) and early morning (5 am ) in Chicago. So we ahead
you on 10 hours. I've called at the time service. It would be better
if you call to my friends house than agency. The best time for
me between 8 and 10 pm my time (10 - 12 am yours ). How
does it sound for you, let me know? I have some questions:
How long our fisrt meeting will be? Do you want that i have
stayed there forever(American Marriage License) or for a short
visit for example 2 weeks and come back to Russia? In any
case i need to go to American consulate here and found out
about visa and everything. Write me back asap and i will give
you # phone, date and time and we'll talk about everything.
Take care and be safe,
Million Kisses and Hugs,
Your always Lena


Lena's Letter - June 21, 2002 - $350 for visa

Hi my dearest XXXXX,
I can't sleep last night, because all my dreams was
about you and our meeting. I am so happy and excited
also, because we'll be together soon. I have been at the
consulate today and now i  tell you what i need honey.
I told him your location. Also that i am going there with
the purpose of a marriage. People there told me that it is
impossible to make it right now. We need to meet for one
month first and make a special papers, common pictures etc.
And they offered me to obtain a tourist visa and international
passport and in process i need to buy round - trip ticket. And
after since month they can give me fiance visa and of course
we can marry. I hope it's not scared you, in other case i can
receive fiance visa later(3 month, when we make a decission)
First i need to receive an international passport and tourist
one month visa. It costs: $350.  I told them that i am going to
fly July. All documents will be ready in 2 weeks or maybe little
more. Also i called to air company. I've asked about cheapest
price to Chicago. They have offered me round-trip ticket from
Ekaterinburg to Moscow open date on July 10, economical class.
And from Moscow to Chicago ( name of the airport XXX, yes?)
So if i buy this tickets i can fly 10 July and at 3 pm your time you'll
meet at XXX airport. My flight will be through Paris. If it
everything approaches for you XXXXX i need to have 350 USD
at the begining next week. You have told me that you help me with
expenses, yes, because it's not real for me to get this amount of
money. Maybe you know how to send it to me? I don't know, but
i'll try to found out tomorrow. I have to go now, i am so tired today.
Please let me know why you need the phone number of the agency?
The phone number of my friends 7 - 3432- 555428.
Lot's of love and Million Hotest Kisses
Your always Lena
P.S. Open 4 pictures at the next letter.

Lena's Letter - June 22, 2002 - Travel agency information

Hi XXXXX my sweetheart,
I have missed you very much too and of course i am very happy to receive
your letter. I have several more pictures and i will send you tomorrow. I am
fine and hope the same with you. I can't wait to meet with you in airport. So
you agree if i fly to you July 10 ? We need to hurry up, because making all the
documents takes time. Tourist visa and international passport will be ready in
2 weeks after i pay the funds. Now i know how you need to send the money.
I've asked at one bank here and people there told me about western union
system. Most of  banks here have this system. Western union the most fast,
safe and reliable way to transfer funds worldwide. I've asked about this system.

They say that the sender must to know full name of receiver, the country, the
I've asked about reliable they said that it's simply and reliably: When sender
send it, sender receive the secret ten digits code which he must  to inform to
receiver.  The receiver must have identification of person, so i have it. And i
can receive money at the same day when you sent it. I sure it works. XXXXX found
out about this and let me know today. You have all info about me, but i am
writting you again.
My postal home address
620137 postal code
Chekistov st. 1-8
and full name
Elena Metelkina
Thank you again for understanding, financial situation in our counrty very bad
and it's hard to earn a good money here, it's necessary to make a choice:
food or clothes. It' s so inconvenient for me to ask you about it, but this
money help us to be together.
The name of travel company  OVIR
address: Treritina 15. Phone number : 7 - 3432 - 446534, about email,
i don't know but i will found out if you want.
Phone number agency 7-3432 - 651480, but people there do not speak
english, i think you need to use friends phone number. I can't wait to hear
your voice.
I have to go now honey, i will check my mail box later, write back soon.
Million Kisses, Hugs and Lots of  Love,
Your always Lena


Lena's Letter - June 22, 2002 - $$ for the tickets

Oh my dearest XXXXX,
Thanks for the quick answer, i am so happy. I am sending you
several pictures as i promise. Hope you like them. I have been
at the travel company again and now i know flight number: AF332
Air France 3:00 pm    ( XXX Intl Arpt) 10 July. Costs: 621 USD
and ticket from Ekaterinburg to Moscow 190 USD. So, full amount
of money 1161 USD with visa, passport and everything. I have made
the reservations and i need to pay as soon as possible. I don't know
about travel money, i think it's not so much and my parents help me
with that. About bank account, of course i don't have it, i've  asked
how to create it. People at the bank told me about this.
And i understood  that:
1. Very expensive to create. (100 USD)
2. Takes a very big % at reception.
3. So long. (10 days min or maybe more after you wire, we don't have
time) Through western union on my name, very fast (one hour) and safe,
let me know what do you think. People at the bank told me that
you have this system there. I have to go now, i'll check my mail box
again, it's 9 pm here. I miss you and can't wait to give you a real hot
Your forever Lena



Lena's Letter - June 23, 2002

Hi my dearest XXXXX,
I am very happy to hear from you today. I have a lot of news.
1. My mother have a close friend Galina and she have a bank
account and we absolutely trust her. Information:
Beneficiary name: Galina Egorovna Pavluk (first middle last name)
Beneficiary account number: 501 570 822
Beneficiary Bank name: URALVNESHTORGBANK
Bank location: Chebyshev Str., 4 letter C
                       620062, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Beneficiary Bank SWIFT Code: UBFO RU 4E

Intermediary Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York
Account number: 001-1-907219

Honey bank take 3 % from this sum i have told you (35 USD)
so try to wire 1200 USD, ok. People at the bank told me that
transfer takes about one week, so please do it as soon as possible,
today, or monday.
2. Also we have money gram system here, this system like a western
union but more cheaper and take one day.
I want to meet with you July 10 so badly and i hope i get the funds
without problems. But please found out about money gram it'll be
very good if you have it there. I am really happy that you like my
last pictures, but my dear i don't have more scan pictures now.
I have to go now, i will check my mail box later, hope you write me.
Many kisses and hugs
Your always Lena