Mironeko Valentina

Lugansk, Ukraine / Taganrog, Russia / Krasnodon, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: Lugansk, Ukraine / Taganrog, Russia / Krasnodon, Russia


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Dear Elena,
I would like to report to you about a scammer Valentina Mironeko. I first contacted her through Match.com where her profile "valmir" and she is 25 years old and live Lugansk, Ukraine allegedly.  I became suspicious when I also saw her profile newly listed on Friendfinder.com as "mermaid3000" and now is from Taganrog, Russia and 26 years old and has a different birthday from the one she had given to me in our correspondences.  She also has a profile posted on americansingles as "Valentina" profile # 5296885 and is from Krasnodon?  After a couple of letters to her I was requested by "Fortune Agency" of Lugansk to send $100 so that we may continue our letters. She supposedly was very interested in continuing our correspondences and there was a letter waiting for me from Valentina, but I need to send the money in order to get it.  I was finally able to get Valentina's home address after I promised the agency that I would pay them money to continue our correspondence. I had flowers sent to her home for her birthday by another flower service agency and had photos taken of her receiving flowers.  Her address by the way is Valentina Mironeko, Matrosova Street, 4-17, Schastie, Lugansk Region, Ukraine, 91000. The driver said that she was not very cooperative in helping him get a good photo of her at all and the photos of her that I had sent to the flower agency did not seem to be the same person as the driver said that he was 70% certain that this was not the same person or that the photos could have been when Valentina was much younger.  I also wrote her a letter by another mail forwarding agency to her home and explained to her that she could now write to me by this agency and it would not cost her any money at all.  I have never heard back from her at all, not even a thank you for the flowers, surprise, surprise (smile).
I have written to Valentina once again this time through Friendfinder.com and I got back the exact same letter as I had first received from her from her original letter that she had sent to me by Match.com (another surprise). At least, I would think that they could remember who they had written to in the past (smile). 
I have written to this "Fortune" agency to the women in charge and asked her to explain to me how "Valentina" could live in three different locations and have three different ages and at least two different birthday ( The other site at americansingles did not post her birthday).  I have not heard back from them at all, surprise, surprise (smile).  I will include for you her photos including the one the flower agency sent to me and I think she will look splendid on your "Wall of Shame". 

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From Flowers Delivery comany's manager  to S.H., Dec 12, 2001

our agent took a look at all three photos and told that for 70% it's not Valentina he met yesterday (or at least it's not this or even last years photos).
He wrote that a girl he met was a nice looking one, with big breasts and quite long blond hair, but she did not look even close to that gorgeous girl on your photos. We think that photos were taken several years ago when she was younger and the smallest photo (in a blue swimming suit) was taken may be even 4-5 years ago. Of course, we know how a photo professional can make nice photos of ugly person, but anyway our agent does not think that those photos were taken this or last year.
Valentina he met looked much mature, yes she is nice and beautiful, but as a woman, not as a teenager as on your photos.
Yes, her case looks very suspicious, though the thing that she has a computer at home does not mean that she has Internet connection (that is very expensive in Ukraine). We know her address, her tel.number and if you wish we can transfer your letters to Valentina and her answers to you. At least it'll show - does she interested in you (in this case she'll answer your letters through our partners) or your $100 to her Agency (she won't reply at all or reply through her Agency and they asked money again).
Sorry for bad quality photos, but Valentina really did not help our agent to make good ones.
D. P.  [manager's first and last name were removed by Mr. S. H. request]

From "Fortune" agency to S. H. - Oct. 18, 2001

Dear , XXXXX,
In our agency there is a letter for you from your lady Valentina. Unfortunately,we can't translate  and send it to you,because your lady is not capable to pay for the services of the agency connected with your correspondence any more. Could you be so kind, to inform us what should we do in that case. Should we give her letter
back to her? Are you interested in this correspondence?

If you are interested and you will pay for the correspondence (at least 100$) we will provide you with all necessary information about your lady: her postal address, her full name , her phone, where you can contact her, and we will send some of Valentina's recent pictures. Also we will arrange free English lessons for your lady during 1 month. Valentina is very serious lady and she never play games with other people's feelings. She is really very interested in your furtherncorrespondence and she asks you for help.

We are looking forward to your reply.
There are  our prices  for letters' translation :
1. Per 1 letter - 6$ ,
but  if you pay in advance (beforehand), the price will be :
2.  only for 20 letters - 100$ ( 5$ a letter),
3.  only for 40 letter - 180$ (4,5$ a letter).
4.  printing only 1 photo - 3$

Inna Vitsentiy,
Account manager.

From "Fortune" agency to S. H. - Oct. 26, 2001

 Dear XXXX,
We understand your worries, but you should understand, that we work with real girls, who are very interested in finding their soul mates. If we were only a scam, the girl would never apply to our agency . You know that it is very easy to make the bad reputation to the agency. If you need, we will give you the information about our agency, i.e street address, phone number, the name of the chief.
Street address: Ukraine, 91000 Lugansk, Sovetskaya street, 14. The name of our chief is Lubov Perlifonova. The contact phone number is (38-0642)56-22-23 You should understand that it is very difficult to prove that we are the honest agency, among such amount of scam in the Internet, but try  to believe us.
We will [rovide you with Valentina's postal address: Ukraine, 91000, Lugansk region, Schastie, Matrosova street, 4-17. Think about it.. Valentina is serious lady, and she deserves to be happy with you.
Hope on your understanding,

Inna Vitsentiy,
Account manager.


Valentina's Letter - Oct. 02, 2001

Hi, dear XXXX,
I am happy to receive your letter, and I hope it is not the last one. I want to tell something about me and my inner world. I hope that this can help you to know a bit more about me, and my interest as well as my personality.

As to my features of character, I am : Creative, Passionate, Loving, sensitive, affectionate, determined, hard
working, funny, active, a great Dancer, a magical chef in the kitchen, wonderful with kids, great sense of humor, easy going,straight forward, honest, well balanced right brain and left brain, intuitive, swimmer, tennis player, ambitious, always striving for better, perfectionist, warm, make people feel comfortable at once, interesting conversationalist. Self sufficient, appreciative, realizing the best moment in life, and try to enjoy every second of it. What am I looking for in this contacts? Well, it is new experience for me. I hope (pray) to meet my someone special. My soul mate, my best friend, my passionate lover. The man who would become everything for
me. Sometimes I would like him to be my wise friend. Sometimes, when I sad, I would like him to hold me in his arms, say he loves me. Sometimes, when he feels badly, I would take care about him, kiss him and whisper "everything will be OK, my baby". So, what am I looking for? I am looking for the man who would love me, respect me and take care about me. I can promise the same from my side. I wish we would understand each other even without words.
If you are interested in me and want to know more, write to me,and tell me about your interests, your every day life, your job. And I will appreciate very much if you send me your recent picture.

Hope to hear from you again very soon,
Write at valentinamod@chat.ru


Valentina's Letter - Oct 09, 2001

Hi, dear XXXXX,
How are you there? I hope this letter finds you doing well. I am sorry for my late response, but I am very busy at the moment, so don't be angry. I am very interested in our further relations and so it will be a great pity for me if we lose the connection. Thank you for your wonderful pictures, you are very charming man.
I want you to know more about me, so I will tell you about my interests. I like open space,as fresh air of mountains and sea. I like very much to see stars,especially the moon,when is great and brightly,in warm nights
of summer,and to think that everybody desire it can see in the same moon in every part of the world. But it is so sad to have this romantic moments without a person close to me,who is agree about this simply but nice feelings.
I am open minded,and able to understand a different culture,because I am motivated about this. I have a dream to be able to come home from work, give my husband a big kiss a
hug and tell him I missed him during the day. To be able to sit down at the dinner table together as a family and talk about the events of the day and our plans for some future outing or something we would like to do. To be able to call my sweetheart during the day and take him out to lunch and maybe shopping
or have him just show up at the office and take me out if he wanted to. To be able
to bring home a small gift (maybe not so small) to let him know I was thinking of him during the day.  For I have always believes that there is no "me" in family only a whole lot of "us". I dream of quiet evenings together by the fire in the winter and long walks on warm moonlit nights in the summer. I have been called a bit old fashioned at times but I would like to think I am just a hopeless romantic at heart.
I would like to believe that in a relationship a man and a woman should be as equal as possible. They should both give and take, listen and voice their opinion be able to share their thoughts, feelings and Love for each other
without expecting anything in return. By both husband and wife giving to each other then neither should feel they are always giving and never receiving anything in return. I would very much like my future man to be my best friend and confidant then my lover and last but not least my husband. I put them in
this order because you can be friends without being lovers, husband and wife without being friends and lovers without being either. But to have your mate be your best friend first your lover then your husband or wife seems to me to be the best of all worlds.
 I would very much like to learn so much more about you, your dreams for yourself, I am interested in your feelings on family, how you see your roll in the family? Are you interested in pursuing a career? What are your favorite colors and what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Here I go asking far too many
questions, well I hope you know I am just interested in learning about you. I invite you to ask me anything at all about me, I will try to be as open an honest as possible, please do not worry about offending me as I have pretty thick skin and I do not offend easily. ha-ha-ha Now I am a student, I am finishing my last year in the University, and at the same time I work as an accountant part-time. It is not very well-paid job, but I hope that in the future I will have a chance to find more paid job. My birthdays is coming soon, on the 24th of
October. My mail address is Ukraine, 91000, Lugansk, Sovetskaya 14-34.

Close up for now,
Kiss you,
Have a nice day,


Valentina's letter - Oct 12, 2001

Hi again XXXXX,
I enjoyed hearing what you had to say about yourself, your life in
your previous letter . I hope that we will get to know each other well
so that we both will want to meet someday soon.

The events that took place in our world over the last few weeks place many things
into perspective and makes it clear that life is precious and one should live every
day to its fullest. I hope you agree.

My life these days is quite busy with work, but not so busy that I cannot find time
to spend with someone who has taken hold of my heart. As I mentioned
before, I am an accountant, and a student at the same time, but this
year I am graduating from the Institute , and I find that my life, while interesting,
is sometimes stressful and I would like to have someone at home, waiting for me
with open arms, who I can talk with about our days together and who I can hold in
my arms and leave my work behind. I like to cuddle and kiss, how about
you? I also love massages, how about you.

I have enjoyed this summer, hiking each weekend, but it looks like summer is in its
final days and fall is upon us, with winter soon to follow. I do not mind the winter,
though, my preference is the summer.

I think that I will be a good, loving wife to my husband, though I have never been
married and must assume that this will be the case. With the right person, I think
that I will be a good mother also.

I am a big animal lover and love most types of animals, though things like snakes
and rats do not excite me.

I have a very dry sense of humor and will make fun of myself more so than someone
else. though I will poke fun at someone from time to time. Once I know someone, I like
to talk about life and other intriguing topics. I guess I am a bit shy until I get to
know someone, and then, once that happens, I open up quite a bit. I think with the
right person at my side, I can open up even more.

I live in Lugansk with my parents.  Lugansk is a not very big town with terrific
scenery and wonderful people.  The public school is excellent and the people
supportive and broad minded.
My other relatives, such as grandparents, cousins, all live quite a distance away.
I see them a few times a year. Unfortunately, I am the only child at
my parents, and I don't have any brothers or sisters.

I am just in no hurry to have to be with someone for the sake of being with someone.
When I marry it will be with my soul mate and it will be for life. I guess I am also a
hopeless romantic and hope that my partner is that way also. I find that I care for a
person that I am dating and spend a good amount of time thinking of
ways to please him and make his feel safe, warm and happy. I also hope he can be
playful and adventurous and sexy all at the same time.

I like the simple things in life. The joy of making someone smile and hearing them
laugh. The pleasure of watching someone sleep and seeing them wake up in the morning
and kiss each other as the sun comes up. I love sipping coffee and listening to the
radio or TV on a lazy snowy morning and talking about the days ahead and behind.

So how about you. Tell me what makes you happy and sad.  What type of
woman do you look for in your dreams.

I really do hope that we get to know each other and find that after all our
searching, we are meant for each other.

Write me when you can. But try as soon as possible. OK?

Take good care,
Kiss you,


Valentina's Letter - Oct 15, 2001

Hi dear, XXXX,
I am very happy to receive your letter, and for telling me more about
yourself. You are a great man with many qualities. I'm interested to know
what's really behind this beautiful letters.

I will try to tell a little bit more about myself. To have a good family is very
imported for me, I thing we both know what love is, and what it's mean to have someone
special in or life. The last year I been on my own, It takes time to find the
right one, and that time I have promise myself, I'm not interested in a short
relationship but in a long and eternal loving relationship. I love children and
I want some, but it's important that they never end as "child of divorced parents".
You can touch my feelings and make my heart go crazy I will promise you many days
of sun-shine, and only few rainy days, I will give you all my love, tenderness,
interest, I'll be there to make you smile.

Are you interested to know a little about my family, my mother is very sweet and tall
woman she is working on a hospitality and my father is resign from his
job, he is of course nice and understanding man.

Ok let's see, I have many healthy interest, I love to travel, summer holiday I love
to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun.

Other things that I appreciate is of course my family, friends, to have a great job,
to have the freedom to do thinks, to be happy about the way I can live my life, but my
biggest wish is to find a nice man for lifetime.

I like to go to concert, my taste of music is very versatile, but I don't like heavy
metal, I like very most to dance.  I like movies. So you see I'm a person
who is open for many things, likes new experience.

I'm very serious about you, I like to know you better. I am not
playing games in the Internet, I really need a loving husband, and I
think you are a marvellous man .Tell me more about yourself,
send a nice letter with more photos.
My birthday is coming soon, it is on the 24th of October.
I will be happy to answer your question. Take got care of yourself and I hope life
will keep your smiling.

Kiss you passionately,


Valentina's Letter Nov 05, 2001

Hi, my sweet XXXXX,
I miss you terribly, I miss your letters very much, because your warm
words make me comfortable in this world. Finally I have met a man who
is so caring, tender and intelligent. I feel the connection between us.
You know, last night I have been looking at a clear sky. Stars
and silver moon were looking friendly down on me. I have kissed each
star and told them to bring my kisses to you; I have hugged the moon
and told it to hug you for me. I asked the wind to fly and touch your
face. I wanted him to let you know that I was thinking about you all
the time. I applied to the sun, I asked it to wake you up in the
morning very tenderly, to kiss you and say "good morning, my dear".
I met birds which were flying to your side. I told them about my
feelings and they promised to come to you and stay near your place.
They will sing for you in the morning the song of love. Please, dear,
be nice with them, they will take care about you.
Did you feel my morning kiss? I hope you did.

You know , I got the message, that you sent a present to me. It had to
be delivered to me last Friday, but there was no one with the present.
I was waiting for it during the whole day, but no one came.
May be you can clear up, what is going on???

Hope to hear from you again,
With all my heart,
Kiss you very tenderly,