(aka Jemma-11, aka Anna Tsyganok)

Donetsk / Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: 51 Chernomorskaya 91006 Donetsk / Lugansk, Ukraine

e-mail: chukchabase@ukr.nettopjem@ukr.net 

DOB: April 09 1976

Hello Alert,

I am reporting a potential scammer, Elena. I have been in touch with her on several occasions and can send you more emails if needed. She has asked me for money , and also I saw her on your web site so I am suspicious. She also uses Kiss.com under the alias Jemma-11.

Please investigate.



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From: topjem < topjem@ukr.net
Reply-To: topjem < topjem@ukr.net
Subject: . . . : : : : Short note from Elena : : : : . . .
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 11:59:31 +0300


Thank you for the message you sent me. It's rather nice to get it
because you hardly know me.

So I want to tell you something about me. I am a living person :) My
name is Elena. I was born on April 09 1976. I am Aries, if you believein such things�

I work as an economist at Ukrainian State Phone Company. My work is dealing with some researches in sales of our service, etc (studying the needs of Ukrainian phone communication market, and so on). It's a nice job and I like it a lot.

I am a common person, that's why I spend my pastime like others:
socialize, listen to music, meet friends, and go to cafe or just for a

Well, it's all for today� I don't want to overwhelm you with my letter


P. S. By the way, I send this letter to all the men who replied to my profile� Because I think we have chance to choose� So don't be offended of its common form :)

From: topjem < topjem@ua.fm
Reply-To: topjem < topjem@ua.fm
Subject: >>> Hi XXXXX <<<
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 16:09:37 +0200

Hi, my dear XXXXX!

I was very glad to get your letter. Thank you for it.

You know I want to tell you something about my real life.

I like my work, because I help people. My boss is very strict and dull
person. He thinks that he is the centre of all existing world. And all
his thoughts on this point drive me crazy. I'm sick and tired to
listen to his words about how awfully good and cool he is. But he's my
boss and that's all. I don't make any problem of it. But when it
suddenly appears (it seems to me that every time problems appear
suddenly) I try to do all my best to find the proper way of solving
it. When I can't do it myself there are people helping me: my family
and friends (but saying the truth I try always to do it myself,
because I think that's my problem and I have no right to involve
somebody in it).

I live with my parents, and I have a brother, he lives with us too. We
are very friendly and help each other in everything. It's impossible
for us to stay indifferent when one of us feels pain. But we share not
only joy we share happiness too.

I think family is a necessary basis for a person, friends can deceive,
but parents and brother are your nearest people forever. They won't
envy you if you succeed, they will help you if you are in need, and
they will laugh with you if you are happy. My parents live together
for a long time, but my brother and I see how they love each other. I
know ho to create the family and how to keep relations strong.

I went to a usual school, but before it I attended the kindergarten.
Second about the kindergartens: parents, if they want to do it, can
bring their child there beginning from the age of 2. The child can
stay in the kindergarten till he or she is 6 or 7. (Sometimes there
was a lot of fun, but sometimes it was like an orphanage - everybody
was angry with you and you felt their hatred). Then the school was. We
have compulsory school education (from 1 to 9 forms (or classes)) then
you have a choice either you continue your school education (to 11 or
12 form) or go to a college (high school) or to a vocational school.
After finishing one of them you can enter the University, Academy or
Institute. If you want you can continue your education and get the
degree. Now I work as an economist.

Waiting for your letters,
Sincerely yours,

From: topjem < topjem@ua.fm
Reply-To: topjem < topjem@ua.fm
Subject: >>> Hi XXXXX <<<
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 23:44:36 +0300

Hi, my dear XXXXX!

Thank you for the wonderful letter you sent me...

How is your life? How was your day?

Yes, sometimes we have almost the same problems like in Moldova.. I
live quite far away from it... I live in Eastern part of Ukraine, in a
city called Donetsk :)

I want to tell you something about my common day (maybe it's too big
monologue of my own, sorry for it in advance).

Well, I work six days per week from 09:00 to 19:00, but Sundays� It's
a pity but I have the only day for weekend :(

So I wake up at 7.30 every day to be at time (it takes me 30 minutes
to get there by bus. So I have to use municipal busses service). I
live in the suburbs, as you understand. The place where I live is
called a "sleeping area" because there are a lot of blocks of the
houses and no plants, etc (people just wake up, go to the place of
working and return home to sleep that's why it's a "sleeping area").

Then I work till 13:00. At this time we have lunch. So I can go to the
nearest cafe and eat something�

Ukrainians usually eat Ukrainian food.

Let's begin with breakfast. There's no common time for Ukrainians to
have their breakfast. It depends on the time they have to be at the
place of working. But usually we drink coffee or tea with some toast
with butter or jam; it can be something like scrambled eggs, an omelet
or even a soup (it depends on what food people can afford).

Then (at the noon) we have a dinner (or lunch). There are usually
three courses: 1) something like soup (there are different kinds of
them), 2) some meat course and rice (or pasta, or potatoes, or etc)
and a salad, 3) a juice (or coffee, or tea) and something sweet (like
cakes, pastry, etc).

Then it's a suppertime. Usually we take it at home after work. It can
be something dairy, some salad, some porridge, sweet, etc (there's no
common course, but usually it's almost the same as breakfast).

Well, it's all about meals.

At 14:00 my lunch break is over and I start working again� And I work,
work and work, till 19:00 when it's time to go home�

I help my mom to prepare some meals, can listen to music, read
something, watch TV, visit some of my friends�

Then it's high time to sleep�. And the next morning seems to be the
same copy of one of my days�

Your Elena

P. S. Give me your phone number :) 

From: topjem < topjem@ua.fm
Reply-To: topjem < topjem@ua.fm
Subject: >>> It's E - l - e - n - a, anybody home? <<<
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 20:52:47 +0300

Hi, my dear XXXXX!

Thank you for the letter you sent me :)

I understand that if I fall in love with a foreigner I'll have to
leave my country. Of course it will be difficult for me, but I do
believe if he loves me he'll help me with everything, and I also think
that it's possible for me to find friends there. What do you think?

As for our men, they don't behave themselves as men. I mean I want to
be treated like a lady. I expect from him to open the door before I do
this, help me to put my coat on, not let me carry heavy things and
treat me like a cook or laundress. Of course it will be a pleasure for
me to cook for my man, but I'd like him to help me sometimes. I think
it's more interesting and funny to cook together. Do you agree?

What do you like in your life? I mean all these simple things. As for
me, I like honey (my dad says that Winy- the-Pooh is a wrong
character for the cartoon, it should have been me because he couldn't
eat so many honey barrels as I could).

Love stories are my passion, also my dad says that is absolutely
impossible to see them more than 22 minutes. Frankly speaking, I can't
believe him, because I don't consider men to be so harden and not able
to cry. Am I right?

I also like historical movies. My favourite is Polish one called "With
the Fire and the Sword" (hope the name is right). It was produced
after the novel written by Henrick Senkevich. It was about war between
Poland and Ukraine in 17th century. I must say that is great thing, I
really like it. Everything was great, begin with producing and end
with clothes. It was really beautiful, but I don't think it would be
very comfortable to wear it in our days.

As for me, I like modern clothes, also I understand that is not a main
thing in life, but I think that every woman has such sin. But from the
other side, it's not a big sin when woman care about her appearance.
What do you think?

OK, I am closing here before my letter becomes a book.

Awaiting for your answer,


From: topjem < topjem@ua.fm
Reply-To: topjem < topjem@ua.fm
Subject: >>> Hi XXXXX <<<
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 22:10:13 +0300

Hi, my dear XXXXX!

It was nice to get your letter! Sorry for my silence... I just got
cold :) Like a 7-years girl, coughing, and sneezing...

You know last night I saw a dream: I was a little girl and picked up
bright flowers� Do you know what did this dream mean?..

Childhood seems to be the most fantastic time of our life: we discover
a lot of things, becoming wiser�

I'd like you to read a true story from my childhood. When I was at the
kindergarten (it is not at primary school as in your country, it's
just a separate establishment). We made some little performances
there, such as "Snow queen" (do you know a fairy-tale by Andersen?),
"the Musicians of Bremen" (by Grim bros.), etc. I got a good voice and
usually took an active part in these performances. We did really like
them being children.

And there was a funny event (from my point of view as a child). I
didn't like to sleep at noon, but we should do it being at the
kindergarten. And of course I couldn't sleep, so my teacher decided to
show me how infants could sleep and was going to take me to their
block. I (as a 6 years old child) couldn't bear it. And when she
stopped for a quick talk with another teacher, I slipped away and hid
under the steps leading to the second floor. There was a little pool
with fish next to the place where I had hidden. You have to imagine
their faces when they discovered I wasn't by their sides. They were
looking for me for 2 hours. And I had fun watching at the fish and
when I was tired of it I just went up the steps to our block. Since
that day nobody tried to make me sleep at the noon�

In summer I usually stayed with my grandpa. And there were usual
child's games: we played "mothers and daughters" with dolls , created
the games of our own, played hide-and-seek, etc. when I look at my
childhood I saw happiness and the most interesting thing is I don't
know why I was so happy. Maybe happiness is such a thing that doesn't
need anything to 'buy' it. (What do you think about it?) Well, there
were some tragic events also. My cousin died in an accident: an old
tree fell on her and she died at the hospital. As I understand now the
tree just smashed all her inner vital organs and because of it she
just couldn't live more. But how can you explain it for a little girl
who had played with her little cousin a day before� I couldn't believe
she had passed away and was very frustrated� But you know children
they have a possibility to forget and terrible things become less

You see, I have a very bad habit: I don't do anything first (e.g. I
don't write first, I do not call a person - but it seems to be odd and
unordinary - I want to call you� I don't have a phone at home and I
found out that there's the only possibility to call you using the
public phone� Ukraine doesn't have a collect call system, that's why I
need to buy a phone card. Its price is $49.80 for an hour connection�
But there's a little but those $50 bucks are my monthly wages and I
can't just go and buy this card� if you can help me with it, we'll be
able to phone chat at the time most convenient for you� What do you
think about it?

Your Elena