Boiko Svetlana

Gomel, Belarus


Tel. - n/a

Address:  ul. Rechitskoye shosse 85-24, Gomel 246012


DOB: 23.02.1981


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First contact:

But later a friend of mine saw here:


(I didnt know that before)

I just send her money to Gomel for a meeting in Egypt.

When I sent her $400 for a flight to Egypt, she picked up the money from Western Union and pretended to buy the ticket soon (in February).

Few days later, she send me an SMS from her mobile, that her mom had an heart attack, she needs to go to hospital to Minsk with her. Then I havent heard of her for 3 weeks. That time we intended to spend in Egypt, because it were our birthdays, we wanted to celebrate together (we have birthday in the same week). 


Anyway I was only a little worring ( because I already had a bad feeling and many many doubts concering her honesty). So I didnt hear from her at all that time. (her mobile was switched of always...)

So I asked a russian girlfriend to send her a birthday-greeting card via internet, with an email confirmation, when the card is picked up.

She picked up the card the same day, it was one day before I had my birthday.

But I didnt hear again from her for 2 weeks, and then ???
Yes, an email, that she is in Kiev in hospital and her mobile is not
working there and she could not check her emails all the time, but she did ! (birthday-card confirmation !!)

So I canceled all mailings (I am not love-blind yet like Ben :))), and now, (only 2 weeks ago), she has sent me an email (with nice photos, like always), that she is missing me bla, bla, bla...and she only wants to communicate with me. But she was still on the two dating-sides, (I dont know at how many she is).

So I decided to send her a first letter under a different email adress and name, picture of a friend. And she replied like already fallen in love with that for her unknow person.
Besides, when I wanted to tell her about her lies, my email came back because her mailbox was full....:)))

Besides, should I make a report to, where I met her and paid money for her adress ???



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Hi dear !
Today I went in travel agency at to use to know about the tickets. I was upset as at knew, that the planes fly each Tuesday, it means that on February 17 I can not arrive. Probably 12 or February 19. As me have informed that all planes arrive in city Hurghada.
 You Know, me have advised to buy the tourist permit because, if I shall buy only tickets at me there will be problems at the airport. Also can be will not let in the country. This problem concerns only girl which leave in other country without the tourist visa or without the invitation. And if I will not have tourist permit that me can send back in Belarus. Me have told about it in travel agency because they had such happen. Cost of the tourist permit 400 $. Certainly I can buy the ticket and probably me will pass. Advise that me to do.
 I wait for the letter.
  Kiss you yours Sveta

Hi dear !
 As I wrote to you that all flights from Minsks in Egypt have cancelled up to the end of
February or beginning of March. Yesterday I was in Minsk in travel agency and wanted to buy
 the tickets on special flight. But me as have informed that it is impossible to get the
tickets in connection with a cancellation of flights.
 I can buy only round the permit by a start from Moscow. XXX I do not know what to do,
write to me that you think of it. I very much hope that we shall meet. To go in Moscow
it is rather more difficult
 Write to me, I shall wait.
  kiss you yours Sveta

Hi my dear!
I very much regret that so happened. I understand that has brought for you a lot of trouble
and wastes. I really could not assume that so happen. These days I have a lot of troubles and
I do not want to do them to you. You are not as I want with you will meet, I dreamed of our meeting.
I can not understand why so all happens. I would ask that you have understood me, I can not go now.
I very much worry about my mum. At me whom is not present except for my mum and more brother
and I value them. Now I owe cares and constantly to go to it in hospital. I understand that I bring many
problems to you, but nevertheless I can not leave the mum in this situation.
 I can not tell now when we shall meet, it is possible when to my mum it becomes better.

I very much would like to be with you, and it is very a pity that we shall not meet now.
I want to be sure that we shall meet later. Please understand me.
  Kiss you
  Yours Sveta

Hello dear !
ti mne ne verish?Mobilni ne rabotaet.Y mena seichas mnogo problem.I tebe vse
  Kiss you.

Hello my darling
I am very sorry that I coud't answer to you.I am realy have very big
problems with my mum.My mother is in a hospital and she had operation.And I
am in Kiev with my mother.I had't time to check e mails and my phone is not
warking here.But all this time I had been thinking about you and about our
relationship.I was warry you can't understand me.Couse you are very impotend
for me but I can't leave my mother at that moment.I dont want to lose you
and wish to devalope our relationship more.
I am realy need you.
Thank you for the congratulations and present.Nobody gift me such a
present.I wish to spend my birthday with you but circumstances not alloed
I miss you very much ,can't wait to see you.
Kiss you
Your Sveta.

Hi !
 It was pleasant to me at to know that you well have had a rest.
 As you already know I was with the mum these days,her state of health was improved, but I all equally worry.

I had an impression, that you do not trust me. I want to inform you that I bought round in Egypt, but I had to refuse.
All is very a pity that to me so happened. I want to certify you that all this has taken place not on my fault.
 If you doubt, I shall write to you the address and telephone number of travel agency, where I bought the permit.
You can call in this company and will make sure. АлиВия Travel, city Country 2,18
 Fax (375 232) 53 17 90,53 36 11
  The telephone (375 23) 53 79 01,53 24 00.
  Know I dreamed will meet you, but could not think that all will exchange in one instant. I as at used to know about hotel in
which we should live with you. I even have not a lot of information on this hotel.
 I hope having read this letter you will understand me and will believe. XXX I really do not want to make to you troubles.
I would like to be with you in good mutual relation.
  Kiss you!