Dmitrieva Olga (Olenka) (report #1)

Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Tel: not specified 

Address: not specified 

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DOB: 12/17/1979

Submitted: 10/08/05

I found this girl's profile on 'harmony love' dating service. I'm 99% certain this is another scammer, she falls in love after three emails and asks for money to be sent to her agent for a ticket. There is correspondence with this agency, which doesn't get any hits on google. Can't find her photo in any blacklist so far. I would like to get to know the girl in this photo, as long as she isn't the scammer, of course. The details of her profile are bogus, for example, does she look asian? no. Does she live in USA? No. I smell a rat.


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El Sobrante
Have children
5' 7" (1.70m)
115 lbs. (52kg)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Type of relations
Long term or marriage
I want to tell a little about myself. I the cheerful both vigorous girl, and simultaneously modest I could tell, that I want to find prince on a white horse, but it not so I search for simply good person. If you want to learn about me more that, write to me, yours Olenka

Tues 30 August, 2005
Hello my dear? Stevie.

That you have written thank for that to me, I have understood that you
very? much? like me. Know I want to tell that I believe in one legend:
on? this? legend each person represents only half from a single whole,
and? that? each person should find the second half for that what to be
happy. I very much would want that my half you were, but I do not know
that? you think of me I would would like that we with you learned each
other? is? more? best.? Today? I? have? told? to? mum, that I have got
acquainted,? with? the? person? whom? very much to like me it the most
remarkable,? the? kindest, the best the man and it you my dear Stevie,
my mum to me has wished me to be happy she too very much wants, that I
would be happy. I would like to ask to describe at you how you imagine
to? yourself the ideal woman and as you imagine the wife. I would like
to? ask? you? I? like? you,? and? there could be we with you together,
whether? you? see? for me very important know I resemble to you as the
woman who can make that happy person on this planet. I very much would
want to call you but the matter is that at my place there is no phone,
I? already? spoke you about it. Whether and recently I have asked mine
is? barefooted? I? can to take advantage of an office number, for that
what? to? call? the? person? who is very dear (this person you my dear
Stevie ) to me, in other country, I is barefooted has told me, that it
is not possible. he has told that very much would like to help me, but
can? not? make it because at me on work all phones are connected to an
independent? telephone? exchange? and? we? can? not? to? call in other
countries? and? cities, to us can not call from other countries. It is
very? a pity to me that that turns out. I very much would want to hear
your? voice,? I? would like to tell you as you are dear to me, I would
like? to tell to you about all but probably it to fail. I hope that it
will? not prevent continuation of our relations. I want to you I shall
tell that I to search for any opportunity?to call you.

I wait for your answer, yours Dear Olenka

31 August, 2005
Hello my dear Stevie.

That? you? have? written? thank? for that to me. I want to tell to you
about? that? that? today? dream? in? this dream we has dreamed me were
together? with? you my dear Stevie, we walked, talked, you held me for
my? hand? and embraced me, and I have understood, that you that person
whom? I? searched? for? all? life.? You kind, interesting, courageous,
romantic and serious the man, and I would like, that we with you would
learn? each? other? is? more best. I want to tell, that you not simply
like? me, it seems to me, that I have grown fond of you, I would like,
that? this? feeling? would? be mutual, and it seems to me that you can
grow? fond of me. I would like to ask you: would you like to meet with
me one day? I very much would want it. You very much are dear to me my
loved Stevie.

I wait for your answer, with love yours Olenka

September 1, 2005
Hello my dear Stevie.

I? want? you? what? to? tell.? I? had friend who the last year has got
acquainted? with? the? American,? now? they live together and are very
happy. I would ask her that the most difficult for that what to fly in
USA,? and? she? has told that most complex it to receive the visa. For
that? what? to? receive? the visa it would be necessary to fill in the
form? ds156? and? after that to wait for 6-7 months while you will not
call? on? interview? if you pass interview that the visa will be ready
within? one? month.? I 7 months back went in embassy of USA of what to
submit all documents, and to fill in all necessary forms, and the last
month? I? went? on interview, and today on mine e-mail the letter from
embassy? of? USA? when? I have read has come that there was written, I
very? much? was? delighted,? because? to? me have told that my visa is
ready, and waits for that moment when I shall take away it.

I wait for your answer, with love yours Olenka

september 3, 2005
Hello my love? Stevie.

Thank? for your letter, for that that you too want our meeting. I want
to? ask? for? you? what? you have written to me the nearest airport, I
shall? go tomorrow in one agency and all I shall find out. Today at me
dream? was,? in this dream we were happy, it seems to me, that it is a
mark? of? that? we? with? you are created the friend for the friend. I
dream? that we with you shall be together, I very much would want that
we? with? you were happy, that I could present you my love present for
ever.? You? are? very? dear to me, I when in my life did not test such
feeling? have? not appeared yet you. I do not want to lose you my dear
Stevie,? I? want to love you and that you would love me.

I wait for your answer, with love yours Olenka 

5 September, 2005

Hello? my dear. Thank for your letter. Forgive me but I can not answer
you? because? we with mum went behind mushrooms in a wood, and we have
typed? many? mushrooms,? now? I? would? shall? go home what to help to
process? to? mum? these? mushrooms, that they would not deteriorate. I
hope? that? you? will? understand? me,? I? Wait? for your answer yours
faithfully yours Olenka

7 september, 2005
Hello? my dear Stevie . Thank for your letter. Today I went in agency,
and? have? asked at and that to me would be necessary for that what to
receive? the? visa? in NZ, my agent has contacted consulate NZ and all
has learned. For that that to me to receive the visa to me it would be
necessary? to? pay? the? visa? cost? 95 $, and it is necessary to give
documents? on? the visa. The list of necessary documents for reception
of the visa:

1. The passport and 1 photo?
2. The reference, with the instruction(indication) of a post
And the experience of work at the given enterprise, the monthly salary or the
3. A full x-copy of the internal passport
4. X-copies of certificates on birth?

I have all these documents, but I had to make a x-copy of the internal
passport? and? to? assure? her? at the notary. Tomorrow the courier of
travel? agency will go to Moscow, for that what to give all documents,
and? in 7 days my visa will be ready, my visa will be for 30 days, but
I? can? depart? earlier? or if all will be good we shall think of that
that? will? be farther. We with mum collected mushrooms for ourselves,
my mum is very tasty pickles mushrooms, and I helped her because it is
very difficult. But in a result it turns out it is very tasty, I would
would? like that you have tried it. It is very inconvenient for me for
you to ask about it because it can seem very much not beautifully, but
I? do? not? have? other output. I want ask you you can to help me with
tickets? Simply when I shall go to receive the visa I already I should
show? a? copy of tickets and if I shall not make I can not receive the
visa? it, that is she will be in consulate and as soon as I shall show
them? tickets? they? will give me her. I want you to ask what you have
written to the agent, and have asked her as it is possible to make it.
You? for? me very dear person, I very much would want that we have met
you,? and? still? today? in agency have scanned my passport for travel
abroad,? and? I? shall? send you it. I wait for your answer, with love
yours Olenka

PS? I? very much would want to listen to that as you play, please have
gone? to? me it, but only that the size of this file would be as small
as? possible? because? I? write? you? from? Internet? Cafe. And e-mail

8 september, 2005

Hello? my? dear? stevie. Thank for your letter. You have not correctly
understood? me,? as point 2, I had in view of that I show the document
in? which? it is written in consulate NZ where I worked in Russia, how
many? I? earned,? my? speciality, and that as me characterize on work,
that? is? that? to speak that about me my chief. It would be necessary
for that what to check up the person because there can be a person the
bad? worker,? and? badly behaves with other people, and to such person
can? give? up in the visa. But at me everything is all right because I
not? the disputed person, me very much appreciate on work. Whether the
courier from agency today has arrived back and I have learned from him
on? the? account? of? that? all in the order. he has told that I shall
receive? the? visa and have given me in it a guarantee of 100 %. It is
very? good.? I? want? you? to? ask what you have contacted my agent on
e-mail? which? I? have given you, for that what to discuss with them a
question? on? tickets,? and? it should be made very quickly because my
visa? will be already soon ready, and I need to show my tickets before
I? shall? take? away her. I hope you of me you understand, I very much
would? want? that? we have met you, that we would be together, you are
very? necessary? for? me. You are necessary for me as air, as water as
that without what any person will be lost. I love you and I would want
that we have met you. I wait for your answer, with love yours Olenka

9 september, 2005
Hello my dear. What with you happened why you do not write me,
you were ill? I can not understand or I have made that that not
and you any more are not interested in me? I wait for the
letter, Olenka

13 september, 2005
Hello? my? dear Stevie. Thank for your letter. I want to tell you that
today? I went in agency and have asked them on the account of my visa,
and? at? that? moment? when? I? was in agency, to them the letter from
consulate? NZ? with? the notice on that has come that my visa is ready
also? I? can? take? away her that is as I was explained by my agent, I
already can fly to you, but for this purpose I need to show tickets in
consulate? and I can fly to you. Yes I am ready to fly to you on other
end? of our planet what to meet you for the first time, it seems to me
that? very? romantically.? I? would? want? that you have written to my
agent,? and? could? itself at them all learn, because they can explain
all? very? well.? I very much would want that we have met you, that we
would? be? together, you are very dear to me. You too the first person
whom? I? have? met, and I are sure that it is destinies, and we should
get acquainted. I wait for your answer, with love yours Olenka

21 september, 2005
Hello? my? dear Stevie. Thank for your letter. I am glad that we shall
to? meet you. I would want that you knew that you are very dear for me
and? that? you? are? very necessary for me. I want to ask you my agent
have? told? you about the price for single tickets, or there and back?
And still I want to ask you how many money at you is now, can be to us
it? is not necessary to wait till January? I very much love you do not
overlook? about? it.? I? will? wait? for? your answer with love, yours

26 september, 2005
Hello? my dear Stevie. Thank for your letter. Yes I understand that we
with you should wait, we should earn some more money, for my ticket, I
shall? be? arranged? for the second work what faster to earn money for
our? meeting.? In? this? weekend we with mum went to my grandmother in
village, we have very well spent, but I recollected each minute you, I
dreamed? of our first meeting, it will be so romantically. I will wait
for your answer with love, yours Olenka.

27 september, 2005
Hello? my? dear? Stevie.? Thank for your letter. Yes we with you shall
wait.? I? want? ask? you? you? can to save up money to the ticket till
October,? 10?? If? is? not? present, how many you can save up for this
period?? Simply I all the same shall ask to help my mum to me, whether
but? at her only 300 $ and I do not know I can fly October, 10 to you?
Can be ask my agent to change date of a start? Or we with you can save
up and our meeting is held as have planned? I very much love you and I
would? want? that? you? knew? it. I very much would want that my dream
became real. In my dream we with you together, and this most fine time
for us. I will wait for your answer with love, yours Olenka.

5 october, 2005
Hello? my? dear? Steve. Thank for your letter. It is very a pity to me
that? you doubt of me. But it means that you love me and are afraid to
lose.? I? want? to? tell you that you for me are very dear also I very
much? I? would? want? that? we have met you. I have just asked manager
Internet Cafe as I can call you, he has told that the public telephone
booth? is? in Kazan but in him many people and consequently it will be
better? if I shall call you from other city, I shall do it tomorrow. I
would? want? that you have sent me the phone number because you not to
time? did? not? speak me as I can call to you. I hope that all to turn
out.? I very much love you and I hope that you will trust me just as I
trust? you.? I am ready on all for the sake of you, and I shall ask my
chief? give? me? tomorrow? day off that I could to go and call to you.
Write? to? me? as? soon? as possible. I will wait for your answer with
love, yours Olenka.

6 october, 2005
Hello? my? dear Stevie. Thank for your letter. It is very a pity to me
that? you? do? not? trust me, it very much offends me, I hope that you
will? trust? me after I shall call you. I shall do it tomorrow. I want
to? remind? you that tickets need to be redeemed till October, 10, you
remember? it?? I? very much love you and I would want that we have met
you.? Today? at me to fail to call, because I was going to call to you
yesterday.? I? yesterday? all? day waited for your letter with a phone
number,? but? I? have received it only today. I necessarily shall call
you. I will wait for your answer with love, yours Olenka.

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