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Dmitrieva Olga (Olenka) (report #2)

Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Tel: not specified 

Address: not specified 

Email: nice_milashka@ua.fm

DOB: 12/17/1979

Submitted: 10/13/05

In regards to Olga Dimitrieva (Olenka ) I guess this would make her a scammer I have attached the pics and letters she sent me  I have 3 months of letters   was wondering what happened to her please let me know if you would like all the letters thanks


reports: #1; #2

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Date:Tue, 28 Jun 2005 21:38:00 +0400
From:"nice_milashka" <nice_milashka@ua.fm
Subject:Hello my dear

Hello my dear Dennis.

Thank for your letter is very pleasant for me, that you have written
to me. I very much am grateful to you for that that you have answered
my questions, you very much like me, you the interesting, cheerful
person, and still I have understood that at you actually serious
intentions and you too want to find to yourself second half. You know,
I would like to write to you about the family more in detail.

At me completely not big family is mum, my younger brother and the
grandmother I very much all of them I like. My mum has worked all life
at one confectionery factory, and she has learned me to bake very
tasty pies and pies. My favorite pie refers to "Honey" I necessarily I
shall prepare for it to you if at us with you all will turn out also
we with you we shall be together. And now my mum on pension and she
devotes a lot of time to my brother whom I all weave, has persuaded to
arrive to city you see to him it is necessary to study, and you
understand, that in city education is much better, than in a village
where my grandmother lives.

And now I shall tell to you about the brother. I think that at me the
most remarkable brother you see usually brothers and sisters
constantly swear but at me with the brother absolutely other relations
he always helps me also I try to help him always. He grows hereby the
man which is able to do everything, he constantly helps mum and the
grandmother on the house. Even it happens so my brother learns me as
how correctly to do how correctly to hold, for example, a hammer, you
see and it is necessary to be able, I think that in life all to be
useful. In Russia there is one proverb “ century live, century study ”
and I think that all life the person should study, study in that that
new, you see progress always goes forward.

I very much would want, that you would write to me about the family,
you see I want to know about you all.

I with impatience shall wait for your answer, yours Olenka

Date:Wed, 29 Jun 2005 18:08:00 +0400
From:"nice_milashka" <nice_milashka@ua.fm
Subject:Hello my dear

Hello my dear Dennis.

Thank for your letter, is very pleasant to read me him, I am glad that
you write me, because you like me, and to me very much to like to
learn about you all new. And I want to ask you you when be, tried what
be Russian dish. I would like to tell that I very much like to
prepare, I am able to prepare almost for all Russian dishes. If we
with you shall be together I necessarily shall be going you that be.
And I want to ask you at you is what be pets? And what pets like you,
you love cats? Personally I very much love cats, at me the cat he
recently was was very fluffy and tender, I very much loved him, but
the last month he was brought down with the machine and he has died, I
very much on him miss but you see him to not return. I would like to
tell you, that I write from Internet Cafe, for two reasons, first: I
do not have house of a computer, and second: I do not have house of
the phone, I very much would want to put home the phone but the matter
is that in Russia, very much corrupt country, and for that what to put
the phone it would be necessary or to pay many money or to wait some
years while the turn of that could put the phone will approach. I do
not have many money and to me to have to wait turn I hope, that the
phone to me will put the nearest half-year. Haw are you? I want to ask
you as you like to mark holidays: in a circle of family or with the
friends. And today in my city very good weather and I would like to go
in park, but it is nobody I goes, I would be happy, if we with you
went to take a walk in park together. You would like it? And you would
would like that we with you had not simply friendly, but more serious

I wait for your letter yours Olenka

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