Kileva Natalya

Kremenchug, Ukraine


Tel. - n/a

Address:  ul. 60 Let SSSR 11, kv.1 Kremenchug Ukraine

e-mail: n/a

DOB: January, 27



I want to give you information about a scam woman!


Her name is:
Natali Kileva
ul. 60 Let SSSR 11, kv.1
Kremenchug 22
Poltava region
Ukraine 39622

I met her in  under the name Janna, and received several letters.

She ask for money for her International passport, so you can read in her letters

Below I copied her letters"





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Hello XXXXX,

My name is Natali. My surname is Kileva. My height is 166 cm, and my weight is 50 kg. I am 21 years old. Iím a student of the university. I have different interests as:
I like music, play the piano. I am fond of aerobics, swimming in the pool and in summer in the Dniepr river. Iím athletic, without nay bad habits and without complexes. I have no imperfections. I like all seasons, I like the noise of the forest and sea. I like domestic comfort. I like many flowers.
My plans for the nearest future include:
1. To get marry in USA, Canada pr England with an intellectual, strong and healthy man.
2. 2. To finish the university near my husband.
The age of my husband doesnít matter for me. The main feature of my future husband is kindness. I donít want him to be greedy. He must also love children much.
Write me about yourself. Where do you work? Who are your parents? What is your nearest plan for future? 3 hours a day I rent the computer. I use it for my studying at the university. I learn English at the university but I have no fluent knowledge of it yet. I use the service of Interpreter to write you.
Write me, I am waiting for your letters.
With LoveÖ

PS: Itís possible to leave for USA by Education Visa, this is the Fastest and the cheapest way for meeting. Bride mustnít come for this. To open the Visa for Education I need an interest of my bride and his financial support to legalize the documents. The second way of the trip to open the Visa to USA is by Fianc e Visa. For this Visa bride must come here to meet with me, take common photos and the forms of Fianc e Visa must be applied to the consulate of USA in Warsaw, Poland. The Education Visa it usually opened for our girls at the consulate of USA in Kiev, Pimonenko st. The Fianc e Visa is always obtained at the consulate of USA in Poland, Warsaw. If you are interested in my proposition, write me. Iíll be waiting for your letters.

Hello XXXXX,

Thank you for your letter. I rent the computer at the cafe for 2-3 hours a day. But I can't do it every day. Now I have holidays at the university and I have to work to pay for my studying at the university. Except this I must pay for renting the computer. Is hard for me. My aim is to find a good, no greedy, interested bride, who would help me to obtain the international passport at first. As soon as I get the passport, I will be able to legalize all the documents. And if my bride is interested in this, then I'll be able to come to him by Education Visa or Fiancee Visa, as I wrote. I will repeat, the fastest way for me to come to my bride by Education Visa. I am interested in our relations and our meeting. I am interested to leave my country. I am interested to get marry with a good, physicaly healthy man. If you have ability, then help me at first to obtain the international passport. Write me, I am waiting for your reply.

With Love, Natali.

PS: It's ok that you are from Nietherlands, I like your country and it is really beautiful.

Thank you for a nice message. Let's speak honestly with you. I have a litle time till the studying at th euniversity, on September 1 I will have the schooling started. My parents, as many people in my country, are poor. They can't pay for my studying at the university. I have to work all the time to pay for it. After the studying at school I went to study at the university. I never travelled from my city, I never had a vocation at the seaside, as I didn't have money for this. Right because of this I want to leave my country and get marry in the good country. I want to have future, I want to have a good husband and want to have children. I want create a good family in Love!
Now the main for me and the first problem, is that Imust get the international passport. When I have an international passport I can go to any country of the Europe by the tourist trip and with your desire we would be able to meet in any country of the Europe. To get the international passport I need a little sum, 300$. I need to go to the regional city Poltava 2-3 times, plus I must give the money for the fast process and pay for the passport itself. I can get the passport during a week when I have the money. And one week I need to take the trip to any country of the Europe. If you are interested in our relations and our meeting, then at first, help me to get the passport. It's very easy to do it. Natali Kileva, Western Union, Kremenchug, Ukraine. The bank number of the transfer you should give me in email at once. if I get the passport now, it will make our meeting sooner. I need the passport to legalize the documents for future marriage. If to do it for Educational Visa, then I can obtain it in Kiev's consulate of USA. If the Fiancee Visa, then in Poland, Warsaw. In any case I need your interest and help. Write me, I am waiting for your letters. I am interested in oru relations and our meeting. I am interested to leave my country.

With Love, Natali.

Thank you for a nice letter. I give you my address:

Natali Kileva
ul. 60 Let SSSR 11, kv.1
Kremenchug 22
Poltava region
Ukraine 39622

I have no the phone. The house of my parent is in a mile from the central street, and this is a very big problem to set up the phone there. They must place the cable durign a mile, and all this is a deal of future. 70% of the population of Kremenchug have no phones. In past I ream to have a mobile phone, but it is too expensive for me. I need the money for education. I want you to be sincere with me. at first for our relations to be more close, you should make the first step for our meeting. I need to get the international passport, as i told you.I need alittle sum for this. if you can do it, then please, help me. I am interested in our relations. If you will understand me, then our meeting will come out very soon. In future when we have ability and I'll have a mobile phone or home phone, then we'll be able to speak with you. Write me, i am waiting...

With Love, Nataly