Petrusenko Oksana

Sevastopol, Ukraine

 Tel. - n/a

Address:   Sevastopol, Ukraine

e-mail: n/a



"After carefully examining the scammers and how they work and tactics! Reading from people scammed I have come to a conclusion beyond any reasonable doubt that I was scammed by this lady Oksana Petrusenko. I now believe I was not the only victim there might have been others and they may be others she is today ripping out there its only that she has been lucky not to be exposed and if this my letter will help someone out there or whoever might be dating her! What a helping hand! She is very cunning, pretty lady from Sevastopol, a 26 years old a green snake in a green grass as I put her. I dated this woman for a period of 4 months. We met in Kiev. And an Italian as I am I was eager to give her my love. Now looking back and recalling her questions all consistent with an experienced scammer - she know what she wants, where to get it and what time to strike. I will try to outline a few questions she was asking me during those 10 days I spend with her in Kiev.
-1st day dont you have a credit card?
-An evening outing in Kiev will cost us about 200 UsD.
-Its normal to have a dinner everyday for a 100UsD.
-I want to live in a town where I can meet business people (she is not a businesswoman herself her aim was to come to the west for a crab on businessmen).
-You must look for a house with a washing machine ahe dont want to destroy my hands (she claims).
- Her kind of cars Cadillac, Mercedes and Jeep.
-A question she asked - How is it like in the west to earn 14000 UsD (It down on me that she must be dating someone else who might be telling her earns 14000UsD).
-I dont have a competitive profession (she is works with small children) so I paid for her a cosmetic school in Sevastapol I doubt if she went to this school but that was the end of Oksana Petrusenko ( one of her friends later told me that the day she got the money for school - it was a spending spree!!!!). Her last mail was like lets not connect each other any more! Gone! I spend a total of about 3000 USD on her. This woman has 2 aims - either to come to the west, go for your money then kick your ass. She may be as well one of those scammer in sevastapol. The saddest thing about the whole situation is that she has the beauty - like a hyena in a goatskin you will not realize till its too late. Be
aware whoever is dating her frustrations aint No fun! Antonio (the Italian)

Submitted  on 08/04/02



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