Pitulko Swietlana (Svetlana)

Kremenchug, Ukraine


Tel. - n/a

Address: 15A Shkolnaya St., ap 13, Kremenchug

e-mail:  sunshine7@ukr.net, constantlight@operamail.com sunshine7@operamail.com

DOB: 20/07/1981



Name:  Swietlana Andreyevna Pitulko

Address: 39625
15A Shkolnaya St.
Flat 13
Poltva region

email: sunshine7@ukr.net, constantlight@operamail.com,
sunshine7@operamail.com (maybe others)

date of birth: 20/07/1981

friends : sasha, natasha, julia

The story:

I met her through absoluteagency but she was sending emal from another agency in Kremenchug which She did not tell me the name. She always say it is a friend of hers by the name of Julia. I am reporting this lady. Her name is Swietlana Pitulko, she lives so far as I know in Kremenchug, Ukraine.
There was a phone number in one of her letters, I have called it once and a female answered, saying Nataly was out for a few hours. She has referred to her agency many times in her letters, but has never  named it. She has written to me every month or so and agreed to visit me in the USA. She has asked in her last letter for $1200 for her expenses for the "visit" but I have declined to forward this money to her via Western Union. I had already sent her #500 previously for learning english and passport. This letter was received by myself on June 02, in which she said she would be able to fly to USA on June 24 but needed money for her visa, passport. She had not at that time applied for documents and I doubt very much whether she would have been able to obtain them in such a short space of time (less than 3 weeks). The BUS Embassy in Kiev states on its website that summer applications for visas by Ukraine nationals can take more than a month! They also require a letter from the host (ie myself) confirming the visitor will be supported / accommodated during her stay. No such letter has been requested from me by Nataly. I believe she did not intend to visit me and fear that the $1200 she requested would have gone into her pocket - end of story!


Hope others do not get scammed



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First letter
Hello my dear Bill.
You brought a great smile to my Heart and face when I received your
mail. Let me know. I great smile already thinking of what you to me
said.I very happy that you consider me may be your special
lady, that means lot to me. Now a little bit about myself . I
often go to the gim to go in for shaping and aerobiks. On my weekends
I like go to the swiming-pool. As for my English it is very poor
and now I use the service of Marriage Agency to translate and send the
letters. I live in a very beautiful town .It is situated on the both
banks of the river and it is very nice here esspersialy in spring and
summer. I cannot say we have anough level of life here but anyway it is my
motherland. I want to learn english more good.

Letter 2
Hi. I am very pleased so soon to receive from you the letter. I would like
to receive new photos from you. To Me very much to similar, that you to
understand mine not so good English language Language. I want to speak, that
I has learned it in school, and behind of it in College. I have growth of
168 centimeters and weights of 48 kg, I have Formation technical. I work in
in a plant. And I look behind of  behaviour of children. I live in city
Kremenchug. It to Be approximately in 300 kilometers from cities Kiev. I
want to speak you, That I very much love of children. I had experience of
dialogue in me directly in Ukraine with the people. But they were not
serious also we owed Part. And they very much frequently to drink alcohol
and in set, and It not so is pleasant to me. I think, that in you - not a
gift such habit. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not drink
strong spirits drinks of spirit..

Last letter
Hi my dear Bill! I can not today much write to you as I only to end my
work today in morning. I to work yesterday in night change and very much
weariness, but I very much to miss for you and after work I has come in to
write to you this letter. I hope, what at you all am good? What you will do
today by evening after work? You to look TV or will go for a walk with the
friends? But, only do not go for a walk with other ladies. Well? How you to
like my nickname? "Sveta" is translated as light and pur. Me so frequently
to name in childhood. My grandmother and mum to transfer you large hi. I am
very good to carry out time at mine the grandmother. We with it to go in a
wood and to collect berries. Then we with it to do pies with various
stuffings. Mine are favourite a pie consists of a raspberry. Also we to do a
pie of meat and egg. When I shall be together with you, I shall do to you
various pies and other tasty food. I very much love to prepare as meat under
white sauce. I do not love meat. I am more to prefer fruit and fish. Well, I
to think, that now I shall go home and to have some dream. Darling, as in my
last letter, I again ask you for the money,$1200 to come to you. I already
book the plane. I want to with you now. I hope, that you to write to me is
very speed! I very much to require your letters. Kiss much. Yours