Tatyana aka Nadezhda

Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia

e-mail: n/a

DOB: 1977

Reported: 11/10/04

This lady uses the same letters as Diana from Kazan and Anna Yarovikova from Volgograd, Russia:





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I am an intelligent, young, and interesting person. I'm intellectual and I know how to have a good time. I'm easy to talk to and have a good sense of humor, I'm pretty outgoing and enjoy flirtacious conversations. I'm very respectful but not refined. I like reading, writing, swimming, horseback riding, music, art, coffee houses, vegetarianism, and good conversations, and I'm hoping to meet some interesting people.

Personal Info

·         Gender - Female

·         Location - Yoshkar-Ola, Mariyskaya Avtonomnaya Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika, Russia

·         Age - 26

·         Height - 5' 6" (167 cm)

·         Build - Athletic

·         Hair - Blonde

·         Eyes - Green

·         Marital Status - Single, never been married

·         Children - 0

·         Children home - 0

·         Smoking - Never

·         Drinking - Never

·         Religion - Christian

·         Religious Involvemen - Not applicable

More About Me

·         Education - High School

·         Field of Work - work

·         Ethnicity - Caucasian / White

·         Self-description - A romantic dreamer

·         Looks - Nice looking

·         Mentality - Bright

·         Politics - Conservative

·         Native Language - English

·         Great getaway - A cruise through the Caribbean

·         Living quarters - Apartment

·         Like to live - A house on the beach

·         Timeliness - I am usually a little late

·         Planning - Planning? What is that?

·         As for fashion - I don't need advice!

·         My sign - Not important to me


·         Music - Classical

·         Movie - Comedy

·         Outdoor activity - Swimming

·         Indoor activity - Reading

·         Time of year - Summer

·         Food - Meat and Potatoes

Why I joined the Mingle... - Mom says it is time to move out and get married

Some of my favorite things to do...

interesting, funny, spontaneous, sarcastic, cute, intelligent, respectful, confident but not cocky, entertaining, intriguing, responsive, secure.

Her 1st letter

Hello Tim! I do not even know how start this letter- it is so hard to write to unfamiliar man. First of all I would like to describe myself: my stature is 170 centimeters, my weight is 54 kilograms. I was born under in the year of 1977. It is interesting for me to know in year of whom you were born. It is not important but still it is interesting. You may be want to know why I want to look for my “second half” abroad. It is not an easy question but the main course of it is that two my closely friends had got married in America. I was introduced to their husbands and after dealings with them it is only good memories. I think foreigners are more gentlemanly, gallant, kinder, decenter than Russian man, and they look after themselves properly. And my friends are happily in their marriages. I finished pedagogical institute and now I work as a teacher of courses for girls. It is very good profession in which I realized myself. I have liked to sew, embroider, knit from my childhood. And also I am interesting to know about your profession, why you made this choice. Also I like very much to go to the fitness- club for two or three times a week ( it depends on my free time). Most of all I like the step- aerobics and swimming. But winter in Russia are sometimes very cold so in winter I go to the swimming pool rarer than go to aerobics for not to catch a cold. I would like to know how you spend your free time. Do you have a lot of friends. Certainly, it is difficult to fancy man by his letters but I hope that our correspondence will be continued and probably will develop into feelings. I hope to receive your answer soon. Tatyana.

Her 2nd Letter

Hello my dear Tim! You would know how many pleasures to me have brought that you have answered me! Now I understand, that people in your country really responsible! Today I came into computer club and have scanned some the images and with this letter I send them to you, I hope, that I to you like. I directly would like to learn more about you to learn your interests as you live as you work. I am very glad to have such friend, as you. I in life very cheerful person. You nice the man, you have very much liked and have interested me. I write to you from internet-solon because I have no house a computer. I am really very glad that have got acquainted with you. As I already spoke you that I live with my parents in the city of Yoshkar-ola. I the only child in family. When I have left school that at once have arrived in an institute of technology in our city. Very much to like me my trade. As I already spoke you that I work at school and I teach lessons of technology at girls. Now I still study rates of the English language. Now I not bad I can talk in English. I would want that you knew me as it is possible better because you have very much liked me. I would want that our acquaintance has developed into more deep feelings. And it is a little more about me... At leisure I like to have a rest with my friends. Now I have no boy friend. I very much like to ski in the winter, to float in pool. I like to visit a cinema, museums, theatre. I am interested in ancient history, I study age psychology. I very much like cooking. I much that am able to make. I very hardworking woman. All this due to my parents. But I do not find application of in Russia. I have not enough opportunities here. I cannot find worthy the man at us in Russia. Ask me that you wanted to learn about me? Ask me, do not hesitate... And I want to learn you as it is possible better... Write to me... I very much wait for your letters... Kisses for you... Tatyana

Her 3rd Letter

Hi my dear !

I am sincerely glad, to that you have answered me again. I read them with the great pleasure.

In the letters you may ask me about everything, that interests you about me. But if I on them do not answer you, do not take offence, I simply can not understand it , set to me it slightly on another and I it is indispensable on him shall answer you. It is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, but this way has very much liked me as I was answered at once with the person who has liked me. I write the letters from the Internet-solon so be not upset if I shall not answer you the letter at once, simply the Internet-solon may be closed. Sometimes at me in life there come such times, that I seem to me, that already for whom it is not necessary, that I shall stay one, but nevertheless I calm myself and I believe that the main love in my life still will come, the god will help me with it. Tell to me more about itself, you like to listen to what your liked dish, what your liked film, what else music. My liked dish it pelmeni, this very tasty dish from Russian kitchen which consists of forcemeat of a beef and pork with an onions and spices wrapped up in a dough and are cooked. This really excellent dish. There may be sometime I of you him shall feed. My liked films it Gladiator and Angel city, is film about the big love when it was finished I very strongly cried if you of it did not look, look necessarily, it is pleasant to you. As to music, she is pleasant to me different on mood, I as like Russian classics Tchaykovskiy, Rohmaninov, Rimskiy-Korsakov as it is pleasant to me Madonna, Enya, Kylie Minogue. I think, that after that you will know letters more about me. I very much like your letters. On it I shall finish the letter.



Her 4th letter

Hello my sweetheart Tim! I simply can not find words of the pleasure. I so am happy that I have found you in this huge world. You the unique person to which I can tell all ideas and dreams. When I write you the letter, I in soul have something such that it is impossible to explain, it It is necessary to feel. I very strongly want you to see near to me, but much to our regret I can not yet. Now I constantly look news hoping to learn something about your country. With big Interest I study English. Besides that it is very interesting to me, it to me now also It is necessary. To me in general interestingly to study in all that is not known to me. In total certainly to not learn, but it seems to me That it is better to know about all slightly than all about the little. And consequently each dialogue with the person For me a lesson. But the most important dialogue for me when I communicate with you. You see you most The main teacher for me, and I want you to listen. To listen to your ideas, reasonings, to know about you It is as much as possible. I know that the best way for studying each other would be a phone conversation. But I have no house phone, it is the big problem for me. The best way to learn each other it when we meet. When there could be it? I not against our meeting. But I have some problem. You likely know our heavy economic situation. Trip up to your country costs for me not cheaply. If you really very much want to meet that I offer you to arrive to me and then we together shall make the visa and we shall arrive with you to your country. I wait for your opinion. Kisses... Tatyana!.

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