Zaporozhchyenko Natalya

Kharkov, Ukraine


Tel. - n/a


e-mail: n/a

DOB: January, 27


I am a single Japanese businessman, living in Tokyo, 39 years old, divorced without children.  I started to associate with Natalya Nikolaevna Zaporozhchyenko in Kharkov since February 8, 2002.  I bought her following contact information from A Pretty Woman.  Her profile ID in A Pretty Woman is 7987.




Natalya did not reply to my postal letter but as I kept on calling her, she told me to write e-mail to her nearby "Alliance Agency" for which I was requested to send money to establish my account. I sent $60 on April 30, 2002 using Western Union, for which Money Transfer Control Number for recipient Irina Sukhova (agency manager) was 6085847353.  This is the contact information of “Alliance Agency” and its manager, Irina Sukhova:
Sukhova Irina
Klochkovskaya str,152A a.113
As the correspondence with Natalya had developed, I expressed my wish to meet her in Kiev.  Then, I was asked to send $200 for her travelling from Kharkov to Kiev.  I sent Natalya $260 on June 3, 2002 using Western Union, for which Money Transfer Control Number to recipient Natalya Zaporozhchyenko was 6082905201.  So the total amount of money sent “for Natalya Zaporozhchyenko” over two times was $320. 


Natalya seemed excited about our meeting and told me she would bring her mother to Kiev as well.  (Later, I found out it was just another scheme to receive more money for her mother’s travelling to Kiev from me.)  I informed her of my arrival time and hotel address in Kiev, which she has agreed of to realize our meeting in Kiev.  I arrived in Kiev on July 5 (and stayed there till 10.)  Natalya was supposed to meet me in the airport on July 5 but she did not show up.  I called her home once I got to my hotel.  Then her mother told me, "Natalya left for Kiev to meet you."  But she did not show up on the day.  It was on the afternoon of my second day in Kiev when I finally understood that it was a scam.  I kept on calling her mother persistently to ask her on what day and at what time Natalya had left Karkov for Kiev.  But my phone was never answered.  It was too obvious that Natalya controlled her mother to let the mother take a part in this scheme.  Though I was a fool who did not have enough sense to have detected that Natalya was a scammer, there were two conditions that have convinced me that she was not an “Internet scammer”.  Firstly, she was from A Pretty Woman, which is supposed to be a reliable agency. 

 Secondly, I sent Natalya a flower using the 3rd party delivery service in the USA and have confirmed that she exists.  Based on these facts, I have confirmed that she exists as a real person.  There was one clue, however, about which now I am ashamed that I did not realize fully.  I first asked her to use a tour package of an agency in Kiev (A Foreign Affair) to come to Kiev to meet me.  But she rejected it and requested that the money for her travel should be sent directly to her.  As I think back, this was the only clue that I should have detected to know that she had no intention to come to meet me at all.  In the following, I attach some e-mails from her including the initial letter and the letter with money request.  Maybe this "Alliance Agency" that she has specified is involved in the trick too.  (The reason for me to say this is that the writer of these e-mails from Natalya seems too experienced to write romantic letters in stead of Natalia herself.)  As the readers find these e-mails, they will see that these e-mails were characterized by so much romanticism.  Let us be careful that letters with such “unusual” romanticism is a sign of scammer though now it is too late for me to know it.  Now I think a woman who has real intention for marriage is more down to earth.  To me, $320 and my travelling cost to Kiev are too enormous to forget.  But in addition to the financial damage, the mental damage I incurred by this scam is not easy to erase from my mind.  I sent this report to A Pretty Woman hoping that they would at least delete her from the database to prevent her future victims."

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We called Natalia and gave the information to her about Your arrival.
Best regards,
"Alliance" marriage agency Team       
OK, we will give Your information to Natalia when she will come or will do it by
Best regards,
"Alliance" marriage agency Team            
Hello, dear XXXXX.
Thank you for the beautiful letter. What joys you in ordinary life? What is the
stimulus for you? If you will ask me the same question, then I will answer you -
for me people that are close to me, are very important. They fill my life with
their attention and present me life. And pleasure can be presented only by
beloved man near me. What do you think? How do you think, how were you in your
past life? Maybe, it is a strange question  but I want to know your fantasies
about it. I am a psychologist a little and I will try to understand you. I ask
you many questions because I am keen to know more about you. It seems to me that
i my past life I was a singer. Maybe, it is just my fantasies or dreams, maybe, I
just couldn't realize myself. I will come to Kiev with my mother. I am glad that
you want to meet with my mother. It is very important for me, because her opinion
is very important for me.
Hope to hear from you soon.
We would want to inform You that Your account is equal to zero and we would want
to ask You to recharge it.
Best regards,
"Alliance" marriage agency Team         
Hello, dear XXXXX.
Thank you for your letter. I think that we must learn to appreciate the beauty.
The beauty not in common understanding but the beauty of the human being soul.
Because sometimes people see only external beauty. People pay a lot of attention
to how they look, what they wear, not thinking that it is not worse doing it. And
the real values are only eternal values such as love, family, parents, children.
Only the state of the soul can joy or upset. Love to yourself means the love to
people surrounding you. Only giving something to people, you get it back. It
seems to me that we all had something good in childhood and we remember all our
life and bring it all the time we live. I want to talk a lot about everything
with you, maybe my thoughts are mixing up now, but I think you understand what I
try to tell you. I want to let you inside the world of my thoughts. Each of us
wants to look into one's future. We all know our past,present, but the future is
hidden from us by time. To know it we just live drawing it near by living. When I
was 13,I decided that I am not attractive and that's why none will ever love me.
I was not a self-confident girl and I nervous because of it. And at one day I
made a decision to change  the order of events. I drew, read, sang in a chorus,
every day I repeated: "My life, my destiny, my future are in my hands". And the
same thing I tell myself now. I know that for many people their transitional age
is difficult. What of you? Have you had such problems? Surrounding people make us
to believe in yourself or to loose this belief. I think that you heard what
happened in Moscow during the football game Russia-Japan. When I turned on TV and
saw what was happening there, I was so much shocked. I was impressed by
aggression of those fans. I will tell you frankly, I wouldn't want to be there at
that time. It's a pity that you pertained without attention to the wish of my
Hope to hear from you soon.
Hello, dear XXXXX.
Thank you very much for your letter. Today is a nice day. When I went to a shop I
saw my first teacher. I was so surprised. She hasn't changed at all. She is still
that kind, lovely woman of small height. She saw many destinies on her teacher's
way. She help many people to choose the correct way. I recall the stories which
she told us when we were in school and at that time I couldn't imagine that she
had ever been a young girl as I was at that time. Now she is an old woman and one
can see that she has a big experience. She still works at school and she helps
young people to become right persons in future. When I continued my way, pleasant
memories filled me.  Do you remember your school years and your teacher? I know
that I need to share my love with a special man, someone sincere in his quest to
share love and become whole. When a man and woman share a true love, they create
a world of beauty, growth, character, and  security. I will be very pleased that
when we meet each other, our meeting will create a lifelong journey of love,
happiness and harmony for us. I will dedicate my life to giving you the
compassion, kindness and understanding of a true friend, and also love and
devotion of a faithful wife. I ask you questions, because I want to know what is
inside. How do you imagine our meeting? What will you tell me? What is the part
of the woman in your family. I am lonely now and my heart is free for new
feelings. I want to give the best to my family. I  like to explore something new,
I hope, so you do. Life is like a lottery. We don't know what is going to be in
an hour. I am glad that everything is ready for your trip. It seems to me that
you have serious intentions. I appreciate this quality in you. I talk about you
with my mother and we decided, that she must also meet with you when you will
come to Kiev so that we could have everything seriously from the very beginning.
If my mother will approve my choice then it will be the first stage of our common
life. Do you want her to come with me?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Hello, dear XXXXX.
Today is a nice a day and I write you again. I want to be open to you in my
letters so that you could understand me and my thoughts. I told my family about
you. My mother is agree with my decision. She said that if I had not met my man
here, in Ukraine, then possibly he is far away from me now and I  have to fight
for my happiness and to find the love by heart among many men. Sometimes it seems
to me that I know you for a long time. Maybe, you will ask me what I think about
marriage. I will tell you, my heart has been empty for a long time, so that when
I'll be with my darling then it will be the happiest days in my life. And at that
time I will fill my home with the atmosphere of love. I must tell you something
private. For me the  touches to each other at meeting, gentle glances, hugs and
kisses are very important. This is what is called  a harmony between a woman and
a man. I will be a friend, a wife and a lover for my husband. I think that the
marriage will be a big change for me. I think that you understand my wish to
start everything from the very beginning, to start a new life for myself,  to
connect my destiny with the person I love. I look forward to our meeting. I think
that everything will be all right.
I'm looking forward to your next letter.
Hello, dear XXXXX.
Thank you for your letter. I think that every creature on the Earth needs love,
and moreover, an intelligent creature, a human-being. A person who has so
sensitive nature. I think that love is a magic feeling, it spurs us on incredible
actions. And I think that the sense of life is in love and in family Your
thoughts about a trip to Ukraine are wonderful. I am looking forward to this
moment because we will be able to see each other and feel that excitement of our
hearts. I think that when we will meet each other we won't have a problem with
the idea where to go, because we will keep each other hands. And it will have to
be nice yet at that wonderful spring day. Of course,we will visit all interesting
places in Kiev. I can't use services of Kiev agency to pay my expenses for the
trip. Besides money, I should have some cash and my mother has to be sure that I
am all right. And there is no sense to have a return ticket as I don't know how
many days I will spend with you, and I should have money for my way back home.
I'm looking forward to your next letter.
Thank You for using our services. But we would want to inform You that Your
account is equal to zero and that Your debt is 10 USD. If You ill not recharge
Your account then we won't be able to translate Your letters.
Best regards,
"Alliance" marriage agency Team                         
Hello, dear Takahi.
Thank  you  for  your wonderful letter. Yes, thank you, I have received your
present. It is very good for me, because I will be able to learn English before
our meeting. It'll be a good experience before our meeting. Your flower was
wonderful and postcard too. I am glad that we can meet in Kiev, that this time is
so close. Yes, I will be able to meet you in the airport. I have found out about
planes from Kharkov. My plane will take off at 8:00am, at 9:00 I will be in Kiev
and will have time to get to the hotel, because we will fly to different
airports. I want to ask you to send me some funds for buying tickets to both
ends. I don't want my mother to worry about my safety in another city. I have
found out that the price of the ticket from Kharkov to Kiev costs 70 USD, also I
would have to cover some expenses for taxi and foods. I don't know, but Ithink
that 200 USD would cover everything. I don't want to go by train as it will take
12 hours and by plane it will take only one hour. I want to share with you what
occurred me recently. Having an experience behind our shoulders we formed our own
opinion about our life and we have own life-styles. But loneliness reminds about
itself. Nor friends, neither hobby can't intend for this feeling in full force.
World around us is so wonderful! The life passes by if there is no loved person
aside you. I will be glad if our correspondence will put good beginning to
sincere relations. I am not looking for wealthy, but I am seeking for wealth
soul, because real value is a human soul, open to kindness, aspired to live in
harmony and love with surrounding people and nature. These values are precious.
Some people cannot understand it and appreciate. To find your half is not easy.
But I try, hope and believe that my love is waiting for me somewhere where I left
the part of my life. Yesterday on walking back home, watching at lights of big
city, I thought about you and these thoughts warmed me up. And how wonderful life
becomes when two alone find each other. And I think we will have much ahead:
taste of kisses and the warm of love and I think happiness is around us and I
just need to see and don't be afraid to let it in my heart. Maybe I am so
romantic in my mind, but I write you what I think about.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Hello, dear XXXXX.
Thank you for your letter. I'm romantic, this is the way I see the relationships
with the loved man. Maybe, my look at the life is naive, but in reality it's not
so. But I belive that my thoughts will come true. There are long talks with my
second half on romantic evenings in my heart. I'm quiet, loyal, it's easy to live
with me, I never become nervous. I think that all problems can be solved by
finding out the reason. I try to plan my life and go to my aim. It's easy to make
me laugh, but it's difficult to make me feel sad. I have a sense of humour and I
never feel myself in bad spirit, because the life is wonderful and that we are
young and healthy is great. Many people don't understand that just to wake up in
the morning and to see the sky and the sun is wonderful. And it's a miracle to
have a family and to have such a feeling as love. We must appreciate every day we
live because it will never repeat again. I'm a small child who wants
understanding and warmness. I hope, everything will  be OK and we will meet each
other in. I send you my picture. I hope you will like it.
I'm looking forward to your next letter.
Hello, dear XXXXX.
Thank  you for your letter and for the story about your parents. Sometimes it
happens that nasty weather brings sad thoughts but the belief in future and a
great wish to bring only good things to people fills me with joy and help sad
thoughts go away. My heart tells me that love do exist on the Earth. The world
will play with joyful colors when we will feel it in our souls. I'm sure that
strong feelings have high energy and are able to get inside the world of emotions
of another person, calling a storm of love. If the love is mutual - it's a
heaven's gift. Real love is always passionate. When I was young I dreamt to grow
up and meet my wonderful prince. Yes, I plan to meet with you in Kiev. Possibly,
we will like each other and something may happen between us. We will know it at
our meeting and our future will be opened for us.
Looking forward to your answer.
Your Natalia.
Hello, dear XXXXX.
Thank you for your letter.  Now I want to tell you more about my family and my
parents. My father was born not far from Kharkov in a small village Bugayovka. He
spent his childhood and studied in school there. Then he came to Kharkov to enter
the institute and he was invited on his friend's wedding party. There he met my
mother.  They loved each other at the first glance. The life of my parents, when
they  were young, was not easy. They lived in  a multi-room flat with two other
families. There was only  one kitchen and bathroom for all of them. It was quite
widespread  at that time. They lived in one room - my mother, my father and my
grandmother. When my elder brother was born, our family moved to our own
three-room flat. My mother  was born  in Siberia, Sverdlovsk city. After some
time my grandmother decided to move  to Kharkov and  this  is how my mother and
her young brother came to Kharkov. My mother is Russian by nationality and my
father is Ukrainian. My childhood  was very interesting and memorizing. My
parents paid a lot of attention  to me.  I drew when I was a child, I liked music
and sang in a chorus.  For some time I was going in for tennis.  My parents
brought  me up with  the feeling of wonderful.  They brought me up in love,
understanding, they are nice people. Unfortunately, they don't live together now.
It makes me feel upset very much. My father visits me often. We have good
relationship with him. Notwithstanding he is not with us now, we feel his
attention and care. I'm very grateful to them for all the things they did for me
and for the right understanding of life. The love to my close person always helps
me to live. It's a  great pity, that many people don't think about it now. I
always go ahead and know for sure that tomorrow will be the new day again. But
every moment is inimitable and outstanding. What do you think about it? Yes, I
could meet you in Kiev in the middle of July. If we will like each other then we
could travel to Kharkov. Yes, studying is important for me now. It is my future
profession. On this stage I give it all my time. I will be ready for the marriage
when I will love.
I'm looking forward to your next letter.
Hello, dear XXXXX.
I think that the way we express our thoughts and feelings  on the paper may give
us an opportunity to know ourselves. Our letters help to express our emotions
about what we look for in each other. I think that our letters will be like a
mirror for us, where we will be able to see the reflections of ourselves. It even
occurred to me that we will manage to see the past, the present and the future.
For me every moment from our virtual meeting is very important because if it's
even virtual for now, I know that the time of our real meeting will come. And
then we will be able to look at each other eyes and to feel the warm of our hugs.
Romantic of our relationships is what I dream about. . I want a fairy-tale in my
grey world. One writer said that the woman is not an Earth creature and may be
that's why I look for a miracle. Our relationships are like an opened book, blank
sheet and it's only up to us what will we write in it. Yesterday we celebrated an
Orthodox Easter. Many people went to churches, it was much discussed in press and
on TV. Everybody presented each other eggs and presents. How do you celebrate
Hope to hear from you soon.
Natasha asked us to write a note. She is very glad that You call her but she
can't understand anything. And she asked us to tell You that she is looking
forward to Your e-mail as it is more convenient way for her.
Best regards,
"Alliance" marriage agency Team
Hello, dear XXXXX!
Thank you for your pictures and for your calls. People form the agency were very
kind to send you this letter. Here, in my country, love "by letters" is unusual.
Sometimes I think it's hard to fall in love by letters. But i  know it's
possible,  and that's why i'm writing you. Because  I believe in love. I want to
say, that I do have some expectations about  us. I so much need to love. I want
to believe, that  maybe you  are the man I wait for. It seems to me that family
questions must be discussed  and solved together. I think, that the family is
first  of all.  For me  the family is the main thing in my life. Not having it
now, I feel myself so lonely. I like very much family time, walking in the park,
picnics at the sea,  romantic evenings and talking with the candles. I want to
warn  you:  I am terribly romantic person. It's very important for me to have
this in my life. I like flowers and I feel lack of men's understanding, love and
romantic. Bring it to my  life!!! I have a kind heart, and i like to bring joy
to people.  Also I'm an artistic person with  an imagination. For me it's very
important to be cared, to feel attention. Maybe that's what I want from
relationships. I send you my picture. Hope, this time everything will be all
right. I also like cats but I don't have any.
1. My weight is 54 kg.
2. Height is 164 sm.
3. My full name is Natalya
Nikolaevna Zaporozhchyenko.
4. I had my birthday on January, 27.
Hope to hear from you soon.
We are very happy that You decided to use the services of the
Alliance agency. From our side we promise fast correspondence for You and═ Your
friend. We would like to present You our price-list. We present to our clients
the following services: 1. Translation and sending letters: 10 letters - 49,9
USD (5 letters from You and 5 letters from Your friend). Your first letter and
the first letter of Your friend are free.  You can make a transfer, using the
services of the Western Union, sending the mentioned amount on the name of our
Sukhova Irina
Klochkovskaya str,152A a.113
After sending us the above mentioned amount we open an account on Your name in our agency.
2. On Your wish we can present flowers to Your friend at the day You mention.═
11 roses - 60 USD (postcard and chocolate);
17 roses - 80 USD (toy, postcard and chocolate)═
The color of flowers and type of additional presents You can suggest Yourself.
3. Also we can suggest the services of the interpreter and the arrangement of the telephone
call between You and Your friend - 35 USD.
4. We can send Your friend's photo through Internet. The price of one photo is 4,99 USD. Also
the photo, sent by You, costs 4,99 USD.
5. We can make a photo album in professional photo studio and send it to You my mail: 7
pictures - 140 USD (1 picture - 20 USD).
6. We can make a video record of Your friend in her day life. You will see the city she lives
in, her family, work.═ We will send the video tape by mail. It has the price of 300 USD.
7. Also we can suggest private English lessons for Your friend, which will take place with a
personal teacher under our control and we will be able to give You a report about Your friend's
success. Your friend may take 3 lessons per week with the price 5 USD each. So it would cost 60
USD a month.
We will be very glad if You will use our services and will contact with Your friend through our
Best regards,
"Alliance" marriage agency Team
Hello, dear XXXXX!
Thanks for finding time to send me letter. I have read your
letter and I got very much  interested in you. I want to know more about you. I
find you a very attractive man. On looking into your eyes I saw kindness,
intellect and joyful character. The look of a man is very important to me. I
think that the look is the thing that can charm and it is true to say that the
eyes are the reflection of the soul. What do you think is the most attractive
thing in women? I'm very much interested in knowing you better but as the
services of our Ukrainian post are not reliable and not so quick, I went for
help to the marriage agency "Alliance". They were very kind to translate and
send you this letter and if you are interested in correspondence and meeting
with me I would be very happy to use the services of this agency. It would be
very good for me to contact with you through these people. And moreover, these
services will be free of charge for me. Their office is not far from the place
where I work and live and that's why it won't take me too long to get there and
we will always be able to stay in touch and that is very important to me.   I
want to tell you more about myself. I study in a Police Academy and my future
profession will be a psychologist. This profession is very interesting for me. I
wasn't lucky to meet my "second half" yet, but I'm not upset about it. You can
meet your destiny in different ways but the fact that we met each other through
Internet is very exciting for me and I find it mysterious and romantic beginning
of relationships. I am a very romantic woman. Are you romantic in your heart? If
I would be asked what I'm expecting from the future, I would answer only one
thing - Great Love. As I think the marriage is not a month and is not a year,
it's the whole life. I'm looking for the partner for all my life, the one, who I
will live with, play, respect and adore, someone to share all good and bad.  I
have a mild character, I'm loyal, gentle and caring. I love warm atmosphere  at
home, family holidays, I like to cook. What do you like to eat?
I will be looking forward to your answer. I hope that  we will know a lot about
each other and it will be great to communicate with you through Internet. I send
you my picture. I hope you will like it.
Hope to hear from you soon.
We will be happy  to help You in the correspondence between You and Your friend.
If You are interested in our services, please, let us know about it.
Best regards,
"Alliance" Marriage Agency Team



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