Nikitina Natalya and "North Beauty" Agency

Arkhangelsk, Russia


Tel. - n/a

Address: n/a


DOB:  03.20.1976

“Dear Elena,


I received the attached letter from the scammer Natasha Nikitina via the non existing agency “North Beauty” She answered via North Beauty to my ad at an honourable German agency late 2000. North Beauty did request a lot of money via WU for forwarding the Email correspondence to Natasha. I denied the contact to Natasha and refused any payment to North Beauty. Later I did send the correspondence in copy to my German agency. Immediately they told me by phone that North Beauty is a complete virtual- and not real existing scam-organisation and later they warned also the other customers and advised them not to react on such letters.


Kind regards




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Natasha's Introductory Letter

Dear XXX
Let me introduce myself. My name is Natalya. probably you will be astonished a little at receiving this mail. I was born in March 20, in 1976 - I am 24 years old - in city Arkhangelsk, which is situated in the North West of Russia, where I have been living all my life. Some days ago I came to an International marriage agency in our town. My girlfriend has left to England recently through this agency.
I think it's time to start telling the story about myself. I ma pretty young lady with blonde hair and green eyes. I'm single, without children. My height is 166 sm, my weight is 52 kg.
I have asked to send you two my photos with this letter. I have two higher education: first I have received in 1999 - teacher of physics and mathematics, second - economist in information systems - I'll receive in 3 month. Now I work as the economist at the factory and I prepare the protection of diploma.
I'm an intelligent Russian woman. I'm communicating, energetic, sincere, open, caring and tender. I think it will never be boring with me, because all troubles of family life exist when two people are bored and don't listen to the opinions, feelings, anxieties of each other. Most of all I value in people their moral qualities: intelligence, sense of humor, beauty of the spirit, thoughts and behavior. 
To my passions I can concern reading and sports:  I'm going in for underwater swimming during 6 years. besides, I like to listen to good music, love my friends, who are dear to me, like interesting conversations with new people. I enjoy relaxing sound of waves on the beach and long walks during the sunset, I like the bright sun and the moody moon, animals and warm spring wind, to dream and to think.... so I love life and try to enjoy every minute of it, which God gives us.
I dream to meet with a serious man, reliable, faithful, understandable, tender, who can see a wonderful creature, a friend in a woman.  A friend who I can share my life with in good or bad times and give all my love, tenderness, attention and care.  I will close for now. Thank you for reading my letter. I hope you will not leave it without any attention and will answer to me.  It would be interesting for me to find out more about your life, your family, your country. Please ask me any questions. Send me some your photos.  Write me letters to address of agency:  Only it is necessary to write in subject line: for Natalya Nikitina. They will give your letter to me immediately. Hope to hear from you soon,


Letter From North Beauty


It is a note from marriage agency. Today in morning Natalya Nikitina has brought the letter and photos for you - the answer to your

letter. We are sending photos with this note. She does not have the access to Internet and uses the services of our agency. If you want to continue correspondence with Natalya, you must take services of our agency: to correspond with she by Email.

Our services include:

Sending e-mail messages to/from ladies. Delivery for 1 day - $5 per one letter with photos to/from lady. If you agree to use this service, you must make a deposit for $50 (10 letters to/from lady). In this case you will a receive postal address, phone number also and all services will be free-of-charge for your lady.

A little about the rules of how our agency works: only men pay the services of our agency, but only after we shall be sure that girl is validly interested in corresponding with this man (after two letters from lady). In case the girl or man stop correspondence for any reason, the man has the right to correspond free-of-charge with any other girl: in our agency now are about 120 very beautiful ladies from North Russia (cities: Murmansk, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk, Seversk, Narian-Mar, Vologda). We personally communicate with each of them to be sure of the seriosness of their intentions. A professional photographer photographes each girl. In the future we can help you to organize a visit to Russia.

Unfortunately in this moment ours site is in the development stage and you can not be visited. You can find out more in detail about the services of our agency and to look at all our ladies on our new site in about two weeks, we shall send you the invitation.

About payment: You can pay $50 (US dollars) for Email forwarding only by following way:

Our agency accepts payments through the worldwide Western Union system. In order to send payment for the service, you have to go to the Western Union office nearest to your place, and send money on the name of the Chief manager of our agency.

Name: Ludmila Domashneva. City of reception: Arkhangelsk. 

You should fill her name in the field of recipient, and you have to point the location you send money to. Fill everything in correctly, and don't forget to get the control number of your money transfer. Then send us the message with your full name, address, the amount of money you've transferred and the control number(3612512920-for example).

If there is no Western Union office in the place you live, we can give you other way to transfer money.

We shall send Natalya's letter for you as soon as you inform us, that have made payment.

PS: Natalya is very beautiful and modest girl and Natalya's letter is very warm.

Best Wishes

163061, Russia

Lenina 67.
Agency North Beauty