Panaga Oksana

(possibly the same as Irina Sosochan)

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: Sumskaya 27/2 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine 49035 

e-mail: n/a


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Dear Elena I am happy to hear back from you once again.  This report will dovetail with Ira Sorochan and show how they are both indeed scammers or look very suspicious along with this agency called:
The center of the informative and translation services "USPEH"
I have now been in contact with 4 scammers now from this agency ( two I am currently taking to Elena or Helen Glazkova and also Oksana Bystrakovskaya as they are trying to get money for the usual visa, airline tickets and they claim that this agency "USPEH" will be able to get the needed visa and tickets and to send money and to speak to the manager Tanya "as the prices there at the agency are cheaper than at a travel agent").  One of these scammers Helen or Elena G. has sent me a photo of her in a bathing suit which has taken her head and put in another photo of that famous scammer located on the left photos known as Angellika


Angelika from Odessa
These photos are those of a Russian fashion model by the name of Anastasia Smirnova. The scammer using these photos has been identified as Alena Fedorovskaya who is today using the name Yalena and has used the names Katya and Angelika


I actually have copies of both photos with the two different heads. Obviously all 4 of these people

Ira, Oksana, (Helen and Oksana- you do not have the reports on them as this case is still active). I had sent a certified greeting card where they have to sign for it personally to both Ira Sorochan and also this Oksana Panaga and the card came back to me as a fake address for both of them as they had the exact same address ( I did not notice this at first as I had sent out many cards at different times but the agency told me about the same addresses and how both came back as undeliverable due to a wrong address).
This agency USPEH is very, very, fishy! If what is happening with this new development with these other two ladies Helen and Oksana they say that they can get visas and airline tickets  for these women, they are a definite scam operation.
I hope this gives you a little bit more information as to why this Ira Sorochan is a scammer along with Oksana Panaga  as well.  I will send you the reports on the other two women when I am finished with them and also this agency USPEH.



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