Pavlova Katya

(aka Pshenitsina Olga)

Makejevka, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: Molodegnyj 18,Lugansk, Ukraine, 91000


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Dear Elana,
I would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Katya Pavlova from Makejevka, Ukraine.  I first contacted her through under the profile name of nadya1978 ( has been removed ). Her e-mail address is . She also has a profile listed at friendfinder as Katya113 and at Absolute Agency under nadya ID# A1364010. Her full name and address is:Katya Pavlova, Molodegnyj 18,Lugansk, Ukraine, 91000. Her agency tried to get me to pay for their services in order to continue to send her letter but when I brought up the subject of sending her money for airline tickets I never heard another word about the cost of writing letters to her and becoming a client of this Myranda Dating Studio for some strange reason.  She wants me to send to her by western union money for visa and airline tickets. Her full name has now changed to Olga Pshenitsina for some unknown reason and this is the name to wire the money to.  I smell a rat with her as well as her agency, Myranda Dating Studio, Pochtovaya street 5, Stahkanov, Ukraine.   E-mail to: . I have not sent her or this Olga Pshenitsina person any money.  The manager of this Myranda Dating Studio which also seems to be a fraud also is Elena Golubeva.  Please add this cast of characters to your list.
S. H. ( Scammer Hunter )


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Katya's Introduction Letter

Hello XXXX
Thanks a lot for your letter and the picture. I think you look great: strong and sensitive at the same time:)) Thank you for your words about me, you are very sweet.
 I'll be glad to get to know  you and tell more about myself. I'm honest and reliable, caring,compassionate,kind open-minded and loving and understanding.I love life and enjoy all that it has to offer.You only live once,so why not to its fullest? I like to laugh,like fairy tails,adore big dogs,horses,cats, fast drive and slow walking along a quay hand in hand,light breeze in my face... I've never seen an ocean but I think I would love as much as I love the sea which always takes my breath away.  
I like nature, picnics,sometimes fishing,traveling, meeting with people,new and old friends. I'm a rather sociable girl, have a lot of friends.I like going out , watch a nice movie . I like to have guests, visit friends, and cook food and make cocktails.My door is always open for my dear people and  if any trouble,I'm there to give a helping hand.
I hope to hear from you soon.
 My e-mail address is
Bye. Katya


Katya's Letter - Jan 22, 2001

Hello XXXXX!
What a wonderful surprise it was to hear from you on this so called "winter day": everything is melting here and the streets are very dirty.
Thanks for the picture: you look great, even better that in the previous one:))
We know very little about each other, so, what shall I start with? I was born in a small town but now live in a big city where I study at the university. I have a part time job at school where I teach Literature.  I have a lot of friends. Sometimes go to the movies though not often for have to work and study at the same time. My parents live in another town, I try to visit them on weekends and holidays. I have a younger brother whom I love a lot though sometimes we don't get on well. What else would you like to know? You can ask me anything you wish, I'll be glad to answer any of your questions.
Be waiting for your letter and the pictures from your holidays:))
Bye. Katya.


Katya's Letter - Jan. 25 2002

It was so nice to hear from you again! Thanks a lot for the pictures, once again you look just great:)
I teach foreign literature, Russian mostly as now it's a separate state with its own culture and literature. I've been teaching for two years and I love my job. I love working with children, they always make me feel good: even if I have a headache before the lesson, it disappears as soon as I enter the classroom. Of course, sometimes it's not that easy, especially when the pupils misbehave and don't listen to what I say but that's a challenge and I like challenges:) I like reading and I read a lot, I prefer books to CDdisks and everything like that.
Frankly speaking I know very little about computers and don't have any that's why I use this agency where they help me with the correspondence. The first a couple of letters in this agency are free of charge but
then they ask for money. So, don't be surprised if you get a message from the agency. Of course, you don't have to pay if you don't want to but I am afraid I don't have enough savings to stay in touch for quite a long time, no matter how much I want that. I don't suppose you have such problems having a computer, I wish I had one!!! Then I would definitely learn how to work with it:)
Frankly speaking I'm a bit scared meeting a foreigner: we have different lifestyles, speak
different languages, have different mentality but on the other hand that's
what attracts me most of all. Men in my country are too boring, too rude,
too arrogant, too predictable and I hate that. That's why I decided to look for my soulmate abroad. I think men in America or in Europe treat women better, they respect women and think not only about how to get money doing nothing. I've never met a foreigner so far but judging from what I've heard they are different.
You are right, I've forgot to give you my mail address, here it is:
Pavlova Katerina Viktorovna
Molodegnyj 18,
So, if you want to send me a "normal" letter, you are welcome:)))
Well, what else would you like to know about me? Will you tell me more about your friends and your family?
Be waiting for your letter.
Bye. Katya.


Katya's Letter - Jan 30, 2002

Hello XXXXX,
I am happy that my letters make you smile, I am always glad to get yours and am eagerly waiting for them:)))  I am getting more and more of the opinion that you are the sweetest guy I
ever met. You manage to fill my life with such a wonderful feeling! I feel comfortable and warm , I
 feel protected and cared, desired even from that far. You can't really well imagine how important it
is for a woman , to know that there's a man , thinking of her, needing her, any time ready to her a
helping hand, or to risk just to keep her safe and sound. I see what a beautiful person you are, I
feel that you care and think of what would be delighting to me.
I would be happy to visit you and see BXXXX but I am afraid I don't have enough money to cover the travel expenses, sorry.
I shall be finishing for the moment but be waiting for your next warm letter:)
Kiss. Katya.


Katya's Letter - Jan 31, 2002 - $200 for international passport

Thank you for thinking and caring about me:) I'll be happy to meet you in BXXX in March: I am sure I'll be able to arrange everything by that time, besides I can have a vacation in the middle of March. I wish I could see you sooner!:)))
Yes, I can get a travel visa and the tickets for an airline but I also need to get an international passport which will cost at least 200$ (they make it within 4-7 working day). A tourist visa to the States will also cost about 200$ and the cost of the tickets (round trip) is 1000$, maybe a bit more. Besides, I will have to pay for the services of a tourist company: they arrange the whole trip (take care of the passport, the visa, the tickets, accommodation and everything like that). You see, the prices in my country are very high. Sometimes I think that the world would be much better and our life easier without money but unfortunately we can do nothing about it.
 I've been thinking a lot which of my pictures to send, I hope you will like this one. To tell the truth I don't like photographing, God knows why:) 
I'll be waiting impatiently for your letter, so write soon:)))
Kiss. Katya.



Katya's Letter - Feb 01, 2002 - money through Western Union

Dear XXXX,
Thank you so much for thinking and caring about me:) It means a lot for me.
I know I look pretty in the photos but I don't like it and I can't explain why:)
I'll find out everything about the information you need as soon as I can. For the time being I just know that travel agencies make reservations a month before the date when the tour is to start. But before they begin all the arrangements my international passport should be done which will cost at least 200$. If you want me to do it as soon as possible and to help me with paying for it, you can transfer the money through the Western Union. My full name Is Olga Pshenitsina. The rest of the information I can have no earlier than the passport and the visa are done. Still, to be absolutely sure I'll go to this company once again to learn about the details.
How was your day? Mine wasn't very pleasant. I went
to the university in the morning and had quite many classes. Then I worked
at school and the children misbehaved: they were too nosy and it was very
difficult to make them do something or at least listen to what I say. So I
had a terrible headache but now everything is fine as I have received your
letter and I really enjoyed the words you were telling me:)))
I'll be waiting for your next letter thinking about you:)
Have lots of my kisses and a very beautiful smile:)))))))))