Ponomareva Irina

St.-Petersburg, Russia 

Tel. - home: 007-812 594 79 4X, mobile: 007-812-962-42-6X

Address: Ushinskogo St, 41/70 St Petersburg 195267 Russia

e-mail: n/a


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Hello Elena,

I will report to your attention a further scam in the year 2000. This was one of my very first contacts with a woman from Russia and I lost for one contact around $ 70, - (DM 136,-) to the agency and did sent to Irina Ponomareva $ 80 by registered letter. I did pay this $ 80, - for an invitation which she did send to me by fax. Unfortunately I have thrown away the invitation. I was w/o any experience at that time.

She did mention that my letter didnít arrive with the money inside and she asked me to wire the amount again by Western Union. I did refuse that and she disappeared.

The agency www.ablueangel.de disappeared after some weeks from the net. The owner is Michael Muschiol (I got knowledge about his last name by his typing error only) and was at this time obviously living at Halle in Eastern Germany. He disappeared from any German phone and address book and from the net. I got no phone, no address, but his bank account in order to pay  around $ 70 just for the contact and sending 6 pictures. A translation wasnít necessary, as Irina spoke very good German.

Attached Iím sending you some letters and pictures. However, Irina did correspond with me via SMS and phone calls only. She asked me by phone to send her money to Western Union and told me that her name and address will be enough for W.U. She claimed to be known at W.U. (St. Petersburg office) and to have no problems to get the money.    




Halle Germany

Email: Michael@blueangel.de

No Phone, no address

Bank Account:

SSK Halle

BLZ 80053762

Kt.o 388302761


Address of Irina:

Irina Ponomareva
Ushinskogo St, 41/70
St Petersburg 195267/Russia
Mobile: 007-812-962-42-68
Phone: 007-812 594 79 41

Kind regards



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Irina's Introductory letter

Hello xxxxxxxx! I am glad very much with You identity learning and I may your photo. I speak German and I am enthusiastic from German culture. For me is very important that You have the good education and education. Unfortunately, I have no E-mail and computer at home. I have the Anschaltung of GSM and You could send directly on my Mobilphone (962-42-68) text announcements or call to me. I may travel very much, sport drive(do) (Leichtatlethik), I gladly dance, I may paint. I work as a manager in the real-estate business deal(shop). I may this work, but for me more importantly is the family. I was married 4 years, I have daughter - 9 years old. Naturally I love very much my daughter very much and I search not only for a man(husband) for myself, however, also a good friend for my daughter. I am honest, open, optimist. I would like to know more about You. I have not understood completely where You live, in XXX or in the N? He from YYYYY? Why you search for the woman(wife) here in Russia? You were already once in Russia? Might you hit with me? Address: Irina Ponomareva Ushinskogo Saint, 41/70 Saint Petersburg 195267 Russia mobile phone + 962-42-6X Hausphone 007 812 594 79 4X