Ruelets Tatyana

Kishinev, Moldova

Tel. - (37XX) 9437566

Address: Str. Genta Latina 19-120, Kishinev, Moldova,2044

e-mail: n/a



Dear Elena,

would like to report to you about a Scammer named Tatyana Ruelets from Moldova. Her address is Tatyana Reulets, Str. Genta Latina 19-120, Kishinev, Moldova,2044. Her mobil phone is (3732)-9437566. This is her banking information:
CITIBANK  N.A. , New York, USA,    swift: CITI US 33
Beneficiary痴 Bank: VICTORIABANK,  Kishinev, Moldova  swift: VICBMD2X
Beneficiary:          Reulet    Tatyana
Account:              222500100207208
She is trying to get me to send her money ($500) for her plane ticket to N.Y. as she claims to be able to travel to N.Y. and will be able to get a business visa. Her stories are very conflicting and do not make much sense at all. I even offered to give her the money ($500) for her trip as soon as we would meet in person and she would not have to pay me back at all. This offer was no good of course as she said that she needed the money for now and would pay me back when we met. She had already claimed to have the tickets as she borrowed the money from someone to pay for her tickets and now has to pay this person back. She never sent to me any more photos then the two that I have which is strange,as she is very much into computers from what she has told me as she is a web designer and it took several requests before she gave me her home address even though she was not shy about asking for money. She is a definite scammer as I had tried to send flowers to her to make sure that she is in fact real and this is the report that I got back from the flower delivery agency (see report):
About your Kishinev girl!
Our Kishinev agent has tried to reach Tatyana many times.
Her home phone is registered on name REULETS, but a man who answered our phone call, told our agent that he had never heard about Tatyana! Sure, she gave you a fake address!!! Her cell phone is real, BUT she never answers her calls - all you can do is to save your message. Our agent left 3 messages on her call record machine, but she had never replied.
Sure, she is just a fake girl who was hoping to get several $$$ from you for her "ticket".
Please add her to your list of scammer so that hopefully she can not try and scam others.
S. H. (Scam Hunter


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Tanya's Introductory letter -  March 20, 2002

Hello V..

Thanks for your letter and photos. I知 very glad that you wrote me.
I dreamed to be a doctor, but life showed me another way.  
I値l tell little about myself. As you already, guess, my name is Tatyana, I知 25 years old and live together with my mother. I work as a Web-designer for my own studio. Not far ago before I became a WEB-designer I worked in financial sphere. But so was got that I decided to create my own studio.
But where else is it possible to learn WEB-design better, than in such studio?
My favorite hobby is my job and I have no enough time for other hobbies.
I send you my photos and  hope that you値l like them.
Looking forward to hear from you soon.

My best regards.     Tatyana R.


Tanya's Letter - Apr 07, 2002 -  She can get a work visa

Hello V..

My best girlfriend痴 dad is businessman and has a deal with American company. He値l go to New York in the middle of June.
 He can take me in USA with the business visa as translator of his company.
Actually he doesn稚 need me in America (he knows English quite well) and I can go in America in any place.
So, I have a chance to visit America, but I never been so far from my home and I知 afraid.
I have nobody in America, that why I ask you. What you think about it?
I think it will be difficult to come in the future for me.

Warm regards.       Tatyana.


Tanya's Letter - Apr 10, 200 - $500 for airline tickets

Hello V..

I知 very happy. Father of my girlfriend bought ticket to New York and my dream to become real. He is in Kiev (Ukraine republic) and we値l fly from there on 16 of June.
I want to see you very much. Actually I have to do nothing in New York. If you can meet me in New York it will be nice.
 I did borrow money from Father of my girl friend and feel not so comfortable now. Because, he is not so close to me.
If you able to help me give him back 50% (500 $US) of the price of ticket
I値l be thankful you.
I have spent all my money for this trip.   Sorry.
I値l hope you understand my feeling and me.
I want to say you so many things but want to do this eyes to eyes.

Light kiss.         Tatyana.

P.S.  My bank account is:

Corresponding bank: CITIBANK  N.A. , New York, USA,    swift: CITI US 33
Beneficiary痴 Bank: VICTORIABANK,  Kishinev, Moldova  swift: VICBMD2X

Beneficiary:          Reulet    Tatyana
Account:              222500100207208


Tanya's Letter - April 19, 2002

Hello V...

We have to arrive in NY 16 of June. Father of my girlfriend did booked the tickets from Kishinev and from Kiev, but same dates. We are don稚 know which fly will be more convenient for us in June.
In begin of June I値l say you exactly. My home address is:

2044 Moldova
Str. Genta Latina 19-120
Reulets Tatyana

My mobile phone: +(3732) 9437566
Will you have time in June to meet me in NY?
What you think about me? Maybe it痴 not good idea to disturb you.
Just say me and I have time for cancel my fly to you.

Warm wishes,       Tatyana.


Tanya's Letter -  April 26, 2002

Hello V..

#1.I have borrowed the $1000 for the trip. He was need money for visa paper work       and he mast to buy tickets for me .
#2.Yes we have business visa already.
#3.Of course I have passport.

I can稚 to fly directly to Chicago. We have leave our country together and with same direction, after arriving I値l be free from him. I said that he knows English very good.
I値l send you my fly details before my fly.