Hello! I check your site often. This girl you have listed here,Katya S.,-I personally met in Lugansk in July. I did not go to see her,I went to see someone else,-but Katya and her friend came to help me out in a difficult situation! I am just friends with her and not romantic with her (she is too young). She even did some investigative work for me after my return to the USA. She is a very nice person.
These letters supposed to be hers,-are not. This was reported by scam Hunter. She does not write like that at all. She does not work but is a student. She does not live in a flat,but with her family.
She informed me that about a year ago,she signed up with an "agency",operated in a flat. But she felt they were dishonest and quit them. But they never cancelled her e-mails,photos,or profile at date.com. Neither would they give her the names and addresses of those she was writing. She feels that they must have continued to write men "in her name". She learned to use the internet herself and opened up her own profile at date.com. I met her there.
I do not send her any money. A man named Jack in Taiwan did ($80) for her to write him,-but he was mentally unstable and demanded her to only write him. And when he found out she wrote me (because she was tired of his attitude and expected her to be his 3rd wife while he had 2 others)); he opened phony sites of her with filthy photos (not even her). He said he would get even with her. He did list her at blacklist,but they removed her after I told them about him.
So yes,he lost $80 (only);but he scared her away. As a young woman she has the right to find the right man for herself.
I personally believe her to be a decent girl,-she really went out of her way to help me in a strange city;food shopping for me,travel instructions,advice. If she was older,-I'd be interested in her myself.
Please write her and ask for her input on this matter. Thank you.
Sincerely,Frank USA

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