(this letter was the only correspondence we had with Ekaterina. She never repeated her requests to take her profile off our site)

I am Selivanova Ekaterina from Lugansk.
My name is among your INDIVIDUAL SCAMMERS.
I demand for the reason and for the person who did it.
Why?? Because everything what is written there is LIE.
All that letters are not mine! I have never read them!

Do you put every girl on your site?? Would you like to check first or ask me?

I repeat that everything is just a lie thereЕЕЕЕ..think what you are going to do next.

DonТt you understand, that in this way every girl can be placed there for any reason and all letters can be just composed by someone else??

Think about it, but first IТd like to take myself out of there!
How dare you!
If you really search for truth, you must check everything.

But I can do it myself, I need to know who is that person who did it to me?
Or his e-mail?? How can I write to him?? I want to find out why he or she did it to me?


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