Selivanova Ekaterina

Lugansk, Ukraine

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Tel. - n/a

Address:  Titova Street 7-6, Lugansk, Ukraine 91050


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I would like to report to you about a scammer named Katya Selivanova from  Lugansk.  Her e-mail address is . I first contacted her through under the profile of Creature2 ( This has now been removed. She also has a profile listed under Ekaterina at Absolute Agency ID# A1599639. Her address and full name is Katya Selivanova,Titava Street 7-6,Lugansk, Ukraine 91050. I had requested her birthday but she never gave it to me. She is trying to get me to wire her money for her medicine as she is supposedly very sick.  She has also mentioned in her letters that it is very difficult for her to pay for the internet. I have sent her no money.  Please add her to your list.
S. H. ( Scammer Hunter )
PS- I also sent her flowers and she would not have her photo taken but it is in fact the same person as in her photos.  Here is the report from the agency that delivered flowers to her:

"This girl gave you her cousinís address, so it was hard to find her. She refused to make a photo and told our agent that she would write you about the delivery. It looked like she get roses from abroad every week."


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Katya's Letter - Nov 15, 2001 Difficulties with Internet-Cafe payments

I wish you a good trip and will wait for your coming back!! I'm sending you my picture and hope you 'll like it! It is my favourite one.
Now I have a question for you. Of cousre I 'm confused to ask you about such a favour. I just want you to know that I can't write you often because the price of my correspondence is very high. And it is difficult for me to pay for letters. And moreover now I have some problems with my salary. So you see my situation is not the best. I think I can rely upon you and ask you to help me. Write me wether I can count on you or not?! You are very interesting person for me and I don't want to stop our communication for some time.
  I'll wait for your answer!
Good bye!
Your unrainian lady Katerina
PS photo is great!!!


Katya's Letter - Nov. 26, 2001 - Difficulties with Internet-cafe payments

I'm so glad to hear from you again!!!!!I was waiting for your coming back and I missed your leeters.Thank you very much for such a wide description of your activity . I was reading it with a great pleasure because I'm happy to have so good far away friend who is thinking of me!
XXXXX, my zip code is 91050
                        Titova street
                         6-7-it is my appartment
My friend,I still have a problem with my correspondence.It is really difficult for me to pay for it now and if you can help me with it , it would be much easier for me to correspond with you. Let me know what do you think? Today it is raining here and it is not very cold. And what about your place? As for my activity during these days. Well, I had a lot of examination and now I feel myself satisfied with the results!! And of course I worked a lot.
I like my job! I'm sending you my new picture and hope you'll like it! Be smile!
I'll wait for your letter!
Good bye!
PS this photo is my favourite one!!!!!!!!!!


Katya's Letter - Jan 27, 2002 - $100 for her medicine

Thank you very much for wishing to help me with my medicine. I really need it and you are the last person who can help me with it. It is too expencive for me. My doctor says it will help for sure if I buy it. I feel myself very bad today and I'm agraid of getting worse situation. I have some money but it is not enough.The amount I need is $170. And if you send me at least $90-100, it will help me to buy my medicine.It is called Zeftriakson and Zeftriaksoniadium12.It is the set of tablets.So my friend try to understand me, I have really no other way than to ask you and I'll appreciate such kind of a help. My health is in your arms, if I can say so.
I'll wait for your answer.If you agree to send me the amount of money I need for my treatment I'll tell you how.Write me as soon as you can please



Katya's Letter - Jan 28, 2002 - Her Medicine

Thank you very much for your care. I really need your help. As for the generic name it is the same -Zeftriakson and some injections. You see my doctor says I need the whole set of pills for feeling better myself. My treatment must include a lot of medicine but this one is the most usefull and important for my health now. That is why I was told to buy it as soon as possible.Let me know please wether you'll be able to help me or not?! I feel myself not good.
 I'm sending you my new pictures and hope you'll like them
I'll wait for your answer!
have a nice day


Katya's Letter - Jan 30, 2002 - $80 for medicine

Hello, dear XXXXX!
Thank you very very much for you care and kind attitude to me! I appreciate it. But unfortunately I was told that I'll have to pay money for the mail and moreover it will take a lot of time to arrange the receiving(I mean to sunscribe), it is so problematic for me now as I feel myself not good. That is why I think if it is not so difficult for you to send  me$80 by Western Union system it would be much better and I'll pay for my treatment.If you agree I'll give you my personal information in my next letter,ok?
So, my dear friend I'll wait for your answer
I wish you a good day!!!!
psI'll scan some new photos for you soon


Katya's Letter - Jan 31, 2002

Dear, XXXXX!
I have not got your package yet! I hope to get it because you know how much I need it . Now I'm going to the hospital to take the consultation of my doctor and ask for my analyses.
Hope everything is good in your life ! I'll wait for your letter.
When I can't see it I'm getting upset. So write me, ok?
Now I finish


Katya's Letter - Feb. 03, 2002 - Money For Hospital

Dear, XXXX!
I was absent these days because I felt myself not very good and I had no opportunity to send you an e.mail. My doctor says I need to stay at a hospital and get the neccessary treatment. I don't know what to do?!It costs much for me. Of course it is better for me to stay at home and have some pills and another injections than  to be at a hospital during the whole day. But anyway my doctor insists on my staying here.(hospital)
 I don't know what happend with the package you've sent me? I just hope they did some mistake! My address is Ukraine,Lugansk 91055, 7/6. I think it is absolutely the same I wrote you?? There is no surprise - our mail works bad!!
XXXX, but if everything is good with the medicine you sent for me will you be able to send me then some cash by Western Union ? Because I really need some amount for my treatment at a hospital.Let me know please.I'm in a difficult state.
I'll wait for your answer