Shelakina Natalya (Natalia)

Rezekne, Latvia / Riga, Latvia



Address 1: Kosmonavtov 19 / 49 Rezekne 4604, Latvia 

Address 2:  Riga, Latvia

e-mail: n/a

DOB: n/a


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"Which agency/website you contacted her through:

            In Austria ->

            But her profile was deleted by requested end of last year

            There was also her profile in

            Also deleted by request in january 2002 -> id# 731

            There was also her profile in -> id# 161

            They are informed and deleted this


First contact in nov 2000 thru letters and phone

In dec 2000 first meeting in riga and then over new year 2000/2001 visit in austria

(before 1. money request -> 250 usd via western union)

From beginning of 2001 till semptember 2001 -> She was “jumping” between austria, norway (jan -> address is available), england (-> peter) and latvia (improved) … and - very sure - netherlands …..

(in this time monthly money request -> average 400 usd via western union)

From 8.6. till 9.7. she lived with me in austria -> she promised marriage in autumn

In this time she became maniac for shopping clothes, cosmetics and jewelry ….

and insisted to have holidays in crete (10.8. – 18.8.)


Then she used to stay with me from 11.9.01 - 7.12.01

... we went also to town hall for announcing our wedding

but then she told she want that her parents shall be with...

so we shifted it to spring or early summer 2002

again insists for shopping clothes, cosmetics and jewelry, otherwise she would leave


then in dec 2001 she had to leave ec-area ..

she told she will go back to latvia

to get a visa for staying till wedding in austria ...

but instead of stay there she went to norway telling me

to work with a russian family as home teacher ....


mid of march she came back to austria for 4 weeks ...

(again insists for shopping clothes, cosmetics and jewelry, she only left a lot of unpaid bills for clothes she ordered but never paid, and so on ... )

than she told she has to go back to latvia

to speak as widness to court in riga-> in a case of her former boyfriend

.. she told afterwards she will come back for wedding ..

.. but instead of coming back she went to norway … I found out the address of this norwegian guy

and informed him (-> he got the same experiences with shopping and ordering without paying) -> she also promised him wedding in summer or autumn) …

she had to leave him and went instead of flying to latvia to denmark to stay somewhere there with another guy she has contacted thru an announcement ….

now we try to find out where in denmark … to inform this guy with whom she stays now


she has taken from all of this guys money, jewelry, travels, clothes (preferably from boutiques)

and very expensive cosmetics ….


but now we got informations that she promised to following men wedding (all in the same time):

- a guy from austria

- a lawyer from USA -> somewhere in Virginia (-> maybe in Arlington)

- a dutch guy in Breda(?) in Netherlands

- a norwegian guy in Kristiansand in Norway

- an english guy from London


Hug ("


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