Starova Elena

(aka Busina Irina)

Kiev, Ukraine 

Tel. -n/a 
Kiev, Ukraine



Elena's introductory letter No.1

Elena's introductory letter No. 2

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Elena's First Letter - June 25, 2002

Hello, dear Keith! Please, answer this letter to my email

I was very glad to receive your letter. That was pleasant event for me to
receive it. I'm very new in this type of correspondence and that's why I
would like to ask you to excuse me for some probable mistakes, but I hope
that through our correspondence we will get to know each other well and,
maybe, find love.

As you know my name is Elena and I live in beautiful Ukrainian city Kiev.
Your age is not a matter of concern for me. My grandparents had more than
20 years of age diference, but they lived very happy together. So this is
not aproblem for me at all.

I live alone in my own flat in the suburbs of the city. I have a lot of
hobbies. I like traveling, listening to the music, dances, playing
tennis, planting flowers.

I want to create my family and meet a loving, caring man who will love me
and whom I will love too. Let's begin our correspondence and find out if
we are made for each other. If we will decide that we are right for each
other, I will come to you with pleasure

If you interested in knowing me better please ask what would you like to
know. I will answer honestly. Please, answer this letter to my email

I will wait for your reply,


Elena's Second Letter - June 27, 2002

Compare to the Irina Busina's introductory letter No.2


Dear Keith,

Thank you for your letter. It was very interesting and thank you for your
pictures. First of all I want you to know that the picture of the person,
you have seen, is really me.  (smile) Climate in Ukraine is quite warm
especially near the sea where these pictures were taken. So, please, do
not worry about this, I am real and the pictures are of me. In addition to
previous one I will send you one more.

I think that we made a first step in our relationships. we got to know
each other, it's important. Now I want to know you better, letters will help
us in this I hope that one beautiful day we will meet and from that meeting
our future will depend. I wrote you already that I'm serious and decide to
make this step, because I'm tired of loneliness. I need only one man, who will
understand me, love me, take care of me, i.e. I need family, and I will
make that man happy...

I can say about myself, that I'm kind, tender and honest. I do not like
when somebody lie to me. In relationships I prefer to be open. Though,
according to my experience, it's not good to open my soul to just anybody. I'm
calm, well-balanced by my character but it's easy to offend me. I'm romantic
and optimistic. My life differs from yours, because I have not possibility to
do what I want. That's why it's not so full, though I try to find joy in
something. I dream to change this life, to make it more full. Though I do
not dream about this all the time, I try to feel ground under my feet.

I give to my work not first place in my life, I think that for women
family is the most important thing. If woman choose work as priority and makes
career it affects onto her family. It's impossible to combine family and
career without support. That's why I made my choice once without too much

I have to confess you, that I know English language not good. I finished
a month courses, but was not able to go further because of financial
problems. It has been half a year since then and I forget almost everything.
Speaking frankly, I'm scared by the fact that I can't speak freely, that's why
agency does the translation. Probably you will be disappointed by this. Believe
me, I want to know English language and I think that this will not be a
problem, it will take only time and learning.

I have no brothers or sisters. My parents live not far away from me. They
have their own flat. Our family have a relatives in Moscow, but because
of high prices for tickets we have possibility only to correspond with each
other. This way we maintain permanent contact. This is what my family
consists of.

I  have  to  tell  you  that I correspond with you through the agency and
use email  forwarding  and translation service. It's expensive thing and
I won't be  able  to  answer you often. Sorry, but I hope you will
understand me. Or maybe  you  would  consider  to  pay  for our correspondence. If
so, you may contact the agency. Their address is Please,
tell me what you think about this? If you will not be able to help me, I
will understand, just tell me your thoughts, OK?

As for my present work, I work as a manager on a small private firm and I
work there with documents and papers and in the end of every month I
prepare the report for my boss about financial situation on the firm. This is
hard times for me, in the end of every month, because I have to look through
many papers and documents to give the complete report about the work. I must
tell you that I do not like my work, because I think it's boring and it does
not pay good. My salary is only about $80 per month and it's allow me only to
pay for my flat, to buy food for me and to help my parents very little.

I like to see movies. Not all of them of course. I like love stories and
sometimes action films (but without too many blood on the screen). My
favorite activity is probably playing tennis and playing piano. Did I
tell you, I like to play piano very much. In my childhood my parents have sent
me to the music school and there I learned to play piano and I can play a
lot of music. I think,. I have the good music ear and I easily can play the
melody which I have heard somewhere. So it is easy for me to play all
favorite songs. When my parents had guests, I usually played for them. Of
course, I sag too. So this is why I like this type of activity too.

Kiev is the city where I was born and where I grew up. This is very
beautiful city and it is also a very ancient city. It is more than 1500
year old and it has the history which has the time when it was a center of the
powerful region, but also the time when it was ruined.

It has a lot of place of interest and a lot of parks where I can walk for
hours. really, I love my city dearly, but I understand that there are a
lot of places all over he world which are probably even more beautiful.
that's why I would like to travel and to see the interesting places. I have
heard that your country has a lot of them and I hope I will be able to see them
one day.

Speaking about my expectations from my future life-partner I can say that
I expect him to be honest and decent person. All I need from him is love,
care, respect and faithfulness. This is the qualities which I am looking
for and on these qualities we will be able to build a good and strong family.
In return I will do the same. I do not want to ask too much from my future
life-partner, but I think that good family, besides love, will need a
strong friendship. Love is passion and through friendship we will find the
mutual understanding and willingness to help each other in any situation.
Friendship may grow into love and such families are very happy - the
families where are love and friendship together.

My ideal of family is the family of my parents. They live with each other
for about 30 years and all this time they had no quarrels and have never
be apart even for one week. if you will see them one day you will see that
they look more like friends than like lovers, but after associating with them
you will understand that the feeling of lovers very strong in their hearts.
So I would like to have such family as my parents have. And it does not bother
me that you can't have children. e could be happy in two. I know this for

I  hope I answered some of your questions. If I did not, please ask me
and I will   answer  you  honestly,  because  as  I  said  before  I'm  opened
in relationships.

I will wait for your letter.
With best regards