Tarasova Ekaterina / Tarasova Natalya

(aka Smirnova Irina, aka Kiseleva Ekaterina, aka Elena Maltseva, aka Repina Tamara, aka Ershova Ekaterina, aka Rogova Maria (Marina))

Kazan, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address:  Volkov street 164 ap. 55, Kazan, 424007, Russia

e-mail: trio2001@inbox.ru



Dear Elena,

I would like to report about a scammer Ekaterina, Kate, Natalia Tarasova, Volkov street 164, ap. 55, Kazan, Russia 424007. Her e-mail is trio2001@inbox.ru.  I will send you the additional photos and letters that I have. I have not heard back from her in a while but have seen her pictures on several other web sites on scammers.


S. H.

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Katya's Introductory Letter - July 16, 2001

I as am very pleased to receive from you the answer!
Thanks to you for kind words to me!
I live in city Kazan, it at all far from Moscow. Our city very small here again is very difficult to find to itself the worthy companion of life!!!
Mine day birth of August 5!!!
I work as the cook, but as I very much like children, I as working sometimes in children's camp of rest!!! I was born and grew in city Kazan!!! Excuse me for my English I know it not in perfection, but I am constant it I update!!! I each day to learn English language, and I very much like to do it! In the future I dream to find to itself the worthy husband, which would like me and could protect, good father of my future children!!! Concerning the American people I know that they very honour and kind, are able to respect the woman, but I to want that you more to tell to me about the American people!
Thanks they very much have liked to you behind a photo, me!
I wait with impatience of your letter!!!
With the best regards Kate


Katya's Letter - July 22, 2001

Hi mine dear XXXXX!!!
I am very glad to your letter, you have written very much about yourselves in the letter! I very much liked your letter!!!
Mine day birth of August 5!!! Unfortunately I do not have telephone, it is very expensive for me!
 I very much to want to live in small city with the liked husband to have children. I to dream of it all life. Everyone speak me that so it happens only in fairy tales. My girlfriends send in marriage for Russian. Almost all divorce, because the husbands saw a lot of vodka and beat them. What childhood at children such families can be. I to not want it. I to wish to future children only happiness.
I was never married. I have formation of the cook and higher education on a speciality economy and marketing. But in the presentň time I work by the cook in a restaurant. I have no children. Set to me more questions, that you want to learn about me more, and I with pleasure on all shall answer!!!
I very much to want to meet you is direct and is very speed, write to me please how we can meet?
Write to me very soon,
Yours Kate!
P.S: your photos very much have liked to me, I send you some one photo, I hope she to you it is pleasant!!!


Katya's Letter - July 22, 2001 Information about herself

Hi mine dear XXXXX!!!
Excuse me that I so long did not write to you, it because I had some financial problems, and could not pay the Internet!!! I very much liked your letter! Your letters dome more happily!!!
You wrote in your letter that at you were some afflictions, I to want that at you all be well!
To me 27 years. My growth 172 cm. Weight 50 kg. My sizes 87-59-90. I to think, that you like my sizes. I very to not like the malicious people, I to not like violence and lie, to not like to look as poorly to live our people and anybody nothing wants to do in government. I to like summer, to smile, to spend cheerfully time with the friends, I to like to work, to prepare food, children. I to have of poorly free time, but when it is I to like to go in a sports hall, to like to look cinema, there is an ice-cream. I to like to float in the summer we often with the friends to go to lakes. In the winter I to try to go in pool. My liked colour violet. I to send you one more photo, I hope she to you it is pleasant!!!
My complete name - TARASOVA EKATERINA, CITY KAZAN, ADDRESS Volkov street164.app.55.
Write to me very soon, I shall wait with impatience from you of the letter!!!
Yours Kate!!!


Katya's Letter - July 23, 2001 - help needed with payment for via

Hi mine dear XXXXX!!!
RÓŕ your businesses, if at you it's OK, I am very glad for you!!!! It was very pleasant that you write me!!! Excuse me for that that I do not write you so soon as I would like!!! You to write to me that you want to meet me, I want to say to you, it is what is it possible only if you to help me with it!!! You know that my salary only 45 $ and I would save for the visa and tickets about two years!!! There where I work there would be no such telephone on which you could call me, there there are only local telephones!!!
I hope to receive from you the answer soon!!!!
Yours Kate!!!


Katya's Letter - July 23, 2001 - receiving visa in 1,5 weeks

Mine dear XXXXX!!!
I am very glad that you liked my photo!!! Unfortunately I do not have telephone, it is very expensive for me!!! I do not have visa, but I can easily her make, brother of my mother in the airport of Moscow, she the help to me about the documents on the visa. I to learn from it, that the Visa to be made out only 1,5 weeks. And in 1,5 weeks we can be together. You to want it? Write to me soon!
Yours Kate!


Katya's Letter - Dec 31, 2001

Hi my friend XXXXX!!!
I very much was delighted having received from you the letter!!! Your letter with a photo very much was pleasant to me, and I can send you my photos also, if you want, I hope they to you will like!!! Unfortunately I could not to you write soon, it because I had some problems with payment of the Internet!!! Because of it I should more work. I have a lot of friends, and when I have free time, I often have a rest with them. We often go in cinema, to a discoteque, sometimes we like simply together to be going to to communicate, we much laugh, we eat ice-cream!!!
Yes I once was in love, but which man I liked very badly has acted with me, and consequently now I am going to find the companion of life in other country!!!
Thanks for very beautiful words to me, you very much have liked to me, write to me more about itself, I want to learn about you more!!!
Write to me soon, I wait with impatience of your letter!!!
Your girlfriend from Russia Kate!