Tkachenko Natalia

aka Verevka Svetlna / Veselskaya Oksana

Lugansk, Ukraine

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Natasha's Letter - Apr 30, 2002 

Hello my new friend !

How are you this day? Hope my letter will find you in good mood and health.
It's might be a bit strange that we both decided to find our"half" in such a way,you might ask me,"Why did you decide to apply to the Internet,you are young and there are a lot of Ukrainian guys over there" ..frankly speaking, I don't know how to explain it,but you see,every time I met with somebody I realized that this man is not what I need. I was desperate,I start thinking that maybe it was me who was the reason, but now I think I've understood what's the problem. Ukrainian guy are very spoiled with good attitude forward them,there  are too many beautiful women in Ukraine ,who are ready to share their love with them, that they stopped value it. They don't consider they have to be polite and caring with woman and might think,"O.K this girl doesn't like my attitude forward her,but there are a lot of other who will be happy if I look at them". As a matter of fact,if you tell to a guy that you love him and care about him,he doesn't appreciate it and considers that this "castle has been already conquered"(do you understand what I mean?)
Actually,I'm very tired of it.I'd like to be sincere ,I don't want to play games with the person I love and want him to answer me the same. I think that sincerity and honesty is the main criteria of people's relationship. I hope I will succeed in my search and will find a Man of my life.I do wish it!
Also I believe that if somebody wants something very much,he/she will reach and get it. The main thing is to believe that everything will be O.K.
My hope is the last thing that will die!
I love life with its surprises and secrets,I love kids with their merry laugh and naivety,I love pets for their faithfulness and kindness,I love people who are optimists and believe in good fate,I love travelling,reading,dancing.........
I could be different- I could be the ordinary,I could be the one!

                   Faithfully yours, Natalie.
PS Dear,please,write to the address:


Natasha's Letter - May 02, 2002

Dear XXXX,

Thank you for your warm and lovely letter. I was very pleased to get it.
I think that the most important thing in relations is honesty and sincere feelings.You know,I think yopu do not know enough about me and I should tell you this..
Can I tell you few things about myself?
My name is Natalie Tkachenko. I was born on February,10  and I went 23 this year. You may think that we do not match by our age,but I have another theory on this subject:I think the main thing is how the person feeling inside,how he acts,what he is doing, of course,if he is saying that the life is a strange thing in which he doesn't want to take part,then he is old for sure,not regarding that he is 20. I'm 5,9, and 55 kg.,Raven black hair,green eyes of a  cat,I've never been married,and I do not have children,though I want to some day,may be two: a boy and a girl. I was born in Ukraine and live here still for 23 years.
I'm also an outdoors person,but I'm sure that everyone has in the life such moment,in which he wants to stay along,to think about something,to dream,but how it is great to dream together...?!  I like music,may be except rap and heavy metal..some of my favorite groups are : Aha,Roxette, Depeche Mode,some works of Moby,may be Sting and few others.
I live in Ukraine,I was born here and live since now. I've never been abroad. I just wanted to be mentioned and I put my profile to a place where you,thanks God, have found me.
I like sports ,mostly volley-ball and tennis,I do not like hokey,I'm more a football fan. I like watching "Dinamo","Manchester Un." ,"Milan",.. I also like reading  books. Mostly it is poetry,but I also like
French,English novels of 18-19th centuries. My favorite Americal work is " Airport" by Arthur Heyly.
Well,I think this is enough for now.
Hoping to hear from you soon,

Natasha's Letter - May 06, 2002


I was very glad to get your letter.
I want to tell you something about the country I was born and I live in. This is Ukraine.
Some people think that if a country hasn't got good financial sight,this is not there Motherland and this is only the place where they,poor and miserable,have to live only because they have no place to go to. I'm not that person. I really love the city I was born in and I'm very grateful to everyone who made my
childhood really possible and I love this cozy,little streets, narrow alleys,wide fields...
Ukraine is considered to be  more then 2000  old,so it's no wonder that it's having rich and varied culture. We had a lot of great and wise rulers  since the times of Kieven Russ,beginning from Oleg,
Yaroslav The Wise and ending with Peter I and Katherine II. We were always considered to be a very strong and mighty Power. There were times when all nations feared to struggle against us as we
were very strong..times' changing.....but I still love my country for it's glorious background... My city was settled by tzarina Katherine II when she ordered to start the foundation of mines on this territory and now our city is 206 years old,but it's still very beautiful,especially when you visit the old town,where there are a lot of monuments and majestic buildings. The modern city is also very beautiful at night when the lights of countless bars,discos,restaurants call their visitors to share the eternity with  them..
Well they say that it's better to see something once then to hear about it for a million time...I wish you could see my city to understand the mentality of the world I was born in.....

                                        KISS YOU<>MISS YOU,


Natasha's Letter - May 07, 2002


The rain is falling outside, and the leaves on the trees are trembling, and the drops fall down on the grass, and the whole nature seems to cry. But when the sun rose and the light flood into each
corner then life seemed different. Even nature seems to have the same mood as I do. Who can help being terribly sad when the dearest man on the Earth says he'd be separated by millions of kilometers and I won't read his letters for a long time?

You know, reading your letter I realized that the real value of love can be felt only when you lose it. My love is so great that I can't stand it, and the whole strength of love is the only thing that keeps
me alive.

But the sun is shining brightly, and my heart is full of hope and happiness. I love the best, the most beautiful man I ever met, and he loves me, too. And one day, one exciting day we'll meet in person, and will walk on the seashore hand in hand, and tell each other the secret words, and look on the stars together... Tell me it'll be so!

Your letters are the sense of my life, and the best way of spending time is to write how much I love you. But here's one problem: the time has come to pay for the correspondence. Will you help me, my dear?

I'll wait for your mail day and night!

Be careful.

With eternal love,