Verevka Svetlana / Marina / Ksenia / 

aka Veselskaya Oksana / Tkachenko Natalya

Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel. - 475006X

Address:    village Krepenskiy   Komarova street 8 Antrazit Lugansk area, Ukraine 94 632     



more photos of Verevka Svetlana / Marina 


I would like to add some of the photos that Svetlana Verevka had sent to me and also give you photos that she has listed on various profiles at other agencies.  I am now speaking with someone else by this same name and sme address who has a different photo ( A blonde women).  She is also trying to get me to send her money and I will give you the report when I am through playing with her (smile). The address that she gave to me is the exact one from a report on her on womenrussia's blacklist from Feb. 2, 2002. She currently has a profile listed on WW agency ( ) and is 18 years old and lives in Lugansk and goes by the name of Marina.  I spoke with the agency of Women's World and this person denies that her Marina has anything to do with this and still has her profile listed now. This person also has profiles posted on under the titles PrettyMarina (18yo.), winnypux1 (22yo.), ksenia (21yo.) which are all the same person ( now they are removed) .

She also has profiles listed under Friendfinder under ksenia_ua (23yo.), svetaformarriag ( 24yo.) .  She also has profiles listed at AbsoluteAgency under the names of Marina from Lugansk (# A1556080 - 18yo.) and (# A1072007- 19yo.). It seems as if she can not remember her own birthday. She also has a listing on Matchdoctor currently.
S. H. ( Scam Hunter) 

see correspondence with agency Women's World regarding the scammer


see other report on Svetlana (RBCG)

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Svetlana Verevka's Letter - Oct 02, 2001

......He took me to a dark ally, he put his hands
on my waist,
he took off my top, then he put his lips on mine,
thank GOD,
I'm only a bottle of Pepsi!... ;-)))

I hope you smiled!;-)...


How are you?

YOu wrote that you have a great sense of humor, so I wrote you that joke;-)...did you like it??;-))hope YES!;-)

XXXX, you also wrote.......

>PS- You are a very attractive and lovely young lady if you do not mind
>me saying so, I'm sure you are even more beautiful in person.

Thank you XXXX for your compliments to my address (that I am very beautiful) but you know its a common thing in Ukraine, Lugansk to meet a beautiful girl, because this is historic fact that Catherine the
Great (the Russian empress of the 18 century )sent all beautiful women exactly to Lugansk region because she was afraid of competition from others women.
Yes, in general Ukrainian girls are very beautiful and they really turn men`s head. There are too many beautiful
women in Ukraine, may be that is one of the reasons of why our Ukrainian men lost the value of beauty, they don't consider that they have to be polite and caring with woman and might think,"o'k this girl doesn't like
my attitude forward her, but there are a lot of others who will be happy if I look at them".
I think that the Ukrainian men are very spoiled with good attitude from women, whom are ready to share their love with...

YOu also asked me

> What type of work are you involved in?

I wrote about it in my profile XXXXX, I graduated from the university with a degree in Teaching and have been working in this field ever since. In my current work, I teach small children essential things before they go to school. I like my work very much as I get to learn how to handle with children even with naughty ones;-) while enhancing my skills in teaching field. I also work as a typist.

Thank you that you wrote to me as it was rather interesting to learn about you. The things I liked about you were: you also dont look for pen-pals and wish to create a family with more children...right?

XXXXX, your age is not 30 and I think its good as family is a serious step especially when people want to have children in future.

You liked many sport activities that mark you out as a life loving person...

>Do you enjoy traveling and have you ever been outside of Ukraine?
>Ever been to the States? Do you enjoy the beach and ocean? Do you
>consider yourself adventurous, willing to try different things? Are
>you a romantic at heart?

I also liked this fact about you XXXXX (that you like to travel). As for me I traveled only about Ukraine. I visited such cities as Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Uggorod, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Crimea. I can tell a
lot about each cities where I was. There were a lot of funny and not funny things... As for Crimea it is a peninsula. Its a usual place where my family and I have a vacation. Also a lot of to tell.

I like traveling because I am interested in peoples' traditions (east,west and center of Ukraine are different much!) and customs, their culture -communication with people gives me real pleasure... Remember the words of St.Augustine? He said: "World is a book, and those who don't travel read only the page"......

I know some programs XXXXXX that will allow me to go to US and I would like to try one of them, but I need a good man to go to. I really dont think that I want to continue living in Ukraine.
I would like to find a husband and I am ready to live abroad. SO, if we like each other I would like to see you and your B....;-)

Its very short that I can say about my impression of you and your profile. I will wait for your answer.....

I will stop for now
take care
write to me

Attached photo:


Svetlana Verevka's Letter - Oct 04, 2001


How are you?

How is your playoffs for basketball going??

By the way, I liked your photos....

Thank you for your embarrassment me for 2 times. First, you wrote again that I am beautiful (i am ordinary!), second, you proposed that I used translator, but I can speak and write English, so nobody gives me
assistance. i WISH i could speak better English and my dream is to pass TOEFL (test of English as a Foreign Language). Its probably the most often used examination in the admission process of foreign
students to colleges and universities in the United States. As for me TOEFL will give me opportunity to get a job where I can use my knowledge of English. This is very famous examine in the Ukraine and I have to go to Moscow to pass it, but its early now;-) as I am not ready;-)

You also wrote

>Warmth, caring, beauty, intelligence and friendship are also very important and are needed to form a strong >and ever lasting love and bond between two people.

I agree with you completely. If I get married XXXXXX it would have to be based on common interests, friendship, love, respect, trust, loyalty, and mutual support. My husband will be my best friend. Someone I can trust implicitly, share anything with, say anything to, and keep no secrets from, and vice versa, without fear of judgement or rejection. I want to be loved for the woman I am, not someone else that my spouse wants me to me....

YOu also asked me

>I do not have your profile so if you can tell me your age, height and weight once
>again I would appreciate that very much.

I am 22, 1.75, 48 kg.

>PS- Please send me your mailing address where you live in case I ever need
>to send you a letter by regular mail (snail mail) as computers fail
>sometimes and you can lose all of your information and I would hate to ever
>see that happen and not be able to ever reach you again.

Lugansk region
               94 632 Antrazit
                village Krepenskiy
                Komarova street 8
                Svetlana Verevka

XXXXXX, I have questions to you......they might be stupid, but.......

Tell me about yourself. What is your full name?
What is your date of birth,year?
What nationality are you?
where are you from (city)?
What is your hobby?
what can you do well?
what pet have you? if yes, what is its name, colour ........

I will stop for now

I am waiting for your photo with your team holding up the championship trophy ;-)

take care
write to me

Attached photo:



Svetlana Verevka's Letter - Oct 14, 2001


How are you?

You are forgiven;-)) Maybe I needn't to be so strict to you, but this is my feature of character. I am demanding from people, but this is only natural because I am always very strict and demanding from myself. That is the only way that I can clear out the trash in my life and try to find real enjoyment and balance and peace with myself and
the people I love. I also like to be pampered and give and receive love and affection...

> the mailing address you gave me as it did not say "Lugansk".

I have been living in Lugansk for 6 years,but I was born in Antrazit, this is Lugansk region.

.>No secrets should be kept from one another but they could be shared with each other because of the trust, >loyalty and mutual admiration that we have for one another.  I am sure that you too share some of these
>.same feelings do you not?

I think its natural that person who lives with you knows everything about you ..what do you think? One of my secret is I want to learn how to dance professionally, but I havent enough time to do it. Every matter needs
much energy and time in order to be good done or its useless to spend time on it. DO you agree? I think I would like to dance strip, but nobody can teach me. I feel that you are surprised to read
it,,,,,,,right, XXXXXX? But I am not a prostitute or whore. I just know that men like it and I would like to give this pleasure to my future man...but this is my secret...I dont know why I shared it with you?........

>I just wanted to compliment you on your writing skills and use of the English language, it is very good and I am >quite impressed.  How did you ever learn to be so good?

I put this ad, to find the man to marry and relocate to him. I dont want to live in Ukraine, so I think its natural to speak English. Of course I will need much speaking practice, but I also think that my future husband will support me in it. Am I right XXXXXX??;-)))

>.I value your opinions and feelings very much and would truly like to
>find out all about you and your life in Ukraine.

Its difficult to live by myself. I work on 2 jobs, but my salary still doesn't high as I want. Doctors, teacher are the most bad paid people in our country. Surprise? Me too. I heard that in America its the same..Is this right?

>You had no comment on the photos that I sent to you last time,
>does that mean that you did not like them? Write soon.

You sent me great pictures, thank you for that. I think it is important to be physically attracted to a person. You should not have had any problem meeting women as good looking as you are. I consider myself a very sensuous person and want a relationship that is a combination of mental and physical attraction, but I also hope you are
great guy to spend life with...

I will stop for now
take care
write to me XXXXXX

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Svetnala Verevka's Letter - Oct. 26, 2001


How are you?

Has your assistance come already?  hope it became easier for you. I understand what is working for 2 people. i used to do it and I am not envy you;-))

Just imagine XXXXXX, when I got up today I saw..snow!...of course it melted immediately, but for 2 hours we saw it... when I looked out the window in the morning I was a little shocked...I dont want winter to
come!!!!!!! I dont like cold weather! I want sun back!;-) Its still gloomy and muddy..the people are the same..I dont like warm clothes...The heating is not everywhere at my school, so we seat with small heating system near our tables..I have counted 5 months to warm weather! its not so long.......;-)....

>I would like to know your birthday and year so that I know your sign?

I was born December 2, 1978. What do you think about our signs?

>When is a good time or the best times to visit Lugansk or Kiev?

Do you want to come to Luganks? hmm, I think summer will be the best season. Its not so grey and gloomy. We have a lot of green trees in summer and the city seems merry...

>  Tell me more about your life back home including your family and some of the things you enjoy doing and also more about childhood?

My parents live in the village. My father works as a driver and my mother as a doctor for small children. i have a sister she is 29 and she lives in Russia. WHen I come to my family I am always sleeping as I am very tired after work (as you remember I work on 2 jobs.)

>I also would like to hear about your job as a teacher?

I teach small children of basic things. I like my work as I like to deal with children!

> Have you had any serious boyfriends or relationships in the past?

If to tell about my past love life,my boyfriends and why my relationships did not last. I want to say that they were dishonest with me. They all have girlfriends and were telling me that I am one in their lives. I belived, but when I found out I stopped our relationship. This was not fair from their sides. I have 2 boys in my life and they lived in other cities not Lugansk....

XXXXXX, how long have you been searching in the internet??

I will stop for now
take care
write to me


Marina Verevka's Letter - Jan 23, 2002


First of all i want to thank you for writing. Your interest is very pleasant to me. You know, I think it is so very romantic to receive letters from a person who lives miles away from you... I really fee we can become close friends and in future maybe our just started relations will lead to something more serious and lasting. For me distance doesn't matter much . I think that it is more important what people  feel for each other ... I want to know you better and I think that you also want to know more about myself.
My name is Marina. I was born on the 25th of March 1983 in Lugansk, which is situated in the East of Ukraine.
My height is 175 cm and my weight is 50 kg. I have dark blond hair and green eyes.
I have never been married and have no children.
I live with my parents and I also have a brother.
Currently I am a student of the East Ukrainian National University, I study finance and economy. I am an optimist by nature and I always try to find good sides in everything and not to give up.
I enjoy spending time with my friends, in sumer I like to have a rest in the seaside ...
I go to the gym regularly as I want to be in good shape.
I am a family oriented person and I would like to have a family as I think that without having close people nobody is able to be happy.
I would like to know you better and I hope we will become good friends with you. Who knows , what may happen in future ?
I will be looking forward to hearing from you.
Take care of yourself.
Sincerely Marina.

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Correspondence with Women's World agency regarding Svetlana / Marina


Letter from Women's World - Feb 20

Dear Sir,
We are very thankful for notification of a possible scam. Before we contact to Marina to answer the questions appeared after we read your letter we need to get all the possible information. We will look at the web sites where you have seen the information of a lady whose pictures matches with Marina's ones. As Marina is a model it's possible that someone bought her pictures from a modeling agency and use it to scam people. Marina couldn't know even that someone is using her name or pictures. We had such situations before. So, please send us any evidence you can provide. It is obvious that the girl- Svetlana Verevka you correspond with now is the same person who corresponded with you earlier (at least the same company or group of people) so it's for sure is a scam. But we need to find out WHO are doing this. WE had many cases before that the girls whose pictures were used had NO idea about it. We will post the scam warning anyway, but we need to make all the necessary check ups and investigation to know WHO is to blame in the scam. I hope you understand our position and will help us to find out the truth.
Have a nice day,
Best regards,
WW agency public relations manager


Letter to Women's World - Feb 20, 2002

Dear Woman's World,
One way that I can see to check this out is by using the address that the scammer gave me and the address that was used in the report on  blacklist.  The address once again that this scammer gave to me  was:
My birthday is October 18.
My address is as following:
Svetlana S. Verevka
8 Komarova str, Pos Krepenskiy Antrazit, Lugansk region, 94600 Ukraine
Is this the same information that you have on Marina?  If so you know your answer or possible you know your answer.  Let me know what you find out about this matter.



Letter from Women's World - Feb 21 2002

We have different info regarding the lady you are talking about. May be the scammers are using the same name- Svetlana Verevka- but different pictures, different bios etc.
We checked the report of the scam made by Svetlana Verevka at and didn't see any connection to Marina. Can you provide us the pictures and the other evidences that the lady who name is Svetlana Verevka and our client Marina is the same person? Can you tell me on whose name the money were sent? Please give us as much info as possible. Because now we see no relation of Marina to that Svetlana.


Letter to Women's World  - Feb 21, 2002

Dear Women's World,
Here are the letters/photos that Svetlana Verevka sent to me under the name of winnypux1 while at .  You will notice that these are in fact the same photos of Marina218 .  No money was ever sent to her.  In the scam report on Feb 7th, page 66 there is a report by someone who was scammed by this Svetlana Verevuka .  Unfortunately there is no photo with this report but this Svetlana Verevuka has the exact same address as the one who contacted me and is using the photos of Marina218 .  I am currently also writing to another Svetlana Verevuka who's  photo is totally different from the original Svetlana or Marina218 photo but still has the exact same address as the original Svetlana or Marina218.  May be they are simply using Marina 218 photos? If Marina 218 has the same address as the one on the report at womenrussia and the one that I gave you of
Lugansk region
               94 632 Antrazit
                village Krepenskiy
                Komarova street 8
                Svetlana Verevka
she is a scammer.  If Marina218 has a different address then the one above she may be an innocent victim who scammers are using her photos. If the addresses match then she is in fact a scammer.  I do not know all the answers but something is not right here.
Please let me know what you find and does Marina218 have the same address as the one that I gave you for Svetlana Verevka from Lugansk?
S. H.