Remizova Olga

St.-Petersburg, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Prospekt Kultura 23-1-6




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Dear Elena,
I would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Olga Remizova (nickname "Lolina"). She had a profile listed at Matchdoctor as "Lolinna" which has been canceled. Her address is  Russia, St. Petersburg, Prospekt Kultura 23-1-6 and her e-mail is . She is trying to get me to send her money for the visa and airline ticket. She of course has a cousin  ( "Lilia" is the director of this travel company and the telephone number of Voyage Travel is 812-3100744) who works for travel company "Voyage Travel" and can of course get her a visa as well as cheap airline tickets.  She wanted me to send her money through Western Union and then to her personal bank account:
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas,
New York, USA
SWIFT code: BKTR US 33
Account 04-097-778
For Baltiyskiy Bank, St. Petersburg, Russia
In favour Remizova Olga account 42301840801002473902
I have not sent her any money yet; Do you think she is may be a scammer(LOL)?
Please add her to your "Wall of Shame" for scammers!
S. H. (Scam Hunter)





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1st LETTER 5/11/2002:
I am very glad to receive your e-mail. I was very interested in it. How are you ?
My intentions are  serious  because I want to find husband.
My dream is to have a beautiful family with a beloved man and have our children. My future husband should be strong, secure because I need support in this life. I am ready to follow his advice and be thankful for his help.
( As you see, I am not a feminist).
As for my, 2 years ago I graduated from St-Petersburg State University. Now I am working at the Bank.
 My height 160 cm, weight 52 kg, measurements 90-63-95. Brown hair and green eyes.
I am romantic, caring, tender, loving, very sexy, affectionate, good to other people. I like cooking very mach, especially our national  Russian food. It is not difficult for me. As for sports, at school I went figure skating and danced but now I am playing tennis.  I do not want to correspond long. I want our meeting quickly. What do you think? Please  write me back soon.
 Love Lolina
2nd LETTER 5/15
I was very glad to receive your letter and to learn about you more. I want to explain why I search for the foreign husband. I want to leave from Russia. I do not like Russian style of life. I think Russia not stable and criminal country. I do not want that my future children lived in Russia. I very much like a nature and animal especially of horses and dogs. I was not lucky to be born in northern country; I like the sun and sea very much. I have no own computer. I visit the Internet cafe, which is near to my
house. My English not so good, I can speak and understand, but bad write. When I shall graduate an intensive language course I shall not have problems.
As to my future family I want to have life full of love, care and harmony. I want to have the child. First time probably I cannot work (a language problem) then if my husband will not mind, I could work. I have good education (economy and jurisprudence)
But I am not similar to business - lady. I very gentle, womanly and careful. I can accept much, but much to give.
I think that we can correspond 100 years, but not learn each other. We should have meeting. Can you arrive to Russia?  That do you think about it?
I could visit your country if you will make the visa and tickets

Love Lolina
3rd LETTER 5/20
Hi Dear V.
I was very glad to receive your letter.
I am very glad that you want to meet. Tell please in more detail, as you want to organize our meeting. Probably I am too persevering, but I know many cases when Russian girls corresponded with men year and even more, and then men did not come. Girls very much suffered. It was the entertainment for
married men.
I am very much am afraid to have a similar situation. Because I very sensual for a similar case. Therefore I am very glad that you want to meet.I can buy the tourist visa. It will cost approximately 200 $. My cousin works in a travel company. After when I shall have the open visa, we shall solve a problem about tickets. You can buy the ticket for my name, and I shall receive it in the Russian representation of the flight company. Or I can buy tickets in the Russian company Aeroflot The visa can make for 4-6 weeks from the moment of payment. You can send money for the visa the Western Union. After I shall receive money, I shall pay for the visa. I can scan the payment document and
send it for you. After 4-6 weeks I shall receive the open visa. Thus, I can arrive to your country.
As to tickets my cousin has the discount in the flight company Aeroflot. He can buy the ticket for 400$

I write with mistakes, but I speak well. As to letters I write itself. I am not in base of any marriage agency. The marriage agency gives girls ready complete sets of letters about love. These are very good letters, but they can not be sincere.

I know, that some Russian girls deceive foreigners, but I am not similar to these girls.
Love Lolina
4th LETTER 6/2
Hi My Dear
I Was very glad to receive your letter. I thought that you have forgotten about me.
I should buy the tourist visa. It costs 200 $ and then we shall decide about tickets. Now I need only in 200 $. The visa will be made with 4-6 weeks. After I shall have the open visa, we shall think about tickets. With tickets I shall not have any problems. The cheapest tickets from the company Aeroflot  is 400 $ taking into account the discount. Probably, flight will be from Moscow.
200 $ you should send through the Western Union for my name, having specified my address
To me have said, that the Western Union is very safe and reliable. Many banks of St. Petersburg serve the Western Union. I should show my passport and inform a code for reception of your money. After you will send money you should inform me a code of your remittance.
I wait for your answer
MY address Russia, St. Petersburg, Prospekt Kultura 23-1-6
Love Lolina
5th LETTERS both from  6/5
Having received your last letter, I have understood that you do not trust me.
I already wrote you all about reception of the American visa. My cousin could help me because he works in tourist sphere and has a lot of familiar.
He has the friend, which in turn has the friend from the American Consulate.
This friend can help with the tourist visa. As you understand, it is not lawful. But it is Russian practice. It costs 200 $
If you are not sure, what is it a correct way we have 2 variants.
1. If you have serious intention under the relation to me and want to marry or you would want that I have visited USA I should receive the visa of the bride. In more detail you can learn about this visa and about a situation with departure to USA the Russian, not married and young girls from firm VOYAGE. It is very known firm in St. Petersburg, which works from USA. Directors call Lilia, e-mail
2. If you want meet me we can to meet in any country except for USA. We can meet in Cyprus (without a visa mode) or in other European country (Italy or Spain have not a strict visa mode) you will buy to me the ticket and we shall spend holiday together.
You should choose
As to my passport, I have the passport for travel abroad.
Love Lolina
I have not understood you. What you to choose variant?
I should address to  my cousin or you will make the visa of the bride?
Under the visa of the bride you can speak with the Director of firm Voyage Lilia, phone 812-3100744
As to my phone, I rent a room without the phone, and my mobile accepts only local bells because the international mobile is very expensive for me.
I send my passport for travel abroad
 Why you still do not trust me?
As to the flight company that it can be any, but I can buy tickets at a discount only at Russian (Aeroflot or Pulkovo)
Lolina is my nickname
I ask you to be defined about me
Love Lolina
6th LETTER 6/13
Hello V.
I was very glad to receive your letter I your assumption that I have personal bank account is very funny.
Russia is not similar to USA or other advanced country.
Only 10 years back we had socialism.
Our financial system is still very far from normal. If I had the dollar bank account, I would not require your money.
 If I shall open the dollar personal bank account that state will take more than 50 % of a remittance
And I still should submit the report to tax service about an origin of this money and pay the tax.
 You probably know, that Russian abroad always prefer to pay in cash. I never had any personal bank account.
As to the Western Union, I have received the good information.
Speak, what is it the most reliable way for remittance.
P.S. I am looked in life better, than at a photo. As to my smile, I always
smile. I am very cheerful
Love Lolina
7th LETTER 6/18
My dear, I have made all as you have said.
 I have opened the bank account.
Bank elements of my bank account
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas,
New York, USA
SWIFT code: BKTR US 33
Account 04-097-778
For Baltiyskiy Bank, St. Petersburg, Russia
In favour Remizova Olga account 42301840801002473902
Love Lolina