Veselskaya Oksana

aka Verevka Svetlna / Tkachenko Natalya

Lugansk, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address:      Solnechniy block 15a - 33 Lugansk, Ukraine, 91050


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Dear Elena,
I would like to make a repot to you about a scammer named Oksana Veselskaya from Lugansk.  She claims to be 19yo., Date of birth is September 5th, 1982  and lives at:
Oksana Veselskaya,
Solnechniy block 15a - 33
Lugansk, Ukraine, 91050
The reason I say claims is that in trying to send her flowers the agency stated to me that there was on such address? Here is the report form the delivery agency :

Veselskaya Oksana

91050 Lugansk

Solnechniy block 15a-33

March 23

Residents of that apartment told our agent that they never heard about Veselskaya Oksana

My suspicions were now confirmed as she had earlier tried to get me to send her money ($200) for a passport to meet with her in Cuba or Hungry.  When this did not work, she tried to get me to send her money ( $400 ) for English lessons at this scammer agency called international marriage agency.  I offered to send her to another place to get English lessons in her town but she wound not agree to this even though I was willing to pay for the lessons.  As a matter of fact the agency sent me a nasty letter and to go elsewhere.  After all attempts to get money from me and to send it to this agency failed, she can no longer write to me because of financial difficulties and she can not pay for the translation and sending of letters.  It is funny how she was always able to send and get letters before when she was trying to get money (smile).
She has several profiles listed at under KsushaVes,  v_eselshaya8, and veselskaya2 . She also has profiles at Friendfinder, Matchdoctor, a pretty women, 1st International Marriage agency
and probably many others. ( Just a side note- I have reported to this agency about the many scammers which are posted on their web site and I got no where in trying to get these profiles removed as I am not to trusting about this agency either. See response to reporting of the scammers on their web site as they are not very helpful at all and wanted to do all of the leg work to find out if these women were scammers or not even though it is his agency). See his response letter:
    I've checked one link so far, the first one in your list. What I've seen are just a photo, lady's name and city. The pre-condition for accusation and further removal should be a story, where the author accuses a scammer. Should there be any additional info to accompany the photo.
    Otherwise, it is a mere allegation.
    Waiting for your reply. I'll be checking other ladies from the list.
Best regards,
Gregory Yarmosh
( Many of the scammers,  9 total, which I reported to him still remain on this site now)
I would like to repot to you also that somehow this International Marriage agency is associated with the agency "Meeting crossroads" The accounts manager of this international marriage agency is:
Nataly Sokolova
account manager
International marriage agency
There is something not right with this agency at all and they should be included in your agency blacklist.




Oksana's  Introductory Letter - Dec 11, 2001

Dear XXXX,

Life is great, and it's great to live, I feel so easy in my soul, it's so good to be given every support by close to my heart people, there is only one thing I need, and maybe it is you.
I believe there are so many interesting and exciting things to do in this life.In my 19 I'm one of the leading spirits in a parachute Jumping group. Every time it's like a challenge. When I'm up there in the sky in free air I feel free as a bird. My hobby doesn't interfere much with my profession. I graduated from the Banking faculty at the Commercial college. Also it doesn't interfere with my sensitive womanly Virgoan nature either. I am very proud of my family. They are real friends to me. My mom has much success for a firm "Style". It is a great responsibility to work there, and she does the right way I am sure.
My grandma is a great help to us. She does gardening, housekeeping, she just cares about us. My lovely elder sister has found happiness with her husband. And I would like to find mine with a nice man who would share my dreams to feel the light breeze at the moment of the sunset on the seaside, and would share the streamline of my life that it's good to be important, but it is more important to be nice. What about you? What is more important for you in your life? You know, though I am not with you physically, I am with you in
spirit. Tell me, please, about your dreams as soon as you can so to make me feel the happiest lady in the world!

                                        Take care
                                        and keep smiling,


Oksana's Letter - Dec 12, 2001 

Hello XXXX,

I am happy to receive your letter, which helped me to get to know you better. And I want to tell something about me and my inner world. I hope that this can help you to know a bit more about me, and my interest as well as my personality, I have to say you made a great impression on me, and I am doing all I can to impress you. but I also want to tell you, that as tender and loving as I can be, I can also be a bit of a difficult person to sometimes, and I tell you why ?May be that has something to do with my Zodiac sign , and these are some
of the things that other people tell about me, and I have noticed a lot of truth in them, as well as my own description of me:

Creative, Passionate, Loving, sensitive, affectionate, determined, hardworking, funny, active, a great Dancer, a magical chef in the kitchen, wonderful with kids, great sense of humor, easy going,straight forward, honest, well balanced right brain and left brain, intuitive, swimmer, tennis player, ambitious, always striving for better,
perfectionist, warm,make people feel comfortable at once, interesting conversationalist. Self sufficient, appreciative, realizing the best moment in life, and try to enjoy every second of it.

I hope you don't mind if I was carried away a bit , but these are some of the smallest elements that make me , a person ! But I am  also a very overly sensitive, stubborn, no tolerance for stupidity, and I don't like to settle for less in life!!!!! I am very easily bored with uninteresting people that have nothing to offer , share or talk about.
I need to know that he is thinking about me often.

I want to make my new relationship to last a life time.

By the way, are you a romantic person?
My tender kisses,

Oksana's Letter - Dec 13, 2001 (compare with Svetlana / Marina Verevka's Introduction Letter)

Hello XXXX,

Thank you  are with me. I really  appreciate a lot.
As for English it's not mine. I don't speak English I use the translation of my agency. It's my interpreter's.
Ukrainian guy are very spoiled with good attitude forward them,there are too many beautiful women in Ukraine, who are ready to share their love with them, that they stopped value it. They don't consider they have to be polite and caring with woman and might think,"O.K this girl doesn't like my attitude forward her,but there are a lot of other who will be happy if I look at them".
As a matter of fact,if you tell to a guy that you love him and care about him,he doesn't appreciate it and considers that this "castle has been already conquered"(do you understand what I mean?)  Actually,I'm very tired of it.I'd like to be sincere ,I don't want to play games with the person I love and want him to answer me
the same. I think that sincerity and honesty is the main criteria of people's relationship.
I hope I will succeed in my search and will find a Man of my life. I do wish it! Also I believe that if somebody wants something very much,he/she will reach and get it. The main thing is to believe that everything will be O.K.  My hope is the last thing that will die!
That's why I'm looking abroad!!!!!!!
Will you be my friend.

Your Oksana.
My birthday by the way is on the 5th of September.
You are late with congratulation :-)))))))))))))))))))


Oksana's Letter - Jan 28, 2002 - She is in love

Hello XXXX,

I'm so happy to receive your letter all the time. It brings me more light and I can be proud of our relationships. I hope we'll continue our lettering. I hope when we'll meet we'll be a good couple. When I read your new letters every time I feel you are real gentleman and the only one man I need. I've been looking for someone who just like you. I've been searching for someone to give  my mind. And now I understand you are such person. I don't need anybody anymore. I found you through all my trying. I want to be only with you and hope you do the same. You know many men have wrote to me and it was not something I really need. They sent me many nice words and I felt I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. But when I read you letter I understand they are nothing in comparing with you. Now I've become mad from your attention to me  and had a great idea to see you as soon as it can happen. I don't  want to wait anymore and actually I'll leave everything to be only with you. My all existence can not wait to see you. My dear, when will be the day of our meeting? Could you come to me. I understand it's difficult over many problems and you have to work but would you pick out some time to visit me and my beautiful city. I'll show you some interesting places. I hope you'll like it. If you have many troubles now I can wait but not so long time. Now I'll try to restrain and while I should tolerate all this time. But I should hear your voice. Just to delight your presenting here and feel that you are real. Hope you are. Would you call me as soon as possible, but as you know I can not speak English, but an interpreter will help me to understand your word. Frankly speaking I need not your words(I see them on my computer) I need to hear your sweet voice. I'll be waiting for your ringing me up.

   My agency's phone +380642 535421.
       Your Oksana.
   I'll be waiting for your decisions.


Oksana's Letter - Feb 04, 2002 - $200 for international passport and difficulties with payments for the correspondence.

Hello XXXX,

I think I'll be able to leave anything to be together with you and spend some time somewhere on the beach of the sea. No, I have no international passport, I've never been abroad. But I
would like to visit B. to meet with you. March is nice time to meet, but you know, I should make passport till that time. Will you be so kind to help me. I know my friends made passport quicker way it cost $200 USA. I know it's bad to talk with you about money, but I have very poor situation in financial plan. And my family can not help me now. And I have another problem, I have to pay for my letters to you, and it cost too much for me now. Would you be so kind to help me????????  Please, please, please don't leave me in need. I'll be praying for you and your help!!!!!!!!!!
I really need it,

your Oksana,
I need you in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oksana's Letter - Feb 05, 2002 - Invintation to meet in Poland or Cuba

Hello XXXX,

Thank you for your serious intentions. I think we'll be able to meet very soon I feel it. I think it'll be difficult to obtain visa. I have been at the tour agency and they said it'll be difficult to get it. The most easier way to meet each other will be somewhere in Cuba or in Poland. We will not waste the time and we'll meet certainly. Because they don't permit go to USA and make rejection to most all people. What do you think about my thoughts??????????let me know quick way.

I'll be waiting for your soon reply.

Your Oksana.



Oksana's letter - Feb 18, 2002

Hello XXXX,

Thank you. Why not in Lugansk!!!!!!!!!!!!If you will be able to come to me it would be great. Would you???????????????

I still think of you, and hope that we will always be together.  Nothing would make me happier.  But I must know that we are truly meant for each other.  I know that only meeting will confirm our intentions.  But I also don't want to make any mistakes.  I would like to talk with you over the phone.  If only to know that we are thinking of each other at one time. I can only imagine what your parents think about us.  Can you tell me what
they think?  I wish you would tell me more about your daily routine also.  Although our lives will be much different when we are together, I would like to know how you are spending your days.  To be able to imagine waking up next to you as we start each day, and what the day will bring for both of us.

I hope you will write soon.  I will be waiting for your thoughts and kind words.  Even if your words are not so kind, I will know that they come from your heart which will warm mine forever!

I miss writing to you and receiving your letters.  Even though we are far apart, the time I spend thinking of you, and writing to you makes my life complete.  Only you can make me feel this way, and only with you can I
imagine creating a strong and caring family which I always dreamed was possible.

With my most sincere thoughts
Love to you!



Oksana's Letter -  Feb 26, 2002 - She decided to learn English

Hello XXXX,

I'm very glad that we become close to each other with our meet. I'll be waiting for your soon coming to my city in summer, but I should prepare to it I think to learn some basis of English till your coming. What do you think about my thoughts????????? It'll be great to speak with you during our meet. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, I found myself thinking about you all the time. I can't wait for the day I could see you, speak with you, touch your hand. I tried to imagine our meeting, but it doesn't work. I mean, I know that it will be in a totally different way then I imagine. But anyway, it will be wonderful.
It also seems to me we will spend all the time just speaking and telling each other about our lives. Ups, I forgot, I don't speak your language enough for to speak with you. Seriously saying, I would like to change the situation. Last week I check the price for English courses, the most suitable thing I found is the courses in the agency
I use an interpreter service. But anyway, it is still very expansive for me. I did try to learn it by myself. I couldn't even imagine that it would be so hard. My Mom always says: Don't do things you can't do, it is better to apply to the professionals. You know, she is absolutely right. I still want to take these courses for to be able to speak with you without interpreter help, even sometimes when we could stay alone. Could you advice me something?

I'll be waiting for your so nice thoughts as always,
your loving and waiting woman,


Oksana's Letter - Match 04, 2002 - $400 for English classes

Hello XXXX!

My dear, you are so kind person and I've never met such tender man like you. You are the best. Now I see you are very serious to me. I would like to meet you as soon as possible. I dream about us walking in romantic places and only we are together without any interpreters. Only you and I. I miss you so much. I'll be a good student, if you permit me to take these courses. You know I dreamed about it from my childhood to learn English, but my mother could not give money to me. It's only you who can help me now. You are so close to me, we should trust each other and be together near forever. Thank you again that you want to make my dream come true. Of course I want to be with you and I know that I should learn English for us. But it's expensive. I'm afraid to tell you the price, you'll leave me immediately. But you can help me with only part of it, and after that
we'll see. It cost $400.00 UDS. It's very good ones all my friends are exited to learn English here.

Your loving woman here,


Oksana's Letter - March 05, 2002 - She offers to send money to the agency's manager

Hello XXXX!

Today I came to my agency and could not wait such beautiful letter. You'll make my dream come true. You are the best man in the world. Thank you for your attention to me.
I can start my course as soon as you'll help me. The group can be complicated maybe even from two people. I promise you to be a good student. I'll be good for you, all I do is to be with you and not to lose any connection with you, so I decided I must take these course and you, my tender man, agreed with me. I'm so happy.
I'll be waiting for your help. You can send money right to my agency's manager. The course are here, there are so many high qualified teachers. I'm so happy to take it I'm so exited. You are my rescuer.
I need you in my life.
I'll ask my agency to send you information.

Thank you again.
I'm going home and will tell my mother that I'll take these courses at last and you'll help me. I'm leaving my agency now and we'll be waiting for your soon decisions.

Your Oksana.


Oksana's Letter - March 07, 2002 - She wants to use the agency's English classes only 

Hello XXXX,

I can only say I'm happy to have such tender person like you. I would like to take courses in my agency and to be here, because my friends who took it earlier were very satisfied with them and I hope I'll be happy too. These courses were checked before by my friend and I trust them, and if you don't mind could I learn English in my agency, please, please, please, please........... I hope for you.
You are my dream and my hope. I trust you, you'll never hurt me.

I need you in my life.

Let me know about your thoughts.

Your loving woman,


Oksana's Letter - March 11, 2002

Hello my dear XXXX!

Thank you very much for your congratulations.  I'm so happy.
I'm so happy you want to help me. But I trust only those places where I can be sure about the results, you know there is so much lie in my country. And if you don't mind I would like to take courses here in my checked place. Could you be so kind to trust me too? I know what I'm saying. I really value our relations and would like to continue in spite of any problems we will have. I know we are very close to each other now and should thank God who helps us. Don't you think so? My dear, XXXX, I need your help and your trust. If people can not
believe each other they should not use Internet.

I wish we were together during all days, and I think of you all the time, I imagine us together as well sweetheart, having romantic times together, laying next to each other in bed, holding one another, laughing, and having fun, waking up together and doing things in our everyday life together, I dream of kissing you all over, making you happy with as well as the sensuous touching, the pleasure of our bodies  touching each other, I need you, only you, your the woman in my life, and who wants to be with you, to experience the pleasure of love making together, the whole experience of life together as a family and yes what is mine, is yours as well.
I want to meet you soon, I think it would be romantic time when we'll meet, would like for us to share a room together, I just dream of you and I laying next to each other on the beach, and at the room, just makes feel so good inside, to know that you do care for me, my dreams of you sure makes me sleep so sound, I just
can imagine your arms holding around me, and the touch that you have, just makes me feel so good, as well as our legs wrapped around each other ... My imagination of us together is so wonderful.... it will be a reality
I hope you believe me, I want our dreams to come true for us. I truly care for you, its you I want to be with...
You're special to me always.... and I want to be with you.
I'm sending you warm and long kisses,

I'm waiting for your soon decisions,

your Oksana.