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When using this site or any of our services (including free services) your privacy is guaranteed to the most possible extension.

When using our investigation services, your personal or business information will never be revealed to our investigators unless you would advice us otherwise. We (E. Garrett) are handling all the sensitive personal, financial or business information of our clients according to their instructions only. 

The information you provide on our site is absolutely private, and we do not share it with anybody except as required by law. 

Our web site does not use "cookies", and we do not collect information about our visitors in any other way.

Our company sees SPAM as an unacceptable business policy, and we neither condone nor support the sales or sharing of our visitors e-mail addresses or other information for "mailing lists" or unsolicited advertising.

Even further, we try to avoid partnerships and link exchanges with other sites known to use such techniques. We are trying to make sure that our site is absolutely secure to use. However, we can never be totally certain of the policies of sites you may reach via links shown on our site, and we would appreciate any information about such business practices you encounter via these links.

 If you have any further questions regarding our privacy policies you may write us at 

Thank you very much,

Elena Garrett, Owner