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Verification of Russian and Ukrainian passports

pic: Is this a real passport?

Is this a real passport?

There are 2 types of Russian and Ukrainian passports: an internal passport and an international passport. Both types of passports are frequently falsified by the scammers.

The scammers use PhotoShop and similar programs to alter the photos, names, dates of birth, dates of issue, and other important information on the documents. They modify the documents that the the information there would fit the story they are trying to convey.

Below is an example of a forged Russian internal passport.


To assess validity of a document you were provided, we recommend one of the 3 levels of research

  • Visual inspection
  • Verification of passport holder data
  • Document validity verification



pic: Passport validity analysis

Passport validity analysis

Our VISUAL DOCUMENT INSPECTION service can quickly detect signs of forgery. We will perform:

  • Visual analysis of the displayed stamps and markings
  • visual analysis of the fonts, line spacings, watermarks, hollograms, and coded data
  • visual analysis of the photo compliance with state requirements for a photo ID
  • verification of the passport serial number against a database of previously reported fraudulent passports in our own internal database

Results of the check are usually available within 6-12 hours. Please note that we have more experience with analysis of Russian passports than Ukrainian passports.


Success (successful detection of false passports) for visual inspection is 60-70%. Some forged passport copies are done with such mastery that we are unable to detect any signs of forgery.


  • visit our main web site
  • add service to your Shopping Cart
  • once the payment is complete, email the passport copy to




This service will require the local investigators in Russia/Ukraine to check whether the passport holder information can be found in governmental databases, and if everything stated on the passport matches the official data.

Service: verification of passport holder information via official databasesWe will perform:

  • visual document inspection
  • verification of information presented in the passport through governmental databases of registered residents

The results are usually available within 2-4 business days.


Success (successful detection of false passports) for verification of passport holder information is 100%. If the official databases are not able to locate the individual, the the passport contains inaccurate personal information.


  • visit our main web site
  • add service to your Shopping Cart
  • once the payment is complete, email the passport copy to

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