Verification of Russian and Ukrainian passports


Please do not automatically assume that any official document (no matter how good looking) that your penpal in Russia gives you is a genuine document. Mass-production of many fake electronic "copies" of passports, air tickets, and bank loan documents is very common among larger scam groups. 

How not to find out whether you have been given a genuine document or a fake one? Verify the validity of the document!

There are 2 types of Russian and Ukrainian passports: an internal passport and an international passport. Why do they have two passports? Which one will your panpal should have? Click to read more.

The scammers use PhotoShop and similar programs to alter the pictures, as well as the names on the passports (and other travel documents).

Below is an example of a forged Russian internal passport. 


Validity verification for Russian internal passports:        $45

We can use a governmental database of internal passports to check whether or not they have the record of a passport in question. The database is supposedly updated every day. The information is uploaded directly from the regional police agencies. From our experience, the accuracy of the information in the database is 93-95% (typing errors and outdated information sometimes are detected).

The inquiry about the passport validity can return two possible answers: VALID or NOT VALID.

The answer is usually available the same day.

Please note that the inquiry will only confirm the matching combination of the passport number and the name of the owner. It will not confirm the picture on the passport, or the address of the passport owner. Even if the validity of the passport is confirmed, additional investigation of the passport owner may be a good idea.

The cost of the check is $45. Money back guaranteed if any additional research confirms that the database was wrong.


Which passports do not qualify for this check?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to verify validity of Ukrainian passports and Russian international passports (see examples below).

This is an example of a falsified Russian international passport 

This is an example of a falsified Ukrainian internal passport

This is an example of a falsified  Ukrainian international passport

In those cases, verifying the validity of the information printed on the passport is significantly easier and cheaper than verifying the validity of the document itself. Because these passports list all the information we need for a 3-Point Verification, we usually suggest performing a 3-Point Verification to verify the girl rather that trying to verify the passport's serial number.


Other Services:

Visual inspection of any passport (internal or not):             $30/per passport 

If we find any visual clues that the document is forged, we will immediately let you know. 

This service is available for all passports.



Verification of the ownership records of any passport or birth certificate:             $150 - $250 (contact us for a quote)

We will use the passport number to track down the information about the actual owner through the regional office of the department that issues the document. This is a much longer process, and it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to get the results back. 

This service is available for all passports.


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